We’re Still Burning Women At The Stake?

In the year 2013 it’s hard to imagine that people are burned at the stake for being a witch—but that happened. Kepari Leniata, a twenty-year-old mother living in Papua New Guinea, was accused of sorcery by relatives of a six-year-old boy who died on February 5th. After the accusation an angry mob found Leniata and brought her to the town square.
Bystanders, many of whom were children, watched as she was tied to a stake and burned alive. Some took photographs; some just stood and watched– no one did anything. They watched as she was bound, tortured with a hot iron rod, covered in gasoline, then set on fire while lying on a pile of car tires in the provincial capital of Mount Hagen.
The police have not arrested anyone despite having hundreds of witnesses. The chief of police did say that there are more than fifty people suspected to have “laid a hand on the victim” but her husband is the chief suspect. He fled the province and is suspected to have a relationship to the dead boy’s family.
There are no details as to what “sorcery” or “witchcraft” Leniata had allegedly practiced. There are no details on the six-year-old boy’s death; it is unknown where Leniata’s children are. All that we do know is she was a woman, she was accused, and she was burned. No one helped her, no one protected her, and as of this post no one has given her any kind of justice.

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Petraeus Scandal: The Four Star Screw Up

The scandal du jour is General Petraeus and his biographer which, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably already know about. The slow and skinny of it is Petraeus started an affair with his biographer, Paula Broadwell, who got jealous over Petraeus’ friend, Jill Kelley, and started a firestorm of shit.

This is like an episode of Dallas. Petraeus has known Jill Kelley for a really long time. They’re family friends and he helped her sister win a custody battle by writing a letter on her behalf, nothing out of the ordinary there, except it’s completely shady and sort of an abuse of power. Then Petraeus starts jogging with Paula Broadwell and suddenly she’s his biographer. She’s following him around like a dog in heat for her “story”. I say that in quotes because I’m pretty sure the book she wrote was just a perk of having an affair with the four star General.

Paula Broadwell gets wind that at some point, at some time, maybe Jill Kelley and Patreaus did some under the table stuff. No, literally the story is maybe they had some “sexy touching” under a table…but maybe not. Anyway, it’s enough to make Braodwell go “Fatal Attraction” on her and send a “threatening email”. Hey I get it, I’ve seen a girl giving my guy the eye a little too often and in my head I’m making her bite a curb but I don’t but it in writing to her I vaguely mention it on a blog. Petaeus is a cheater so why wouldn’t he cheat on Broadwell? That doesn’t excuse a grown-ass woman sending threatening emails to another grown-ass woman about the man she’s having an affair with. Affair’s are supposed to be quite…email is concrete evidence.

Kelley gets the email and gets all nervous, rightfully so she’s probably seen Fatal Attraction. She emails her other friend who happens to be an FBI agent. He sends Kelley topless photos of himself…I’m not really sure why maybe because while investigating he learned that Kelley had exchanged 20,000-30,000 emails of a sexual nature with General John Allen, who is the U.S/Nato Commander in Afghanistan and a picture is worth …

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Hanky Panky Allegations Catching Up With Herman Cain?

Photo of Herman Cain with Hands Spread

It kind of goes without saying that, whenever a politician starts to gain celebrity status, the skeletons start rattling out of the closets.  Sometimes it makes a difference, other times it doesn’t seem to matter much at all (Bill Clinton pops up in my mind here).

Allegations of sexual misconduct on the part of a Republican presidential candidate, particularly given the current political climate, are problematic, though.

Okay, I get really pissed off on a personal level when accusations of sexual hanky panky running the gamut from verbal harassment to rape are ignored.  That being said, though, I realize that there are some truly horrible women that play that card for all it’s worth (which, in my opinion, makes them almost as bad as sexual predators since they’ve in large part caused the automatic assumption of lies on the part of actual victims).

But back to Herman Cain, who’s the latest to fall under the almost par-for-the-course accusations of sexually inappropriate behavior …

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Five Things that Concern Me About Casey Anthony

Photo of Casey Anthony Partying

It’s hard to avoid coverage of the Casey Anthony trial if you live in the United States.  I mean, what a story, right?  Death is never a happy thing, but the senseless murder of a child is one that hits most of us on a visceral level.

And when you add in the possibility that said child’s mother killed her in cold blood, it grows ever more disturbing.

The nearly three-year-old Caylee Anthony disappeared in June of 2008 but was not reported missing until mid-July.  Noteworthy is that the missing child report was made not by Caylee’s mother but by her grandmother.

Before June of 2008, Casey and her young daughter lived in her parents’ Florida home.  After they moved out, Casey made excuses ranging from a busy work schedule to Caylee spending time with a nanny to keep …

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