Happy Holidays: Christmas Cheer And Bitter Divides

photo of christmas pictures
There is not a War On Christmas.

If there were, I would know. I would be at all of the strategy sessions.

Growing up, I was not bothered by all of the classroom festivities that accompanied the holiday season. I mean, what kindergarten student does not enjoy a break from classroom tedium to clumsily assemble gingerbread houses or to make tacky felt ornaments? I mean, my family set up a tree and lights and had presents—basically Christmas. More accurately described as Santamas, perhaps.

What I did not enjoy, particularly in elementary school (where it was extra abundant), was the default assumption that everyone celebrates Christmas. And feeling left out when other people knew songs that were not taught in music class but that classes were occasionally expected to sing towards the end of December. It was not a feeling of jealousy that, for other students, celebrating Christmas involved more than it did in my household. It was a resentment that I was excluded. That events were planned and that, even as an eight-year-old, I was very aware that the presence of myself and other students at my school who did not actually celebrate Christmas was mostly an afterthought. There was a token Hannukah song for any students who might be Jewish, and that was about it for non-Christians.

As an adult, I have no real desire to ruin anyone’s Christmas. What I want is for, in public spaces, as much inclusion as possible. While one could argue—and I would even agree—that having a decorated evergreen tree has almost become a secular symbol at this point (and, at any rate, at least decorating evergreen trees is not exclusively a Christian practice this time of year), a Nativity display on public property certainly is not. It is an exclusively Christian, religious display and it is not appropriate to display that on public land—certainly not on its own. I …

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Tina Fey Defends Olivia Munn

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In a recent interview with GQ, TV funnywoman Tina Fey discussed an episode from 30 Rock this past season which had been directly aimed at  Jezebel and their coverage of Olivia Munn’s work on The Daily Show. On the show, a fake website called “Joan of Snark” went after a “hot” female comedian who was a clear stand-in for Munn.

Says Tina:

I was actually really pleased that Jezebel got that it was about the whole Olivia thing, because the treatment of Olivia was weird on that site. She just kept getting reamed! And it was this weird mix. They would go after her, and then the next thing would be like, “Defending the Rights of Sex Workers.” And I was just like, “Well, why can’t we just say Olivia’s a sex worker? Leave her alone!”

Obviously I’m not a fan of Munn’s. I’ve said so a number of times. And what bothers me about Fey’s comments is that it feeds into this weird notion that feminists or feminist sites ought to support women just because they’re women. It also comes from the  belief that somehow hot women don’t get the same treatment because of jealousy on the part of the writers or viewers. For instance: I do think that a lot of the content I’ve seen, both on Jezebel and on our own site, of Megan Fox has been unncessarily nasty. If Megan Fox weren’t on the cover of every men’s magazine and every men’s blog between 2007-2010, I think that her frank and honest interviews would have been applauded, rather than sneered at.

But, at the risk of beating a very dead horse here, I really don’t think that’s the case with Munn. Most of Fox’s controversial comments were about the fact that she knew she wasn’t much more than a HPOA in a bad summer movie and she was labelled as ungrateful. Please — she was half-naked most of the time in not one but two  movies about shape-shifting robot cars. Citizen Kane it was not, and should she really be lambasted for pointing that out?

Munn, on the other hand, insists on arguing that she isn’t just a HPOA while posing for any and every men’s magazine and appearing on The Daily Show in tiny skirts and crop tops to deliver unfunny skits with her fully-dressed co-stars, male and female. It doesn’t seem unreasonable to raise an eyebrow at that.

Tina Fey, I love you, but I think you missed the point here.

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Senatorial Candidate Christine O’Donnell Under Palinesque Scrutiny Over Faith

Photo of Christine O'Donnell
After a surprise victory in the Republican primary, Delaware’s Christine O’Donnell is officially on the ballot. O’Donnell, a staunch Tea Partier, is facing criticism for her religious beliefs … and opening the door, once again, for looking at the relevancy of a given candidate’s religion.

Indeed, O’Donnell, a Catholic, has become almost infamous already for referring to masturbation as a sin.

From Politics Daily:

MSNBC seemed to have O’Donnell’s anti-masturbation quote on a near-continuous loop for a while. Jon Stewart used it for a laugh on “The Daily Show” — moments before pointing out that focusing on that topic would be dumb politics.

What did she say, back in the 1990s? Here’s the money line:

“The Bible says that lust in your heart is committing adultery. So, you can’t masturbate without lust.”

Okay, let’s just get this out there. Masturbation is normal, natural, and something that pretty much everybody partakes in. I would have thought that an aspiring politician saying otherwise would be laughed off the proverbial stage … but of course, I’m not on a ..

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Bikini-Clad Olivia Munn Thinks You’re a Fat Bitch

photo of olivia munn at the beach, wearing an orange swimsuit

Plenty has been said here at Zelda Lily about the evils of Megan Fox. We’ve written her open letters, discussed why she’s an ungrateful bitch and considered Diablo Cody’s defense of her.

But no matter what you think of Fox, she does seem to be — for the moment, at least — on her way out of the limelight. Michael Bay replaced her in the next Transformers, and all of her non-shapeshifting robot movies have pretty much been flops.

I like Megan Fox. I don’t like her “bitches be jealous” mantra, but I like her because she admits she’s playing the stupid bombshell role half of the time because it’s what she needs to do to get jobs.

With that said, the person you ought to be worried about is Olivia Munn.

Olivia Munn refuses to let go of the smoke and mirrors and continues to market herself as the geeky hot chick with a mouth like a sailor all the while attacking angry “fat chicks” who be hatin’. In fact, Olivia is sick of people making such a fuss about successful ladies.

“When I go into this situation, I don’t think, ‘Oh, great. I’m a woman. This is awesome. I think, ‘F**k yeah, I worked my a** off and somebody recognized it. This is great! We’re all human beings in this world,” she continued. “We’re all trying to make it from point A to point B, and just trying to f***ing make it. So I think it’s really a disservice to all women when there are women out there who try to compartmentalize us as human beings, saying ‘women’ and ‘men,’ because I’m just out there.”

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