Why Are Women The Moral Compass?

Why do women always have to be the moral compasses on television? This was a thought I had while watching “House”. I mean, really, how annoying is Cameron on that show? She is overly moral, rigid, frivolous, and while being overly moral and sickeningly ethical she also is head over ass for her boss and kind of blackmails him into dating her in one episode. Oh! And there was that episode where she and Chase hooked up instead of watching the patient. She’s the worst. That got me thinking…in ensemble casts the chick is always the moral compass or the dumb slut. There is no in-between.

If a female deviates from this role she is punished. This is illustrated in the terrible film “Drinking Buddies”. Olivia Wilde, sidebar: how hot is Olivia Wilde? Sickeningly, right? I only watched this piece of junk film to stare at her—and this is coming from someone in a relationship with a man. I’m like a two on the Kinsey scale—but man she’d put me to a five. I digress.

In this movie, Drinking Buddies, Olivia Wilde works at a brewery and she’s the coolest girl in an all-male environment. Her best bud is a dude who makes beer at the brewery. He’s dating Anna Kendrick (also hot).  Olivia is dating a dude and the only real scene they have together is when he gives her a book and tells her the lead reminds him of her, when she says something like, “why? Is she…”  he corrects her and says the lead is a “male” , get it? She’s too butch. You can’t do a dude job, hang out with dudes, and drink like a dude, and be a girl. No…that makes you a dude.

He ends up leaving her because he falls for Kendrick’s character who’s very girly, she’s a sweet, dress wearing, teacher.  Throughout the film you can tell that Wilde and her guy friend have an attraction and I was convinced something was going to happen between them but nothing does, because the chick—who acts too much like a dude has to end up alone and looking like an ungrateful bitch (she treats this friend like junk), and the stand-up gentleman does not stray no matter how hot the chick is because he’s got such a nice sweet girl at home. Gimme a break. I’m ruining this movie because it’s that bad and if you were thinking of seeing it I want to stop you. This is me stopping you. You’re welcome.

There’s no point to the movie.  The point was to annoy me I’m sure. But then I thought about Olivia Wilde….she was on House (and we come full circle) and she was a basket case on that show too. She was a bi-sexual, thrill seeker, reckless, cold, standoffish, and ran away from every problem she ever had. I’m pretty sure if a woman is mind numbingly gorgeous you have to make her wreck just to deal with her. Seriously, a woman can’t be Wildely hot (see what I did there?) and balanced. Something has to be wrong with her so the rest of the world can cope.

Well, guess what world—I’ve interacted with Olivia Wilde in real life and she is that hot in person and stupidly awesome. She’s funny, and smart, and kind, and I’m pretty sure she’s perfect. I’m also pretty sure that this 570 word essay is just my way of publically declaring my love for Olivia Wilde—and House… man, that was such a great show…if you just ignore Cameron.

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I’m Done With Lindsay Lohan, We All Need To Be Done With Lindsay Lohan

There are all these stories about Lindsay Lohan admitting she’s an addict. Saying she only snorted cocaine so she could drink more. That she drank to cope. That she didn’t listen to her family when they said to move home. How she can make a come back and get her career back on track. Blah, blah, blah.

Here’s the problem I’m having with all of this. She’s not a good actress. She landed SNL, and the Canyons, and the other B.S she’s done lately because of her train wreck lifestyle. But she fails on screen. She has that very “Disney Actress” way of delivering her lines.

This again, is a testament to how we treat celebrity. We just wanted to watch her fall—no one is interested in her comeback. It’s not the nicest thing to admit but I don’t really care. She’s a sideshow. She a no talent, sideshow.

Is anyone really expecting a career from her? Really? She is not the Robert Downey Jr. of her generation—she is the Corey Feldman of her generation. We should all do the kind thing and stop paying any attention to her. Just let her fade into the darkness. We’d all be better off and so would she.

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Spike Jonzes’ new film “Her” stars Joaquin Phoenix as Theodore, a lonely write who falls in love with a voice. The voice is called Samantha (voiced by Scarlett Johansson), and lives in his computer. Basically, they fall in love with each other. It’s the kind of co-dependency we all have with our phones, laptops, iPads etc.

I find it really interesting that every write up I’ve read about this movie calls it “creepy” and talks about it being our future. I think the only futuristic part of this film are the questions Samantha asks. She’s just further advanced then Siri but I bet my dependency on Siri is the same as Theodore’s dependence on Samantha.


Watch the trailer and tell me how you feel about this film and about your dependence on technology in the comments or on our Facebook page—I’m really interested to hear your thoughts.

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Girl Power At The Box Office

As I sat in a room listening to people pitch idea’s one shot out at me. “Why do female movies have to be so violent?”. This was in reference to “The Heat” staring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy, which creamed the male-dominated ‘White House Down’ at the box office. I never heard anyone question why ‘White House Down’ was too violent.

‘The Heat’, for all it’s flaws is still a police film—which means action and violence. I didn’t realize that because the leads were female things needed to be “nicer”. I don’t think criminals take it easy on the female cops they come in contact with in real life so why dumb is down for an audience?

Is it because seeing women in violent situations makes us comfortable? Man, I wish. That’s not it. It’s just that this is a “boys domain” and it’s very much “no girls allowed”. I’m not saying I agree with overt violence in films, I’m not even going to say “The Heat” is a good movie—but it does deserve as much violence as the boys. I’m pretty proud of the box office last weekend.

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