Run, Hillary. Run!

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Like many of you, I am already sick and tired of the media speculating on who will run in 2016. Like Christmas music in grocery stores, each election cycle seems to come earlier and earlier, in both cases driving people into fits of madness.

I do not want to hear about it on the news. I’m pretty safe in that, since it is almost 2013 and I do not have to watch the news like an old person to know what is happening in the world. It’s better for my sanity, that way, really.

That said, oh my goodness. Hillary Clinton for President. Please, you guys?

She’s not my perfect candidate, in that she once said that she was unhappy that there was a video game which players could hack to unlock sexual content. She is not my perfect candidate because ideal candidates for the office of the Presidency are all fictional. So David Xanatos/Scorpius 2016 and Elizabeth Weir/Adelle DeWitt 2024 will just have to remain my personal fantasies. Alas.

Other than that, Hillary is pretty darn near perfect for the job. Support for her is now at an all-time high, a lot of people are saying that they would like to see her run. And, by the way, support for her is even higher now than it was when Texts From Hillary started, and that was a huge bump to her popularity—if mostly out of silliness.

Until it was decided that Obama would be the Democratic nominee in 2008, I was TeamHillary. And while I have been very pleasantly surprised by the Obama Administration, I think that a second Clinton Administration would be even better than the first—kind of like how the second Bush Administration was much, much worse than the first.

So, can we have this happen, please? We are really behind on having a female President.

By Star Trek Captain rules, old white guy is followed by black guy who is followed by . . . powerful intimidating woman (that’s Kirk or Picard, followed by Captain Sisko, followed by Captain Kathryn Janeway). Mind you, that’s intelligent powerful intimidating woman. Not scary uninformed Alaskan terrors. The equivalent would be a Klingon* captain, and no Star Trek series has had one of those just yet.

So, let’s put off talking about who should be our next President for a while longer, but oh my goodness let’s silently hope that it is Hillary.

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Watch This Now: Political Animals

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I was somewhat anxious about watching the USA network’s Political Animals miniseries, even though I love political dramas about powerful women. Does anyone remember Commander in Chief, in which Geena Davis played a Vice President who assumed the Presidency after the President died? And I am currently madly in love with The Good Wife, though that is both a political drama and a legal drama, with the stay-at-home mom protagonist going back to work at a law firm after her Chicago politician husband lost his job after a sex and corruptions scandal. Both series were/are absolutely amazing.

I worried about Political Animals because, well, you never know how a high-powered female politician is going to be portrayed. And, personally, I like high-powered castrating career-oriented women, in real life and in fiction. I love them. My first role model, as a preschooler, was Maleficent from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, and I kind of look for elements of her in characters and in real people to this day. But I think that there is a temptation, if not a tendency, for writers to show people who are politicians but also mothers as having sacrificed any real maternal skills for their careers.

From what I have seen in the first few episodes, Political Animals does not give in to this temptation. And I could not be happier about it.

Sigourney Weaver, who is always amazing, plays a character who is a former First Lady (whose husband’s very public sex scandal was a tremendous embarrassment) who ran for President but did not receive her party’s nomination and then accepted the position of Secretary of State at the request of the new President. If that sounds familiar, it should, but this fairly clearly isn’t a story about Hillary Clinton. In many ways, Political Animals is about all of the American “political dynasties,” and others who have been in the White House and later try to get back in. And aside from being a southern former governor and former President who has exposed his family to a couple of sex scandals, her husband bears few similarities to President Clinton.

Sigourney Weaver plays the mother of two sons; one of them is engaged and the other is gay. One son works for her, and the other is still trying to get back on his feet after some “problems with sobriety.” I was very pleased to see that she is a good mother. She is also a wonderful politician, though she faces some serious difficulties. She is working with a President who is from her own political party, but who does not share her priorities and who is unafraid to use her popularity for his own advantage, even if it is at her expense.

There are strange and awkward relationships between the women of this show. I will say that I really love how it never becomes cat-fighting. There are no female feuds over men. And I cannot say anymore without giving things away, so I just have to strongly recommend that you watch this miniseries.

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Romney Taking Vaginas Into Consideration Regarding Running Mate

Word Search of Potential Romney VP Candidates
The names being tossed around as possibilities for Mitt Romney’s running mate are many and varied.

Actually, they’re really not … everyone under consideration holds pretty hard-core right wing views, which shouldn’t be much of a surprise considering that Romney himself has a past history of being fairly liberal on social issues, and the Republican machine obviously wants to keep that under the radar.

But what does Romney’s potential veep have to do with feminism?

There is this impression, see, that Romney needs to strongly consider a female running mate because he is woefully behind Barack Obama in the vagina-sporting demographic (unlike the House floor, we at Zelda Lily are very comfortable with the word “vagina”).  In other words, if they want to pump up Romney’s support among women, let’s get a woman up there with him.

Because, you know, that worked out so well for John McCain last election

Anyway, The Fiscal Times created a list of fourteen potential running mates for Romney, and three of those names are women: Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-New Hampshire), former Secretary of State …

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Chelsea Clinton Knows the Value of Family … Do You?

photo of chelsea clinton pictures photos pics

There is no question that Chelsea Clinton is a poised, articulate, admirable young woman.  Somehow, against all odds when you consider other children that grew up in the White House glow, she has managed to avoid tabloid drama and pretty much any sort of negative press whatsoever.

And while her parents, former United States President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, unquestionably own a great deal of the credit, Chelsea herself …

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