The Once And Future King Can Be Gay And That’s Fine

Parliament is likely to add an amendment to current legislation that will essentially allow for a simplification of questions of marriage and succession for William and Kate’s children (and grandchildren and further descendants), should any of them be gay. And we all know that that will happen—and not just because the Duchess of Cambridge totally looks like she’d have a gay son (sorry; I have Level Twelve Gaydar. It’s a blessing and a curse). There have been gay rulers before, and I don’t just mean speculation about British monarchs like Queen Elizabeth or King James (who produced, hands-down, the worst version of the Christian Bible that ever existed prior to the Twentieth Century). There have definitely been closeted men and women on the throne (any throne, really). And history has seen plenty of gay monarchs—particularly Roman Emperors.

Ancient Rome had a lot of problems, I know, but dang they were excellent in so many ways.

Anyway, this is a good thing. Members of the Royal family can marry members of the same sex and adopt (or do IVF) and their children will be in in line for the throne.

Now, it’s not a meaningful title—I know. The British monarch is the Head of State in Great Britain, but not the Head of Government. I’m all for constitutional monarchies, but if they have no actual power beyond bestowing knighthoods and orchestrating big events, I kind of think that monarchies are pretty silly. But, then, despite every name in my family being British or at least UK in origin (Harward, Lloyd, Wrenn, Yates), it’s not a part of my identity (my family’s been in the US for a couple of centuries at least). Who is king or queen can probably mean a lot more to citizens of the UK.

But I am still excited because lawmakers too often wait too long to update laws so that they make sense, but this legislation looks like it is set to pass. And that is wonderful. I would love to see a same-sex marriage in Britain’s royal line. More visibility for gay rights on a global scale is a good thing (especially with psychotic countries like Iran and Uganda still in existence).


PS: I know that the title to this post is awful, but it could have been worse. I mean, do you remember the Fairly Oddparents episode titled: “The Boy Who Would Be Queen?” I could have gone with something like that. That was a great episode, by the way. I was so amused when so many ridiculous people were accusing Spongebob Squarepants of being super gay, because, um, Fairly Oddparents was so much gayer. From Cupid (super gay) to Timmy’s Dad (who described Teen Singing Sensation Chip Skylark as “delicious”) to Timmy’s drama teacher to Jorgen Von Strangle’s relationship with Binky. Seriously, you guys. If only the sound effects on that show had not been so constant and if only everything had not gone downhill after Cosmo and Wanda had that baby.

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I’m In Love With Margaret Thatcher

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I’m In Love With Margaret Thatcher is actually a song, you guys. It’s not a great song (and not, I think, sincere), but I like the title.

One day in very early 2009, I was curious about Margaret Thatcher (who was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1979-1990) because I really only knew bits and pieces about her (in general, my non-American historical knowledge basically gets better and better the farther back in time that one goes; the last several centuries are a little vague). I decided to look her up, and find out why some people spoke of her so negatively. I poured through her Wikipedia page (which, admittedly, gets edited all of the time) and found a lot of awesome information with very little to explain why some people have strongly negative opinions of her. I looked up other articles, wondering if some Thatcher fanatic had edited her Wikipedia page to exclude her 1988 Puppy-Torture Campaign or anything of that sort. Still nothing.

Having been thoroughly impressed by what I had read, I thought that I would look her up on YouTube. You guys, I was positively floored by her speeches and by her delivery. I found recordings of her statements following the (despicable) attack on the Falkland Islands by the Argentinian military junta. I found her warnings about humanity causing global warming and other problems and emphasizing the importance of environmental responsibility. This is a woman who supports universal health care (which the UK has had in place for decades).

I also found videos featuring her sense of humor. I spent hours pouring over YouTube. That evening, I went to see a friend of mine and I introduced him to the same …

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Fox News Takes on Pedophile Group’s Facebook Presence

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I guess it should come as no surprise to anyone that Facebook, like AIM and MySpace before it, has become something of a tool for pedophiles to stalk their prey. What is a bit shocking, though, is the very public presence on the social networking site that the nebulous NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association) has achieved.

In fact, I give mad props to Fox News (hard as it is to believe) for bringing this extremely serious issue into the limelight, resulting in action by Facebook, a day late and a dollar short thought it may be, to rid itself of the presence of these dangerous people.

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Is it Right For Women Who Become Pregnant Through IVF to Have Abortions?

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Information released in the UK under a Freedom of Information Act request shows that some women are choosing to have abortions after becoming pregnant through IVF. Many of these abortions were performed for social and personal reasons on otherwise healthy women of prime childbearing age. Another controversy that has arisen is that many of these IVF treatments were paid for by the National Health Service, the UK’s public health care provider, leading some to say that government dollars have been used inappropriately. While I agree that perhaps some of these women should have more fully considered the ramifications of getting pregnant before deciding to undergo IVF, I do not think it is an outside observer’s place to decide who can do what with their body, naturally. Indeed, given some of the statements made, it appears that many critics of these statistics have a sneaky agenda they are trying to push by cloaking it in populist anger.

Many of those who have come out angrily against these findings are members of pro-life groups and those associated with the Conservative Party. They have attempted to use these findings to claim that such women are flouting the nation’s abortion laws (which are unfairly restrictive, so perhaps they unknowingly are) and treating their babies like “designer goods.”
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