I Want To Buy A Zoo, Too

I’ve always loved animals. My dream was to runaway to Africa and live like the offspring of Jane Goodall and George Adamson. I really think that I could have a pet elephant, lion, tiger, monkey, shark, dolphin, so basically, I think I could have a zoo, as well.

I watched ‘Born Free’ over and over again. I researched George Adamson to see if I could figure out if I too could live with wild lions. When I read the Life article about Melanie Griffiths family living with lions I about died. It can be done! If I read a Buzzfeed post or news story about anyone living with wild animals I become useless for the rest of the day. I have to stare at the story and pictures for at least 3 hours and then spend the next 21 hours picturing my life with all my favorite animals.

When I read the story about Chips, I realized I needed to something about my problem. Chips is a young bobcat. Fire crews found her in August while battling a 75,000-acre fire. They removed her from the fire and kept her safe but when it came time to re-release her into the wild, they realized she’s too nice. THE WILD BOBCAT IS TOO NICE.

This is just like Elsa the lion. That’s what started George Adamson’s life in Kenya. He and his then wife were taking care of Elsa because she was a zoo lion, and she didn’t know how to survive. He taught her to be wild and they all ended up staying in Kenya to live with wild …

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