Watch This: Once Upon A Time

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You guys, my Super Best Friend has only recently started watching Once Upon A Time. He and I tend to watch a lot of different television shows and put off watching others or giving others a try. When we finally do, the result is usually similar to Squidward’s first time tasting a Krabby Patty on SpongeBog Squarepants: “All the wasted years!”

I mean, he’s the guy who first got me to watch Gossip Girl, 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, Dante’s Cove, Titan Maximum, and Gundam Wing. And, soon, Revenge, which I know is totally up my alley. “This is not a story about forgiveness.” That line could be the blurb under my biography.

Right, so, the show comes on ABC on Sunday nights and, honestly, I was not all that impressed when I watched the first few episodes. Well, the first episode. It’s one of those shows that has an awkward beginning but gets better and better until you can no longer remember a time when you were not in love with the show. Every week slows to a crawl as you anticipate the arrival of the next episode.

Yeah. This show also has a very rabid fandom.

I want to talk about the women on the show. Women have not, historically, had the best roles in fairy tales. They tend to be the villains or the helpless damsels. And while Disney “villains” are typically the most interesting parts of the films (and ABC is a part of Disney, so there are overt references on the show to Disney’s interpretations of a few fairytales. Jiminy Cricket is a character, the “Evil Fairy” from Sleeping Beauty is called “Maleficent,” etc), the princesses did not really possess a great deal of agency until more recent years.

Regina Mills is, as far as I am concerned, the main character. In season one, the writers try to make her out to be the primary antagonist, but …

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Transgendered Seniors Blamed For Graduation Gown Brouhaha

Photo of red graduation gown

Ah, high school graduation…talk about rites of passage. And drama. And accusations of discrimination. And a big debacle over which color gowns should be worn. And breaking longstanding traditions (dating at least back to 1992) that were evidently extremely important.

Yeah, like I said, drama.

New Hampshire’s Spaulding High School is making headlines for the Rochester School District’s decision to garb their graduates in gowns of red (as opposed to past practice of girls in white, boys in red), an alleged outcry from a number of students that blamed several transgendered students for this egregious and heart-stopping change, and the district’s ultimate caving.

Which of course had nothing to do with any possibility of discrimination … or reverse discrimination … or anything other than the need to maintain tradition (yeah, their school mascot is called the Red Raider).


According to Senior Class Vice-President Corinne Baita, a small group of transgendered students were blamed for bringing about the (short-lived) change and were consequently bullied by some of their classmates.
From Foster’s:

A senior class assembly was held Tuesday morning to address the issues surrounding graduation. According to Baita, Principal Rob Seaward — who did not return several messages left seeking comment for this story — told the class at the assembly that there had been discussion about making the change for the past 10 years, with the School Board making the decision in March and approving the announcement …

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The Real Woman Problem in Politics: It Might Not Lie With the Women

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This is not going to be another post about Christine O’Donnell. Or Sarah Palin*. I swear.

In politics, it is always campaign season. But right now, with only a few weeks left until another round of elections, it actually really is campaign season. There’s been a lot of talk about a resurgence of Republicans winning local elections around the country, as people revolt against President Obama and the Democratic party in general. In Illinois, the race for Governor is no exception.

For those of you not familiar with Illinois’, um, colorful political history, let’s just say it has not been without corruption, the most recent of which ended in the impeachment …

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