Don’t Talk About Vagina

Clearly, I think feminism is beautiful. I find nothing sexier than when am man calls himself a feminist. Feminism, again, is about equal rights for human beings. How can that be wrong?

Well, it’s wrong in most of the world but in China, they are illustrating it. Here in the States from time to time we get loud mouth misogynists telling girls to stop “burning bras and shave” cause that’s what a feminist is to these ignorant dweebs.

In China College students at China’s Beijing Foreign Studies University participated in a social media ‘experiment’. I’m calling it that, they are not. To me it’s an experiment in what people are willing to accept. They are not willing to accept women taking control of their bodies and sexuality…in 2013…that’s not acceptable.

Women posted pictures of themselves holding up signs describing what their vaginas would say if they could talk, to promote an upcoming performance of The Vagina Monologues. This is a promotion…for a play…about talking vaginas. Well, the vagina’s don’t talk but the story is about the vagina…it’s a vagina “If These Walls Could Talk”….the walls of my vagina…I digress.

So, they posted a picture like the one above, in order to “rediscover the power within our bodies and spirit,” according to the students. The pictures made the rounds on social and these are some of the responses:

“If no one told me they are from BFSU, I would think they are whores.”

“What are we teaching in our schools? Are they the future of our country? They are a bunch of sluts. I feel so much pain for how far the Chinese civilization has fallen.”

“May I ask who is prepared to marry these feminists?”

That’s right, saying you have control over a part of your body and what goes in it makes you a whore. It makes you unattractive, it brings down your country and no one will marry you. What a sad display.

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Life Isn’t Like Mad Men

I love ‘Mad Men’. Not as of late. I feel that Don Draper is really predictable and not the complicated existential dilemma he should be. But Joan, Peggy, even Betty…I’m a big fan of the 1950’s style. In fact my style icons are Hepburn (Audrey not Katherine), Monroe, Bardot. Women of the 50’s just knew how to look.

Having said that I would never say “I love the 1950’s” or “I wish I had been born in the 1950’s” My heart isn’t even there. Great style and movies sure, but what a horrible time! I didn’t realize this until today…but it really bothers me when women say things like that. “Oh, I wish it were back in the 50’s” NO YOU DO NOT! It ain’t all Mad Men. You would not be “the Joan”. You would be “the Megan”.

I don’t know why we forget how horrible it was for women. If you were beaten, you dealt with it. It was probably your fault. You want to work? How are you going to get dinner on the table by 5 and mind the children you have to have? You have an opinion? No you don’t. Why? WHY would women ever think they would enjoy that?

Women have it pretty rough in 2013, imagine what it was like in 1953. These recent protests of women taking to the street telling the government to get out of their vagina? Well, only sluts would need abortions and only indecent women would talk about or support it. It’s best you die in a back alley from a botched hanger job. Really, women…get it the F together. A pretty dress and nice handbag does not mean a good life.

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Yes, I’m Still Pissed At Robin Thicke

In case you’ve forgotten…the rapey-ist song ever is still at the top of the charts. Oh, and the douche that sings it was recently pictured putting his hand so far up a girl’s dress, while being photographed with her, that it looked like a proctology exam–I don’t think he asked before he did that.

But Mr. Thicke can get away with anything. He can get away with demeaning women and tweeting about it. He can say this song is a “feminist movement in itself” (yeah he said that), he can man handle women, he can blow smoke in their faces, he can parade them around naked and no one says “boo” because women are objects. Women are to be treated as toys. Women are to be demeaned. Women are to be tortured. Women are made to be taken advantage of. Right? Because that is what we are saying when we turn up “Blurred Lines” and allow Robin Thicke to make millions by turning what rapist tell their victims into “catchy lyrics”.

On the left side of this photo are the lyrics to “Blurred Lines” on the right are photos of rape victims holding up the words their rapists said to them as they violated them. Nice work Mr. Thicke…great job people of America for putting this at #1 with a bullet.

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Thank Heaven For Little Girls?

I find beauty pageants disgusting. I don’t care if it’s Miss America or Toddlers and Tiaras. It’s gross. To parade yourself around and call it anything other than narcissism is delusional.

The only saving grace the Miss America pageant has is these girls are making their own decision to participate. They are doing themselves up the same way they would if they were going to a club. This is their decision. It’s the baby pageants that really get me.

There is no reason a five year old little girl should be in a mini skirt, wearing red lipstick, false eyelashes, with her hair curled. None. Why would you ever sexualize your child like that? It’s not pretty. You’re not trying to make your little girl “pretty” you’re trying to make her sexy—at five years old. And for what? So someone (usually a grown man) will put a crown on her head and tell you, you have a very attractive child. Congrats!

I know that Europe is way ahead of America when it comes to good ideas and taking care of their citizens but can we please catch up to this new thing that France is doing? See, France is outlawing baby beauty pageants.

“Centrist Senator Chantal Jouanno, author of a report “Against Hyper-Sexualisation: A New Fight For Equality” proposed an amendment, banning the underage contests, which was backed by 196 senators, with 146 voting against it.
Tough sanctions will now be handed out to anyone flouting the law.
Under the new law, organizers of pageants under the age of 16 may now face up to two years in prison if they fail to comply with the ban and a fine of up to €30,000 ($40,000).”

This is brilliant. I whole heartedly support this measure. This is a way to teach young girls that they are more than their bodies. It’s also a way to put sickos, who want to see little girls paraded around like prostitutes, behind bars. Bravo France! Viva La France!

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