Priests Should Take a Vow of Silence

A lot of people go to priests when they have big life questions. I have never understood that, honestly. If you have religious questions, I think you such seek the counsel of an expert, like a priest.  If you have life, love, relationship questions you probably shouldn’t seek the council of a man who has given up all of these things. I think they may be out of their league. Now, it’s not their fault if you come to them with these questions but they certainly should not be handing it out willy nilly.

Someone should tell that to Father Piero Corsi, a priest in a town in Northern Italy. Corsi was quoted as saying, “Let’s ask ourselves. Is it possible that men have all gone mad at one stroke? We don’t think so, the core of the problem is in the fact that women are more and more provocative, they yield to arrogance, they believe they can do everything themselves and they end up exacerbating tensions. How often do we see girls and even mature women walking on the streets in provocative and tight clothing? Babies left to themselves, dirty houses, cold meals and fast food at home, soiled clothes. So if a family ends up in a mess and turns into crime (a form of violence which should be condemned and punished firmly) often the responsibility is shared.”

What Corsi is saying is women deserve to be raped, beaten, and abused because they don’t cook and clean and clearly ask for it by wearing tight clothes.To this I say: Father Corsi, shut the fuck up. You know nothing of women, of marriage, or even of the current times you live in. Your sole job is to spend time living in a world that a book—a book that was written 2,000 years ago—has created. Furthermore, that book preaches “the golden rule” that means if you think it’s okay to beat a woman than its okay for a woman to beat you.

Practice what you preach, you big jerkface! Jesus was about love, acceptance, understanding and nonviolence. Yet one of his “Shepherds” is advocating hurting women because they deserve it and ask for it? This is the problem I have with the Catholic religion. You can get away with saying and doing whatever you like as long as you go to confession on Sunday.

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At last, the Vatican opens its blind eye and attempts (attempts being the key word) to do something about the rampant sexual abuse within the priesthood. Although it’s entirely wrong to categorize priests as glorified pedophiles, there is some truth in less severe accusations.

This past Monday, the Vatican announced new guidelines to help Bishops around the world crack down on sexual abuse. The Roman Catholic Church Headquarters sent a letter to Bishops worldwide urging them to show more cooperation with local authorities when such situations occur. According to one Vatican official, “This is telling the world that we mean business. We want to be an example of prevention and care,” but while Vatican officials may be confident with their new plan, it’s vague instructions hardly constitute the kind of force needed to …

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The Scottish Episcopal Church has this week caused controversy by removing masculine references to God in a revised, newly-published order of service. The new order of service, which removes words such as ‘Lord’, ‘He’, ‘Him’ and ‘Mankind’ from service scripts, has been put together by the church in an attempt to acknowledge that God is beyond definition in terms of human gender.

Episcopalian bishops have approved the introduction of more inclusive language, which can be used by priests if they have difficulties with a male God. But traditionalists have criticised the move on the grounds that it smacks of political correctness and because they believe the changes are not consistent with the teachings of the Bible.

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