False Prophets

Julie Bindel speaks at numerous conferences about female victims rights. I’m not a big fan of Bindel after she said, ““I don’t have a problem with men disposing of their genitals, but it does not make them women, in the same way that shoving a bit of vacuum hose down your 501s does not make you a man” in 2004.

Right there I’ve stopped caring about your stance because you’re a fraud in my opinion. You cannot argue victims rights and deny a medical condition. Clearly, you’re not really interested in ‘abuse victim’s rights” you are interested in the right victim’s rights.

Having said that…I was interested in her once again when I read an article that stated she pulled out of a speaking engagement due to ‘rape and murder threats’.

It is scary to receive these kinds of things. I’m aware of that. I get that. I find it cowardly to pull out of an event because of it. I can’t imagine how many threats the President gets, or the Queen, or any other person in a position that has an undesirable opinion. They still showed up.

She pulled out of an event because she’s a coward. She picked on the transgender
community because they’re an easy target. She is not a role model. She is not someone I want discussing victims rights. She just made herself a victim. “Oh I can’t speak on this because I’m afraid the thing I stand against will happen to me.”

Give me a break.

I can’t decide if I’m more disgusted by her reaction to the threats or that human beings still use this as a threat. “Show up here and I’m gonna rape you” who the F writes that? Who can sleep after they say that? What kind of deplorable human does that?

What is wrong with people? I’m getting really jaded and disillusioned with the human race. Why do we still think that because you can overpower someone physically you have the right to torture them mentally? Bindel should’ve seen those threats for what they really were–a cowardly cry. Instead of pulling back the curtain and showing the little man working the levers she gave power to the threats. Shame…shame all around.

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Can We Get Rid of Fox News Already?

I think we can all agree that Fox News is not actually a news station. They do not tell fair or unbalanced facts they spew propaganda. They are agenda pushers. I know this, and so whenever I see that Fox News has done something stupid (like telling a man with multiple PhD’s in theology and 20 years experience in religious studies that he is not qualified to write a book about Jesus because he is Muslim) I just shake my head.


But this was pretty ridiculous. Bradley Manning has stated that he is transgender.  He would like to be referred to as Chelsea and receive treatment for gender reassignment. Now, I have no idea if this is true or if this is a ploy for appeal it very well could be either, but I am reserving judgment because I don’t know Fox News, however, is not.


Fox decided to use the Aerosmith song ‘Dude Looks Like A Lady’ as background music for Chelsea Manning’s story. They also continued to refer to her as “he”. This isn’t the first time that Fox has taken a swing at transgender issues—earlier they used a photo of Mrs. Doubtfire to illustrate a story on transgender health coverage.


And we call this news? We allow them to call themselves a “news network” with “journalists” at the helm? Shame on them, and shame on us. They deserve to be off the air and fined for this behavior. If you cannot have a balanced opinion you should not be allowed to go on a news program.

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Greece Is Not Hosting A New Holocaust . . . But It’s Still Not Okay

Okay, some of you may have read over the past week about how Greece is currently the home to “a new Holocaust” for various “undesirables,” including sex workers and individuals who may be identifiably transgender—along with various non-white “foreigners.”

There is a lot of harassment going on, but there are not, to the best of my knowledge (I have no first-hand knowledge of this), concentration camps in Greece. There’s some shady stuff going on, being carried out by a radical minority (including law enforcement), but there is not some sort of Triumph Of The Will spookiness going on.

Are you lost? That’s understandable.

We’ve all known that Greece is in a bit of trouble lately. Their economy has not been working so well—a serious understatement. Religious freedom is not great, as, well, the Greek Orthodox Church is in charge of a lot of religious matters (want to build a house of worship of any sort? Get permission from the Greek Orthodox Church). In recent elections, both fascists (neo-nazis) and actual communists have been elected, which is, you know, horrifying (I want to put them in a box with anarchists and just mail them all to the sun, frankly).

When the economy is not going well, it’s a sad fact of humanity that there is a lot of unrest. People look for people to blame (isolated minorities and immigrants, often). People have less to lose, and may riot. In the US, we think of riots as basically just out-of-hand protests. That is less often the case in some areas where, due to a number of factors (including how cities are built), actual riots are a bit more likely.

So, Greece has a rising neo-nazi party (which is terrifying, though Greece does not have a monopoly on fascists) and while they remain a small minority, they are supporting and encouraging some awful practices. This includes the picking up, by law enforcement, of people suspected to be immigrants, sex workers, or transgender. These people are harassed and detained without real reason. Not every police officer is doing it, but it’s happening, along with the sorts of persecution that one might normally expect.

The only people who support this are the fascists. And I mean literal, neo-nazi fascists. Racists who want “undesirables” out of their country, and, for now, want to make their lives miserable.

This is awful. But it’s not a concentration camp scenario (as some forums have been reporting), and it’s not “all of Greece.” Don’t feel anger at Greece for the actions of a few.

We in the US don’t want to be judged based upon Michelle Bachmann, Rick Santorum, or the Westboro Baptist Church.

Things need to get better in Greece. Hopefully, the steady improvement of the world’s economy will continue and Greece can make a comeback without serious political pressure.

In the mean time, the transgender community is being targeted. That’s awful. But don’t let people diminish a tragedy by presenting it as something that it is not.

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A Big Win For A Little Girl

How much do kids know about themselves? You always talk about “self-discovery” in terms of teenagers. “Oh, don’t mind her—she’s just discovering who she is”. But, if you ask a LGBT kid when they knew—they usually say something like, “I always knew.” Maybe kids know more than we give them credit for.


Coy Mathis is a regular 6-year-old little girl. She likes dresses, her long hair, flowers. She’s a girly girl—but she was born a boy. In August of 2011 Coy was enrolled in kindergarten as a boy; but Coy insisted she was a girl. Her parents and teachers didn’t understand and therefore didn’t believe her—this led to Coy suffering from depression and anxiety that affected her ability to learn. Steven Chavez, the division director of Fountain-Fort Carson School District noticed this along with her parents and together they took action.


Coy began living as a little girl. Her depression, anxiety, and grades all improved. However, some people began to take issue with the fact that Coy was born a boy—but was using the little girl’s restroom, so they banned her from using it. That’s right, instead of letting a girl use the bathroom they want her to use a staff restroom or a gender-neutral facility in the school’s medical office. Can you imagine how terrifying it is to be 6-years-old and feel like you’re in the wrong body? Then to be told you can’t live in a way that makes it a little easier to handle? Instead you are forced to face the body that you don’t belong in? You are singled out…you can’t use the bathroom like everyone else you have to walk to the medical office because you’re “special”. Not okay.  Coy’s parent’s didn’t think it was okay either so they pulled her from the school and filed a civil suit.


The Colorado Civil Rights Division ruled that that is too much for a 6-year-old and Coy can use the little girl’s room whenever she wants. Chavez said that by keeping Coy from using that restroom the school “creates an environment rife with harassment.” He also said the school district showed “a lack of understanding of the complexity of transgender issues” by referring to Coy as a male or using quotes around “her” throughout the litigation. Preach. “All we ever wanted was for Coy’s school to treat her the same as other little girls. We are extremely happy that she now will be treated equally,” Kathryn Mathis, Coy’s mother, said in statement. I couldn’t agree more.

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