Kim and Kanye are Just Like Jesus

Everyone who reads this blog knows my feeling on Kim and Kanye but they have really done it this time. Kim and Kanye went to Rio on vacation—I don’t know what they need a vacation from, their lives are a vacation for Christ’s sake. They go to Rio and they do the touristy thing and visit the famous Christ the Redeemer statue. That’s fine, that’s normal. I’ve seen Jim Carrey visiting that statue and posting his pics on Twitter with a big beautiful smile. I have a friend from Rio and she post pics of she and her husband standing underneath Christ’s open arms. These are normal shots. But apparently Kim and Kanye are better than normal people.

They go to the Christ the Redeemer statue and they don’t smile up at him in their shot, they don’t stand under him…they pose like him. They posed as Jesus Christ. Yup, that happened. They stood there, arms outstretched, blessing all of Rio because well—they’re Kim and Kanye and have no respect for anything. There Kim stands, knocked up out of wedlock posing as Christ. C’mon!

Even the people standing around them don’t follow suit. No one looked at that pose and thought “haha that’s funny I’m gonna do it to”. Nope. Not-a-one. We all know they both have a huge God complex but this is just too much. They’re too much—and they’re breeding. I can’t take it. Can’t we ban them? Can’t we punish them or something? Can’t someone knock them off their pedestals (which they have no reason to be on anyway!?) What is happening in the world?!
You know, God, Jesus, Mary, Christ, Holy Ghost, St. Peter WHOMEVER! This was a missed opportunity for some smiting. Prime smiting position these two were in and nothing…not a thing. Ugh. I just hate wasted opportunities.

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Study Highlights Dangers of IVF Treatment Overseas

photo of women getting ivf treatments abroad overseas in foreign countries pictures

A global survey of fertility treatment covering more than 100 countries has revealed wide variations in international laws governing IVF treatment which, it claims, are fuelling the growth of ‘fertility tourism.’ At least 10,000 people go abroad each year to seek help with having a baby – often because laws in their home country are too restrictive of the cost of treatment is too high.

Yesterday’s Independent covered this story, with Jeremy Laurence discussing how in the field of IVF, wide differences in clinical practice exist – and that such differences are often driven by social and religious attitudes rather than scientific evidence. We’ve touched upon this before here at Zelda Lily, with the story of questionable IVF practices in India leading to some of the world’s oldest mothers.  Or, you know, the Octomom.  [Ed. Note: And where the hell has she been lately, anyway?]

Experts at the World Congress on Fertility in Munich were yesterday set to announce a code of practice on cross-border care, to be published later this year. Professor Ian Cooke, Education Director of the International Federation of Fertility Societies, said:

‘What is considered acceptable varies from country to country. How carefully do they screen donors? How do they screen for multiple pregnancies? Do you want to come back with quadruplets? That’s madness.’

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Female Cyclists Expose Idiots Online – And The Results Are Hilarious

Cycling, here in the UK, can be a bit of a contentious issue. Whilst more and more of us are being encouraged to walk or cycle to work, those who refuse to ditch the car for a ‘greener’ way of traveling seem to have a bit of a problem with those on two wheels.

The problem is seemingly at its greatest in London, where traffic flow is massive and congestion is a recurrent problem. Those in a car, finding themselves stuck behind a cyclist and unable to overtake can often get, well, a little angry. Though our politicians are often seen out on their bikes, trying to set a good example (Boris, anyone?), it would seem the cyclist is a bit of a target for pedestrians and motorists alike.

Dawn Foster, a UK blogger and female cyclist has had, it would seem, her fair share of aggressive behavior from other road users whilst she’s been out on her bike. In a recent article in the UK’s Guardian, Dawn revealed that she’s had her top pulled down when stopped at traffic lights and, when struggling up a hill, been asked if she puts in as much effort in the bedroom. Hideous behavior from the perpetrators, but Dawn has found a great way of dealing with this type of conduct – naming and shaming the culprits on her blog, 101 Wankers.

Dawn describes the blog as ‘a catalogue of the insults and comments I get shouted at me whilst riding my bike, placed on a map to create a London Wankermap.’ I love this so much – succinct, precise – and funny.

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Volleyball Stars Have “Irish Twins” to Balance Career and Family

Olympic gold medalist Kerri Walsh made a conscious decision to have her babies back-to-back. Her “Irish Twins,” Joseph Michael and Sundance Thomas, are less than a year apart. I kind of think Walsh and her husband, Casey Jennings (also a volleyball star), are a little bit crazy for intentionally doing this to themselves—there is a nine year spread between my daughters that I appreciate more than you can imagine—but evidently this is a growing trend.

And, to be fair, there are some pretty compelling reasons to support the Irish Twin concept, particularly for working mothers.

In a recent piece on, Walsh defended her decision.

• As a professional athlete, the lifespan of my career is, unfortunately, pretty limited. I felt that having my children back-to-back would enable me to make the most of my time in the sand. I was fortunate enough to win gold in 2008 and a little shy of two years later, I have both my babies and am now getting back to the sport I love so much and the job which allows me to support my family.

• Our volleyball careers require us to travel a lot and we never want our kids to feel alone or to be without someone to relate to.

• Lastly and most importantly: Both Casey and I are very close in age to our nearest sibling and we each absolutely LOVED everything about that closeness.

This connects directly to the motherhood vs. career conundrum, of course. Kerri Walsh probably does not have an “I love my life as Mommy & wife” holder for her license …

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