In Response To Be Tragedy: Please Don’t Be Linked To Me

photo of pagan pictures
Whether it’s a car bomb or a shooting, terrifying tragedies are often accompanied by messages. I mean, in the wake of tragedies, everyone jumps all over it with various political messages (some of which are appropriate, while others are not). But I mean the message carried by the perpetrator. Crazy people sometimes write manifestos, which they intend to be read—even after they themselves die.

So, after being grateful that neither I nor anyone whom I know was a victim of a tragedy, and after feeling sorry for the victims and for their loved ones, and for the loved ones of the perpetrator(s), the next thing that I do is fervently hope that the shooter or bomber did not have any views that connect with mine.

First and foremost, if you are a part of a minority, you tend to make the news only for bad things—or for weird things. “Pagan Bookstore Opens Locally Without Incident” does not make as juicy of a headline as, say, “Convicted Child-Murderer Seeks Name-Change Following Conversion To Wicca.” Which, admittedly, is news-worthy, and raises important issues (given that, if anyone should be prevented from changing their names, it’s murderers). Now, that’s a case of a convert and, honestly, prisoners converting to Pagan faiths is, from a Pagan perspective, still a good thing, even if it’s not great PR. Sometimes, people in prison really never had belief-systems that fit with them and prison prompts them to reevaluate themselves and take steps to become better people. While, as a person and as a Pagan, I do not believe in forgiveness in the way that Christians do (I believe that you have done what you have done, and nothing can make evil actions go away—I mean, justice isn’t just a concept. Justice is the name of a …

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Is It Sexist To Be Especially Bothered By Female Jihadists?

Photo of Female Jihadists in Court

Fact: terrorists scare the hell out of me.

I do not understand the drive to slaughter other human beings in the name of a holy war.  As far as I’m concerned, mass murder seems to contradict the tenets of love, forgiveness, and making an effort to do good for others that I learned in ten years of CCD.

Of course, I’ve read the Bible extensively since then and have studied other religions, learning to my grief and eventual cynicism that there’s an unfortunate correlation between organized religion and violence.  From the Crusades to the Israeli-Palestinian mess to 9/11 and everywhere in between, shedding the blood of the innocent as a necessary by-product of God’s glory has been a recurring theme.

Even with that knowledge, however, it’s still possible to be taken by surprise at the ingenuity—and truly depraved nature—of terrorists.

Especially when they’re women.

I know that sounds sexist, that extremist women are just as likely to exist as extremist …

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The Case of the Terrorist Tampon: GOP Rep. Louie Gohmert Attempts to Fearmonger, Again

photo of tampon terrorist pictures

Texas Republican Representative Louie Gohmert has another crazy line to add to his resume. He recently appeared on Fox News’ Fox and Friends and told host Gretchen Carlson that terrorists plan to use women’s tampons to sneak explosives onto airplanes.

Yes. This is what we’re talking about today.

Gohmert said that he learned of this plot when he was on a flight from Texas to D.C.:

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MI5 Launches Recruitment Drive for Women: Because Violence of TV Show Spooks is Deterring Female Applicants

black and white photo of mi5 woman taking a bath pictures

MI5, Britain’s top intelligence agency, today begins a recruitment campaign targeting women – because the violence and murder of TV show Spooks is reportedly scaring away would-be female intelligence agents.

Men currently make up 59% of Security Service staff and the organisation wants to boost the number of female intelligence officers on its payroll. The UK’s Daily Mail reports today that officials at MI5 are worried that the over-the-top violence of Spooks, one of the BBC’s longest-running drama series, is deterring potential female candidates from making applications.

In recent series of Spooks, a number of female characters have met gristly ends – one female officer was blown apart trying to rescue a paralysed member of parliament, whilst others were shot dead by terrorists and beaten to death in hostage fights. MI5 reportedly …

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