Racist Restaurant: 2012 Was Not So Different From 1912, Apparently

Please take a moment to read this article.

I honestly probably do not have to say that much. We are probably more or less thinking the same things.

Among our mutual verbal thoughts, one can likely find a number of expletives.

Maker’s Mark Bourbon House And Lounge found out that a party that was seeking to make a reservation was exclusively black. They then declined their reservation.

The world has people blaming all sorts of things on discrimination or reverse-discrimination when that is not responsible. I am always on the lookout for those situations. This does not appear to be one of them.

This is . . . horrifying.

Not something that you should be reading about in 2013, unless it is in a history textbook.

This move by this apparently deplorable restaurant (from which Maker’s Mark itself is taking steps to distance itself—a wise choice) is not the same thing as putting up a “whites only” sign, but it is saying that they do not want a large number of black people making a reservation when they would have accepted a reservation by a party with mostly or all-white customers. There is a chance that this is not a prejudice held by the restaurant owners and operators—this could be a situation in which they did not want to alienate racist customers.

Still deplorable. Money is money, but there is a limit.

We are not living in a post-racial society. It would be great if we were, and there are brief moments in which it feels that way, but we are not. Several years, when buying gifts for family members, I realized that I had gotten a discount from a vendor in the mall for being white. Sickening.

Let’s have fewer stories like this in 2013, okay? Fewer anti-gay tirades. Fewer stories of gun-violence. Fewer pizza chains making a fuss about Obamacare (I’m done with Papa John’s and with Domino’s). Fewer incidents of blatant racism.


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