It Pays To Be Stupid

I’ve worked as a freelance writer and I’ve hired freelancers. I remember when I worked as an editor, I was interviewing a writer that said “I get a dollar a word” both my co-editor and I muted the phone because we couldn’t help but laugh—a dollar a word? That’s insane! Normally, when freelancing you’ll get a flat rate sometimes it’s as little as $10.00 an article or as high as $400. Now, if you’re getting $400 you are at the top of your game for a freelancer, you have demonstrated that you can get top interviews—I’m talking Tom Hanks not some new actor off the plane starring in local theater. You’ve also probably had positions as a staff writer somewhere like the New York Times or have written a book … basically you’re independently famous and can cash in on your name.

Last Sunday on the latest episode of ‘Girls’, the character of Hannah* got offered $200.00 for her first published article ever. I rolled my eyes at this because it’s complete bullshit. It reminded me of the time on ‘Sex and the City’ where Carrie Bradshaw proudly proclaimed “I’ve been offered four dollars a word at Vogue.” I laughed at that too. Carrie Bradshaw, who writes a small sex column for a no-name paper, would not get four freaking dollars a word at Vogue. Nonsense! I laughed and laughed at these fictional characters with their amazing apartments and designer clothes in New York working as freelancers…hahahah! Fake people on T.V are so silly. Then I got a hard dose of reality.

Sarah Palin is out at Fox. They dumped her. The first smart thing Fox has done in decades. Naturally, Smart Politics decided to calculate how much it cost Fox to have Palin. They looked at her three-year contract in which she made one million dollars a year and broke it down with how many words she spoke for the network. We heard 189,221 words from Sarah Palin. She appeared about once a week. That mean she was paid about $15.81 per word spoken. Sarah Palin was paid almost $16.00 per word. I’m sorry…but that airhead with absolutely no credibility as a journalist, politician, or even human being at this point is not worth five cents a word let alone $16.00!

Want to feel even sicker? Palin said,  “You betcha” twice, “Amen” 111 times, “God” 57 times, “Moses” three times, and “Jesus” just once—that’s almost three grand right there. Go back to busting your ass at your nine to five where you pay up to 15% in taxes per pay check and try not to scream over the fact that if you just could’ve been the one chosen to ruin a Presidential campaign –you too could’ve been paid one million dollars a year to be a moron.

*Hannah’s character is entitled and self centered and that’s the point. Lena Dunham wrote this character and is someone who has had her career handed to her on her parents good name so I understand why she wouldn’t know that you actually have to work for things in order to make a lot of money instead of just saying “gimme”.

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“Fiscal Conservative” Tea Partier Owes Over A Hundred Grand in Child Support

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Hypocrisy is unspeakably distasteful to me.

I think that’s most of my problem with the whole Tea Party movement.  The gist of what they’re saying sounds logical to those who aren’t educated in the ways of politics, and they use that logic to prey on the ignorant.

Their M.O. is to make themselves sound like an average citizen struggling to get by, and John Q. Minimum Wage has no idea that most of the Tea Partiers are extremely wealthy.  They collect the votes of people with legitimate financial struggles in order to put plans in place that will protect their fortunes, often at the cost of us low or middle class citizens.

It’s sickening.

Which is why I’m always kind of excited when Tea Partiers are caught with their financial pants down.  It gives me hope that the misguided people following them in droves will see the light.

Congressman Joe Walsh of Illinois, he who has accused Barack Obama of “spending like a drunken sailor”, allegedly owes well over $100,000 in back child support.

For those of you unfamiliar with the child support concept, there is a standard …

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One in Five Women Childless by Age 45

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One in five women is childless by the time they reach their mid-forties, according to new figures showing that fertility rates have fallen to a 44-year low. At the same time, the number of women having children over the age of 40 has almost doubled in the last decade as women delay motherhood for longer periods of time.

The figures also found that, among younger mothers, marriage is increasingly being sidelined, with almost three times as many women in their early 20s giving birth while single or cohabiting than as part of a married couple.

Analysts have said the these new figures suggest that more women are delaying starting a family because they are focused on their careers, and because they take longer to find the right man. Rising property prices and the cost of living have also been cited as a reason …

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New Report Finds Women Underpaid & Under-Represented in Creative Industries

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A new report by training organisation Skillset has found that women working in the creative media industries in the UK are under-represented, underpaid and often more highly qualified than their male counterparts, Digital Arts Online reported this week.

The report, titled Women in the Creative Media Industries intends to provide a picture of the imbalances faced by women working in the sector in the UK, and examines evidence gathered by Skillset since 1999. The report found that just over half of women in the industry’s workforce are aged 35 or over, compared to 64% of men. In addition men in the industry were found to earn substantially more than women – £34, 669 compared to £29, 015.

The report looked at sectors of the creative media industries including television, radio, film, animation, corporate production, commercials, interactive design, computer games production, archives and libraries, photography and publishing.

Representation of women was found to be lowest in …

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