Taylor Swift: The Anti-Feminist

Taylor Swift said, “There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.” She said it in response to being asked if Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s joke about her love life upset her. I have several problems with this. First being that Taylor Swift’s love life is a joke and she makes it a public one because every song she ever writes is about it. Second, you can’t say that these two brilliant powerful women who broke the mold for women in TV are going to hell because they didn’t back you. You just committed the same folly.

When Amy Poehler was asked what she thought about the comment she said something to the effect of, “I’m going to hell but mainly for boring tax reasons” and that’s how it’s handled. Once again proving that charm, maturity, and comedy will always outweigh the “poor me you were mean to me” little whiney girl.

That’s all Taylor Swift is, a perpetual teenager stuck in a “poor me” party. I understand that heartbreak makes the best poetry and lyrics are poems but enough is enough. How many men has she dated?! Enough to have at least three albums worth of lyrics, there’s an entire Wiki about them. That’s a lot of public heartbreak. I mean, most people in the public view have relationships end but they don’t talk about them endlessly.

My point is I feel like Taylor Swift sets back feminism. She’s a meek, little girl whose happiness (and album successes) relies on a man. I would love to see her break out of this mold she’s created for herself. She’s 22 now, I don’t want her riding around in the basket of a shopping cart—it’s time to grow up.

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Can We Talk About Taylor Swift For A Moment?

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Personally, I am not really a fan. I am really sorry that that one guy at the 2009 VMAs interrupted her like a crazy person. Kanye West, right? I only have a vague idea of who he is. His tweets are basically those of Tracy Jordan from 30 Rock, as I understand things.

Mostly against my will, I do know who Taylor Swift is. I started becoming aware of famous people about whom I do not care when I started reading Evil Beet Gossip back in late 2008—and I have been addicted ever since.

Some number of months after the 2009 VMAs, I saw this adorable video, which is the gay version of her “You Belong With Me” music video. As a result, I know that particular song. I have not genuinely cared for any of her music that I have heard.

I know that she has great taste in guys. I know that, despite her awful bangs, she is a beautiful young woman who is extremely successful and has a figure for which millions of young women would kill.

I also know that I am not a fan. Her music has this very southern element to it and, while my family has been in this part of the southeastern United States for at least seven generations, and probably more than that, I am not a fan of Country Music. The sound of a banjo honestly just seems like the music that would accompany a lynch mob. Also, and perhaps more importantly, Taylor Swift’s music seems, lyrically, all about romance and love. Not just that—a lot of music is about love—but about these fairytale and juvenile ideas about romance. I am twenty-five, so, quite naturally, life crushed all of that nonsense out of my head about a decade ago. Her refusal to accept the reality that love and relationships do not happen like they do in vintage Disney films does not appeal to me.

So, have you guys read this brilliant post by the lovely Emily on Evil Beet? Read it. Also, read the comments. Oh my goodness. (Also, I have no idea if ForgetWhatSimonSays is a reference to me or to something else. It’s presumptuous to assume that some crankypants named his or her commenting identity after me, though, right?)

My favorite of the comments is definitely from Mireee, who is one of my favorite commenters on Evil Beet, period. “Fucking hell, so she and her friends don’t even pass the Bechdel Test when they’re together.” I died. Too funny. And too accurate.

Talking about boys is one thing. Only talking about boys, with all of your friends? I do not understand Taylor Swift. And maybe I am not meant to.

Of the people whom I know, her fans tend to be girls and gay guys with very Southern leanings in terms of their senses of identity (especially gay friends from scarily small towns). Also, often but not always, concepts of highly improbable runaway romances fill their minds. These people enjoy the feelings that I have long since buried, and I will not begrudge them for it.

She comes from a different world than I do, and so do her fans. That world does not exist, but I guess that they enjoy it. I can sit back and ignore it, even if I am always disgusted when people romanticize the 1950s.

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A Nude Photo of “Taylor Swift” Emerges, No One Questions the Age of the Actual Girl in the Photo

photo of taylor swift pictures photos nude scandal pics

I was doing my thing on the Internet this morning when I came across a bunch of sites peddling a photo of an allegedly-topless Taylor Swift. Naturally, out of morbid curiosity, I clicked on the NSFW link and was brought to a photo of … well, not Taylor Swift. It was unquestionably not Taylor Swift. I’m not even a Taylor Swift fan who spends hours staring at the girl’s concert photos, and even I could tell you that the girl in the photo was not Taylor Swift. But hey, that’s Hollywood, nude photo leaks are the new fad, and now Taylor Swift’s lawyers are suiting up for defamation or something technical that I wouldn’t understand in a court of law (or anywhere else) anyway.

Though I’d read various pieces from a variety of websites about the news, in no article I found, however, did it mention that the girl in the photo (you can Google it; I don’t really feel all that comfortable peddling the picture, and you won’t see it over on Evil Beet either) could possibly be underage. Read? My thoughts are that the girl in the photo could easily be a very young girl in high school – fourteen, fifteen, or sixteen years old. Could I be wrong? Sure. But the girl looks pretty adolescent to me. But moreover, why circulate a photo that could possibly be of a young girl who’s not even *legal* yet? Why is no one paying attention to the fact that the photo in question is undoubtedly not Taylor Swift, but is of a young girl who may or may not be making some pretty unwise, unguided decisions as a teenager?

Why? Because the world as a whole doesn’t care. The world has women like those on Jersey Shore and 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom. The world has seen every boob available to see via “nude leaks” and isn’t ashamed of seeing every other boob possible, even if there’s a slight chance that it might be the boob of a young girl who may, or may not, turn out out like the aforementioned “women” on the aforementioned reality television shows. And you know what? That actually makes me pretty angry. Our society is content to sit aside and point and gawk at these maturing young men and women and watch them actively self-destruct and the worst part is, our society enjoys it.

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19-Year-Old Argentinian Girl, Daiana Sperdutti, Exposes Boyfriend’s Violence on Facebook

photo of argentinian daiana sperdutti pictures photographs

The way that information is disseminated in today’s world should be pretty obvious: the internet. Specifically: social networking sites. Even more specifically: Facebook. I remember the day that Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift at the VMAs. I had sequestered myself in the photo lab and had not watched, but within minutes of his outburst, my entire newsfeed was covered in “wtf Kanye!!” “not cool kanye,” “poor taylor, kanye is a dick,” and so on and so forth. Within ten minutes, I had the full story. All this, just from Facebook.

What I’m trying to get at here is that if one …

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