Review: The Invisible War

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The documentary “The Invisible War” should be mandatory viewing for everyone currently living in the United States of voting age. “The Invisible War” talks about sexual assault in the U.S Military and the system that protects rapists and punishes victims. This documentary is disturbing it is heartbreaking it is disgusting. It is by far one of the most important documentaries that any American can see. This is happening to people that serve our country. This is happening to men and women who are willing to give their life for our freedom and we’re not protecting them.
Let me share a few facts from this documentary:
• Over 20% of female veterans are raped while serving.
• 47% of homeless female veterans have been raped while serving.
• 25% of servicewomen don’t report their rape because the person they would report it to is their rapist.
• Women who have been raped in the military have a PTSD rate higher than men that served in combat.
• The Army Criminal Investigation Division is told to treat victims like criminals and told to interrogate until you “got the truth out of her”.
• Air Force Security Police says rape cases were only given to men not women they were told women were too sympathetic and couldn’t see what was really going on because woman always take a woman’s side.
• 200,000 women in the military reported being sexually assaulted in 1991.
• 15% of incoming recruits have attempted or committed rape BEFORE entering the military.
• According to the Department of Defense 3,230 women and men reported assault 2009 the DOD admits that 80% of assault survivors do not report because of retaliation.
• Single women who report rape, if their rapist is married, will be charged with adultery.
• 1% of males had been victims of sexual assault in the last year that equals 20,000 men.
• In units where sexual harassment is tolerated rape rates triple.
• Most rapists in the military are heterosexual males.
• According to the DOD 3,223 active members reported being sexually assaulted, out of those only 175 did jail time in 2010.
• Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office campaign slogan is “Don’t risk it…ask her when she’s sober”.
• In 2008 the Department of Defense instructed the Director of SAPRO to not testify before congress.
• The final decision in sexual assault cases in the military lies with Command. Not with legally trained experts.
• AN assailant was awarded the Air Force ‘Airman of the Year’ award during his victims rape investigation.
This documentary focuses on the fact that once a victim is raped they are raped again by the system. Watching this documentary I was blown …

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Department of V.A. Discriminating Against Navy Vet

Photo of "Lesbian Veteran" T-Shirt

There are some laws in existence that don’t make sense to me and even some that I flat out disagree with, but I understand that it’s my responsibility as an American citizen to follow said laws. After all, if a bunch of people just started to ignore laws they didn’t understand or thought were asinine, chaos would ensue after awhile.

And if this makes sense to me, a mere citizen of the United States, one would think that it’d be a no-brainer for the U.S. government, but …

Well, it’s not.

Connecticut’s Carmen Cardona, an eighteen year Navy Veteran and a lesbian married to her “longtime female partner”, has been denied spousal disability bennies for her wife …

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Did You Know That Women Can’t Be Navy SEALs?

Photo of Female Naval Officer

Women have made tremendous gains in the work force since the days of Rosie the Riveter, and this is of course a good thing.  Interestingly, the United States military has been consistently behind the eight ball in terms of equality in the work place.

With the recent attention paid to the Navy SEALS following the death of Osama bin Laden, it’s worth noting that women, while allowed to serve in some military capacities, are still kept out of this (and other) elite special ops groups.

According to Navy Secretary Ray Mabus, the presence of women in special operations forces is in fact increasing, which is naturally a positive.  However, Mabus admits that servicewomen tend to be placed in “support roles” and are banned from being moved into “combat and infantry jobs”.

Not to worry, though … Mabus emphasized that there are going to be “some careful, well-thought-out steps in that direction.”

Call me crazy, but I’m worried.

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Republican State Representative Called Obama a Liar … Or Didn’t … Or Something

Picture of Osama bin Laden with Doubter Lynne Blankenbeker

The recent death of Osama bin Laden has dredged up strong feelings in people all over the world. Whether you feel relief that the mastermind behind 9/11 has been removed from the face of the earth, are actively celebrating the death of a fellow human being, or if you are perhaps disturbed by missing evidence of a respectful Islamic burial, the Al Qaeda leader’s demise has been more than a blip on the radar screen for most of us.

Like many people, September 11, 2001 was one of the worst days of my life. I’d spent my life prior to that day aware that there was evil in the world but confident in the knowledge that it was far away and wouldn’t impact me directly.

Of course, I was wrong on that count. Dead wrong.

I personally felt relief at the news of bin Laden’s death, but ….

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