Why Are We Obsessed With The Female Sex?

Well, it’s been a while. Lately, I’ve been watching the Showtime series “Masters of Sex” in which they follow the lives of William Masters and Virginia Johnson. Masters and Johnson wrote the book on sex. No, really, they did.

But the interesting part is in the show, Masters’ wife, Libby, is a pretty blonde ‘Madonna’ character. They sleep in separate beds, they don’t talk about his sex study, she tries to masturbate in front of him to arouse him and he stops her saying, “I love you too much”. So, he loves her too much to see her as a sexual being but he fantasizes about Johnson who is a sexually progressive woman.

Johnson is a dark haired (cause blonde is good and dark is dirty) woman who is all about telling a man what she wants, casual, easy sex, and she doesn’t blush when she says “penis”. Masters dreams of her but married Libby. It’s the Madonna/Whore played out. Why is a woman’s sexuality such a big deal? Why does it matter if you’re a prude or a slut or somewhere in-between? Women put such a heavy emphasis on this…because men do.

It dates all the way back to biblical times. A woman couldn’t be “ruined”. I’d been dancing around this Madonna/Whore thing since watching this show but haven’t had time to rant about it. It was kicked into overdrive when I read about a Saudi Arabian preacher who raped and tortured his 5-year-old daughter to death and was sentence to 500 lashings, paying some blood money to the mother and 8 years in prison.

He said he did it because he “doubted her virginity”. He doubted a 5 year old’s virginity. Now, I know this is Islam and you could make the argument that women are treated like dirt in Islam…but this isn’t a one-time occurrence. Women are often raped because they’re whores and they probably wanted it. Or because they drank, or wore a short skirt, because our “purity” is called into question so men can do as they please. Women do it to each other. She’s a whore she doesn’t have feelings. Or she’s too pretty to be nice. She’s more comfortable with men…she must’ve slept with all of them. Who cares? Why are we so interested in what women do in their bedrooms?

Sexuality is no one’s business. It’s not a toy for someone to play with. It’s not a measurement for someone’s worth, it’s not even part of someone’s personality. What I do in my bedroom has nothing to do with what I do outside of it. What is this obsession we have with female sex?

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Why Are Women The Moral Compass?

Why do women always have to be the moral compasses on television? This was a thought I had while watching “House”. I mean, really, how annoying is Cameron on that show? She is overly moral, rigid, frivolous, and while being overly moral and sickeningly ethical she also is head over ass for her boss and kind of blackmails him into dating her in one episode. Oh! And there was that episode where she and Chase hooked up instead of watching the patient. She’s the worst. That got me thinking…in ensemble casts the chick is always the moral compass or the dumb slut. There is no in-between.

If a female deviates from this role she is punished. This is illustrated in the terrible film “Drinking Buddies”. Olivia Wilde, sidebar: how hot is Olivia Wilde? Sickeningly, right? I only watched this piece of junk film to stare at her—and this is coming from someone in a relationship with a man. I’m like a two on the Kinsey scale—but man she’d put me to a five. I digress.

In this movie, Drinking Buddies, Olivia Wilde works at a brewery and she’s the coolest girl in an all-male environment. Her best bud is a dude who makes beer at the brewery. He’s dating Anna Kendrick (also hot).  Olivia is dating a dude and the only real scene they have together is when he gives her a book and tells her the lead reminds him of her, when she says something like, “why? Is she…”  he corrects her and says the lead is a “male” , get it? She’s too butch. You can’t do a dude job, hang out with dudes, and drink like a dude, and be a girl. No…that makes you a dude.

He ends up leaving her because he falls for Kendrick’s character who’s very girly, she’s a sweet, dress wearing, teacher.  Throughout the film you can tell that Wilde and her guy friend have an attraction and I was convinced something was going to happen between them but nothing does, because the chick—who acts too much like a dude has to end up alone and looking like an ungrateful bitch (she treats this friend like junk), and the stand-up gentleman does not stray no matter how hot the chick is because he’s got such a nice sweet girl at home. Gimme a break. I’m ruining this movie because it’s that bad and if you were thinking of seeing it I want to stop you. This is me stopping you. You’re welcome.

There’s no point to the movie.  The point was to annoy me I’m sure. But then I thought about Olivia Wilde….she was on House (and we come full circle) and she was a basket case on that show too. She was a bi-sexual, thrill seeker, reckless, cold, standoffish, and ran away from every problem she ever had. I’m pretty sure if a woman is mind numbingly gorgeous you have to make her wreck just to deal with her. Seriously, a woman can’t be Wildely hot (see what I did there?) and balanced. Something has to be wrong with her so the rest of the world can cope.

Well, guess what world—I’ve interacted with Olivia Wilde in real life and she is that hot in person and stupidly awesome. She’s funny, and smart, and kind, and I’m pretty sure she’s perfect. I’m also pretty sure that this 570 word essay is just my way of publically declaring my love for Olivia Wilde—and House… man, that was such a great show…if you just ignore Cameron.

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K.A + W.C

I am re-watching all of ‘The Wonder Years’. In Season 1 I was totally destroyed by Kevin and Winnie. They were so sweet and in love and that carried on into Season 2. I loved when they would hold hands and talk about how they’d be together forever. But something happens in Season 3. Winnie becomes…kind of….a bitch.


No, seriously, hear me out here. Once Winnie transfers schools she changes. She tells Kevin she’ll be with him at the field trip and spends the whole time ignoring him only to tell him she’s met someone else. That’s fine—they’re young you meet other people. But then she keeps showing up with this new guy around Kevin. It’s just not cool. Not at that age. Kevin is mature—but not mature enough to handle that.


My point is I’m at the end of Season 4 and Winnie has done nothing but use poor little Kevin. He tries. He tries really hard for a 15-year-old boy. He’s thoughtful, he’s considerate, and he worries about her. He spends his last nine dollars on a ring for her. He turned down Madeline for her. Look, what I’m trying to say is Kevin Arnold is a little too good for Winnie Cooper.


I’m re-watching ‘The Wonder Years’ because I’ve been having a huge attack of nostalgia lately. I just want to be young and living at my parent’s house with my biggest worry being mid-terms. But I’m all grown up and re-watching a show I loved when I was only worried about mid-terms is completely different. When I watched ‘The Wonder Years’ the first time…every week…sitting on blue carpet at home this was the greatest love story—I wanted to be Winnie Cooper. Now, I realize that I kind of am.


Winnie Cooper embodies every young girl. We are selfish and outta control (remember that episode when Winnie is out of control? She gets in that car accident and Kevin waits outside her house all night? That was so good. They play “We’ve Got Tonight” and I cry every time. That’s when they say ‘I love you’ for the first time. HE LOVED HER THROUGH A BROKEN LEG!) and we are just trying to measure up to all the expectations people put on us. We really just want someone to see us. Basically, we’re all looking for our Kevin Arnold.

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Elementary Does It Correctly


First of all, it’s May 4th. Star Wars Day. May The Fourth Be With You.

Guys, do you watch Elementary? I know that some of the people who watch BBC’s Sherlock (of which there have been only six episodes because you can get away with that in the UK, apparently) are diehard loyalists. Personally, I’m kind of tired of looking at Bennysnoot Cummerbund* and I don’t even watch the show (his face is just unavoidable on Tumblr), so Sherlock will probably never catch my interest. That said, I am a huge supporter of liking both—do not think of different Sherlock shows as mutually exclusive.

Anyway, I love Elementary. Jonny Lee Miller plays Sherlock Holmes. The beautiful, talented, and flawless Lucy Liu plays Joan Watson. I absolutely love the show—most of the first season has aired. It’s not as good as NBC’s brand new show Hannibal, but then, Hannibal is the best live-action show on the air right now (and definitely my favorite new show of 2013).

Right, so. Elementary. It’s fun. Some people find Jonny Lee Miller very attractive—I don’t. I appreciate his character’s competence, though. I love genderbending of Dr. Watson’s character into a woman (a former surgeon). And, seriously, Lucy Liu is amazing and perfect and if you do not believe me then you have obviously not seen Kill Bill and/or anything else that features Lucy Liu.

The character of “Mrs. Hudson” is not as much of a staple of the Sherlock Holmes universe as the titular character or Professor Moriarty (whom we have yet to see directly), but she is a character in the original stories and in many subsequent adaptations. She is often Sherlock’s landlord and something of a fussbudget about tidiness.

Elementary only introduced their Mrs. Hudson recently. She is an associate (what Sherlock calls his friends) of Sherlock’s. She is a self-taught intellectual who finds herself acting as a “muse” (a mistress) to various men who may be married (in her first episode, she comes to Sherlock for a place to sleep during a break-up with her lover, who is clearly besotted with her and is promising to leave his wife but we all know that story, right?). She is a tall, beautiful woman. She likes things tidy—at one point, she cleans the front room of Sherlock’s brownstone (which Watson is always wanting for him to clean). Mrs. Hudson also rearranges Sherlocks books. He asks how she arranged them. Mrs. Hudson replies:

“By subject matter, then by author. You start with hard sciences on the north wall, then you move clockwise around the room in descending order of academic rigor. That way, Physics by Aristotle is as far away from You Can Learn Telepathy by Morton Zuckerman as possible.”

That was the line with which I really fell in love with her.

And oh, by the way, she’s transgender. Played by a transgender actress.

I think that sometimes people include members of various minorities for the wrong reasons, or in the wrong way. Not every gay character should be a fashion expert (like in real life—I might have perfect hair and always be clean and smell good, but I dress in a t-shirt and shorts as often as possible because I value my comfort). A lot of what happens nowadays with gay characters or certain religious minorities is a step in the right direction but still missing the we’re-all-people point (and kind of reminds me of blackspoitation).

Elementary does it correctly. No one fumbles, accidentally calling Mrs. Hudson a “he” or “it.” Her story is not about the fact that she’s transgender. Her boyfriend isn’t breaking up with her because she’s transgender. She is not being discriminated against or targeted and coming to Sherlock for help because she’s transgender. She’s just a woman in a rocky relationship and she needs a place to stay for a couple of nights. While she’s there, she does some tidying, and ends up being hired by Sherlock to come in periodically to clean.

I want to see more television like this. Transgender characters are not a punchline, and they’re also not all about being transgender. Being born with an anatomical sex that does not match your gender is not the be-all and end-all of a person, and that should be reflected in fictional characters.

Well done, Elementary. I love it. And I love Mrs. Hudson.


*Okay, so his name is Benedict Cumberbatch, but that is ridiculous and changing his name every time that you say or write it helps lift you back from the fatigue of constantly seeing his face on Tumblr (because the Sherlock fandom is one of the “big three” of Tumblr, along with Supernatural and Doctor Who. I only watch one of those but I see plenty of the other two anyway). Blanderwort Cumberland will also be the primary antagonist in the new Star Trek film, Into Darkness. So you can expect that I will see the film but also spend much of the time glowering for various reasons.

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