Lea T: Icon

Lea T is an Italian and Brazilian model and she is smoking hot. This girl has cheekbones for days! Her hair is has that beachy wave look, but you want to run your fingers through it…soft beachy waves…how the heck do they do that? Killer figure…amazing legs…basically I’m jealous of Lea T—but not just for her looks.

Recently, Lea T appeared in Benetton’s “Faces of Color” video campaign. The campaign focuses on unique looks and personalities around the world.  In the video Lea T says, “I say everything about myself; it’s too complicated to keep a secret. When you get inspired by someone … you lose a little bit of your personality … I try to be myself.”

How amazing is that? Just that sentence alone…come on you’re gonna look like that and be a rad person? Stop it. I can’t handle it. I could go on and on about how awesome this model is just based on those two sentences, but it was something she did in 2010 that makes those words so much more powerful.

In 2010 Lea T announced that she was transgendered. She went from male to female and became a successful model. I know someone who identifies strongly with Lea T and I’ve been through the struggles with them. I’ve seen first-hand what it takes to live this kind of life. It’s not easy. I love that Lea T is such a strong icon for this and that she is speaking out explaining it the best way I’ve ever heard, ““I’ve never had a girlfriend or a boyfriend … Even with surgery, I’ll never be a woman. And I will not be man. I’ll always be the middle… My father said I’ll always be his little black boy. That he’ll love me if I am man, woman or dog. My mother is very religious. She refuses, but says she will not leave me.”

There it is. In the middle, some people will accept it some won’t, some things you can do (like model) some things are more difficult (like dating), but if you get lucky you find those that love you for you and will refuse to leave you.

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Female Marine Officer Claims Women “Can’t Handle” Infantry

Photo of U.S. Military Women
My own personal definition of feminism, unequivocally, is the simple idea that women and men are equal in all ways.  Ergo, all human beings should have the same opportunities to pursue whatever avenue of life they so desire, period.

There are obviously exceptions.  The common example I give is the fact that, at 5’2”, I could never have been a basketball star, at least the flashy kind that dunks and stuff.  Being held back from that hypothetical dream due to being vertically challenged, however, is far different than being told I can’t pursue something because I have a vagina rather than a penis.

That is just asinine.

But it turns out that not everyone agrees with that, including Captain Katie Petronio, a female Marine officer.

In response to the frankly far-too-late decision to allow women to train as infantry officers, Petronio has … well, a very old-fashioned and—I’m just going to say it—sexist view of things.

Come September, a small group of young female Marines will break through one of the last bastions of macho in the U.S. military. They’ll be the first class of female officers to take part in the grueling Infantry Officer Course in Quantico, Va., a test of both physical fitness and mental will that prepares the corps’ future platoon leaders.

All of these women will be volunteers, and their training will be closely watched. The new coed class has sparked suggestions that such training could lead to integrating women in the Marine infantry, with some saying they “would make excellent grunts.”

Sounds good, right?  Equality, and a coed class, no less, which further underscores the idea that fragile little women might be getting special treatment.

Not according to Petronio, though, who claims that, “Infantry is one of those fields we need to leave alone.”  After hearing about the work of advocates for women’s rights in the military, Petronio actually wrote an article called “Get Over It! We Are Not All Created Equal” for the Marine Corps Gazette.

Now, obviously Petronio has served in the military and certainly knows things that I don’t.  However, how a …

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Amanda Knox: Young and Female Means You Cannot Murder?

Photo of Amanda Knox
Amanda Knox has been freed, her conviction overturned, and she’s now back to living the life of an American citizen.

And I can’t help wondering what role her status as a young American girl played in this.  I mean, who wants to believe that Mandy Girl-Next-Door would be capable of savage murder?

Clutching at DNA straws has, for many, made for the justification of a rather alarming gut reaction, but in a country where O.J. Simpson literally got away with murder and police procedurals have sent the erroneous societal message that forensics are 100% absolute, we should all know better.

Anyway, Amanda Knox was convicted for the murder of her roommate, Meredith Kercher from the U.K.  The actual throat-slashing was apparently done by “drifter” Rudy Guede, although Knox and her boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, were tied pretty tightly to the crime scene through small things like lying to the police during the investigation and forensic evidence.

But I guess it’s easier to let a so-called “drifter” take the …

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Hurricane Michele?

Comic Making Fun of Michele Bachmann

I know that making fun of the utterly ridiculous things that come out of the mouths of Tea Partiers is somewhere between art form and cliché.  The fact that this is particularly true of the group’s female members is especially dismaying.

And yet, as was recently pointed out in the case of Christine O’Donnell crying “sexism” over being called to the carpet for saying … well, completely stupid things, they keep doing it.

And Michele Bachmann, who for some reason is being viewed as a serious contender for the 2012 Republican nomination, has really kept the ball rolling with …

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