Face Tattoos Mean True Love, Duh

In 2009 Rouslan Toumaniantz made headlines for tattooing a girl’s face. Remember? Kimberly Valminck said she fell asleep and Toumaniantz tattooed 56 stars onto her face.  I never bought that story. I’ve been tattooed four times and you cannot sleep during it. Even the ones that don’t really hurt still keep you awake. It came out that Valminck had lied because her dad was (rightfully) mad at her. It didn’t matter that the girl had lied, Toumaniantz was ruined and so he picked up his tattoo gun and moved back to Russia.

That’s not the end of Toumaniantz headline making ways.  While in Russia, Toumaniantz met Lesya online. They met in person and within hours were head over heels in love and Toumaniantz was up to his old tricks…tattooing her face.

Rouslan Toumaniantz tattooed his first name on his girlfriend, Lesya’s, face after less than 24 hours of knowing her. Lesya posted photos of her tattoo on her Facebook page,  she said she wants, “100% of the body covered in tattoo :) … It’s a symbol of our eternal devotion. I’d like him to tattoo every inch of my body.”

A friend of the couple said, “I know that there are people who are terrified that Lesya has made a rash decision that she’ll regret horribly, but sometimes the best decisions are the ones you make in an instant with your heart rather than the ones long-debated in your mind.”

She is eighteen and has a man’s name tattooed on her face. A man she had known for less than 24 hours. Yeah, this will be a huge regret!

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Chris Brown Sucks, Another Illustration

photo of chris brown tattoo pictures
Chris Brown recently got a tattoo on his neck. And quite honestly, the tattoo looks a lot like Rihanna’s face after Chris Brown punched it several times. Brown says this is not the case and it’s a MAC cosmetics drawing associated with the Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead. It’s a drawing of a woman’s face—the right side is lovely and well made up and the left side is a skull.

I’m not going to go into how completely ridiculous it is for a man to get a MAC cosmetics drawing tattooed on his neck, because people get ridiculous tattoos and it’s their own business—even I have one. I will, however, state that it is ridiculous for Chris Brown to tattoo anything having to do with women on his body. Furthermore, as far as my research has shown, Chris Brown is not Mexican in any way. Its one thing to respect and be interested in the culture … it’s another to tattoo a cosmetics drawing of a heritage that has nothing to do with you on your neck. What it boils down to is he saw this drawing of a woman that was half alive and half dead and tattooed it on his neck because he sucks.

He gets away with being an awful, terrible, horrible person. Remember when all of this happened and the Hollywood community rallied around Brown? Yeah, that happened. They either didn’t say anything or said crap like this:

Carrie Underwood: “I don’t think anybody actually knows what happened. I have no advice.”

Lindsay Lohan: “I have no comment on that. That’s not my relationship. I think they’re both great people.”

Nia Long: “I know both of them well. They’re young, and all we can do is pray for them at this point.”

Mary J. Blige: “They’re both young and beautiful people, and that’s it.”

When a picture of Brown on a jet ski in Miami came out, Usher said on a video, “I’m a little disappointed in this …

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Mother Approves of 14-Year-Old Daughter’s Make-Up Tattoos

The BBC reported an interesting incident in which a 14-year-old girl has, with the permission of her mother, gotten make-up tattoos. The story goes like this:

Sophie Watson, from Spennymoor, had her eyebrows tattooed and lip and eye liner applied. Her mother Joy said she gave permission for the treatment for her daughter, who competes in beauty pageants. …Ms Watson said she accepted what she had let her daughter do sounded shocking but said the changes were subtle. It is illegal for an artist to tattoo anyone under the age of 18 – but the make-up procedure is not technically classed as a tattoo. Although needles and an anaesthetic are used, it is classed as a cosmetic procedure and is not permanent because it fades after between two and five years.

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Swedish Nightclub Turns Tattooed Women Away Citing “Distaste”

isobel_farley_the_most_tattooed_woman_1So, I am one of “those women” who has a few tattoos.  Not, you know, sleeves of them or anything, but I have three of them, two of which are rather hidden and one that is exposed on the inner side of my left wrist.  I never thought it was tacky or declasse for women to ink themselves; quite the contrary.  Some of the most beautiful tattoos I have seen were both designed and worn by women.  I used to work with a girl who had this amazing vinework on the back of her neck, extending down her back and looping up over one arm.  It was gorgeous.  Had I wanted to completely copy her style and be crazy unoriginal, I would have taken a photograph of this tat and had it inked on my own body.  I loved this thing. that. much.

Don’t get me wrong; I don’t think there’s anything more unattractive than a facial tattoo or tattoos with bleeding hearts and rotting corpses, but a tastefully applied tattoo can be a beautiful piece of art in its own right.  In the same breath, I will also say that if you are an individual with morbid tattoos, good for you – I will not discriminate like the people in the following story would.

A Swedish nightclub has, for a second time or more, again closed its doors to women who were of a tattooed nature.  The club, known in Malmo as the Swing Inn, had recently turned two women away for sporting ink, stating that they only allow a “well-groomed clientele with neat clothing.” According to patrons, the club had a long history of denying entrance to individuals with visible tattoos.  Regardless, the club isn’t completely discriminatory; if the tattoo can be covered with clothing, the potential customer will be allowed entrance to the prestigious “club.”  Fear not, painted ladies of the world – you can still cover that shit up if you want to get into the Swing Club that badly.

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