It Pays To Be Stupid

I’ve worked as a freelance writer and I’ve hired freelancers. I remember when I worked as an editor, I was interviewing a writer that said “I get a dollar a word” both my co-editor and I muted the phone because we couldn’t help but laugh—a dollar a word? That’s insane! Normally, when freelancing you’ll get a flat rate sometimes it’s as little as $10.00 an article or as high as $400. Now, if you’re getting $400 you are at the top of your game for a freelancer, you have demonstrated that you can get top interviews—I’m talking Tom Hanks not some new actor off the plane starring in local theater. You’ve also probably had positions as a staff writer somewhere like the New York Times or have written a book … basically you’re independently famous and can cash in on your name.

Last Sunday on the latest episode of ‘Girls’, the character of Hannah* got offered $200.00 for her first published article ever. I rolled my eyes at this because it’s complete bullshit. It reminded me of the time on ‘Sex and the City’ where Carrie Bradshaw proudly proclaimed “I’ve been offered four dollars a word at Vogue.” I laughed at that too. Carrie Bradshaw, who writes a small sex column for a no-name paper, would not get four freaking dollars a word at Vogue. Nonsense! I laughed and laughed at these fictional characters with their amazing apartments and designer clothes in New York working as freelancers…hahahah! Fake people on T.V are so silly. Then I got a hard dose of reality.

Sarah Palin is out at Fox. They dumped her. The first smart thing Fox has done in decades. Naturally, Smart Politics decided to calculate how much it cost Fox to have Palin. They looked at her three-year contract in which she made one million dollars a year and broke it down with how many words she spoke for the network. We heard 189,221 words from Sarah Palin. She appeared about once a week. That mean she was paid about $15.81 per word spoken. Sarah Palin was paid almost $16.00 per word. I’m sorry…but that airhead with absolutely no credibility as a journalist, politician, or even human being at this point is not worth five cents a word let alone $16.00!

Want to feel even sicker? Palin said,  “You betcha” twice, “Amen” 111 times, “God” 57 times, “Moses” three times, and “Jesus” just once—that’s almost three grand right there. Go back to busting your ass at your nine to five where you pay up to 15% in taxes per pay check and try not to scream over the fact that if you just could’ve been the one chosen to ruin a Presidential campaign –you too could’ve been paid one million dollars a year to be a moron.

*Hannah’s character is entitled and self centered and that’s the point. Lena Dunham wrote this character and is someone who has had her career handed to her on her parents good name so I understand why she wouldn’t know that you actually have to work for things in order to make a lot of money instead of just saying “gimme”.

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The Today Show Chooses Kris Jenner Over 9/11

photo of kris jenner on the today show pictures
The Today Show isn’t a real news program – I want to get that out of the way. The Today Show is a morning talk show that sometimes talks about the news. And to be fair, I can’t think of one morning program in the United States, that is national, that is real news. The real news comes on in the evening. I can’t imagine Brian Williams or Stone Philips dressing up like Paris Hilton for Halloween and trying to deliver the news that way, but Matt Lauer did in 2006. Case in point, you know?

So why would it come as any surprise that on September 11th’s ‘Today’ decided to air Kris Jenner talking about her breast implants instead of cutting away to the moment of silence being held in New York for the commemoration of 9/11 is beyond me. Yes, ‘Today’ is set in New York, yes you can clearly see everyone outside those huge glass windows with their backs turned watching the moment of silence and not Kris Jenner, but again, ‘Today’ doesn’t really cover the news, does it?

When confronted with this snafu, NBC said that they did have a very lengthy interview with a World Trade Center survivor earlier in the program and another segment talking about memories regarding 9/11. That’s all well and good but the moment … the moment when the entire city is taking a moment of silence to honor those people … you talked to Kris Jenner about her boobs.

Even ‘Good Morning America’, who had Jessica Simpson co-hosting, cut away for the moment of silence. There is no excuse for airing the Kris Jenner boob segment instead of the moment of silence. It doesn’t matter how you feel about 9/11 – it is insanely disrespectful and it is a perfect illustration of our culture. Why is a 56-year-old woman, who has done nothing except pimp out her children, on the “morning news” talking about her elective plastic surgery? Why does anyone want to watch that? Why is that “news”?

It’s not news. It’s ridiculous, it’s pathetic, and it is embarrassing. But this is our culture; this is what we want to see. That woman gets paid $40 million dollars to air her family’s dirty laundry and their first-class problems to the world.

In one episode of the Kardashian’s show, the youngest daughters want to be home-schooled because they miss so much school modeling. The next episode, they call their mother after her breast augmentation surgery to ask her to borrow her $4,000 purses while she’s on pain meds because they know they’ll get the answer they want.

We have real problems in this country. We have real issues that are overlooked because of shows like this. “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” had more viewers than the Republican National Convention. In this, an election year, before you start pointing the finger at our leaders, maybe we should take a look at ourselves. This country chooses to watch overweight, (proudly stated) ‘white trash’ instead of the people running for office in this country talk about their plans for the future of the country we live in.

We have no one to blame but ourselves for the mess we’re in. People are so busy getting caught up on Kim Kardashian freezing her eggs, and ‘Married to a Jonas’ that they don’t pay attention to the facts of the world. It’s starting to show. We’re starting to fall apart at the seams. If it’s not poorly-staged drama, we’re not interested. Even this election has turned into a reality competition. Whoever can talk the most trash, point the most fingers, tell the most lies, and look the most glamorous will win. Forget about ‘best man for the job’ – we want a show!

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Just No More Hitler Stuff, OK?

photo of hitler pictures photos
Rajesh Shah is the co-owner of the Hitler boutique in Ahmedabad, India, and if the name wasn’t bad enough, he says he had no idea that the name would be so controversial. And I’m like DUH. Shah says that he and his business partner named the store after a nickname. Apparently, Shah’s business partner’s grandfather was nicknamed Hitler because he was extremely strict. “Hitler was a nickname given to my business partner Manish Chandani’s grandfather because of his strict nature,” claims Shaw. “Frankly, till the time we applied for the trademark permission, I had only heard that Hitler was a strict man. It was only recently that we read about Hitler on the Internet.”

Everyone is going crazy over the fact that Shah is claiming he didn’t know about Hitler but yet used a swastika to dot the “I” in Hitler. Clearly, he knew enough. Also, India assisted the British in World War II so he had to know something, right? People also point to the fact that sales of Mein Kampf are up 15 percent in India. But sales of “Fifty Shades of Grey” skyrocketed here and I still haven’t read it … so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt on that one.

I’m not going to defend this action, but I will say that I have met several people throughout Europe who don’t know about the Holocaust. There’s someone I know of in Switzerland who didn’t know ‘The Sound of Music’ existed simply because that time is wiped from their history.

Dr. Navras Jaat Aafreedi, an Assistant Professor at the Department of History & Civilization at Gautam Buddha University in India says, “Most of the Indians do not even know about the Jews, let alone the Holocaust. Among the section of the Indian population that is aware of the Holocaust, there are many who have fallen into the trap of the Holocaust deniers and have started either doubting it as a whole or just its scale.”

But Aafredi is hopeful: “India is the only country in the world where Jews have lived with their non-Jewish neighbors in complete harmony for more than two millennia. Jews are India’s smallest religious minority and Muslims its biggest, and the two have produced beautiful examples of amity, unlike anywhere else in the world.”

Half of my family is Jewish and there are a lot of other important Jews in my life, so I know how touchy this subject can be. In fact, I had to text someone to make sure I could use the sentence “important Jews in my life” without it being offensive. Hitler is offensive. You can never refer to him in a positive light, in a joking light, in any kind of light. Hitler is dark, he’s a murder, he’s a horrible dictator, and he is a study in how absolute power corrupts absolutely. So let’s just make a rule—no more Hitler. It’s done. His own family refuses to procreate so that his bloodline will die out. There is no excuse or explanation for Hitler, for using Hitler, or trying to rationalize using Hitler in any sense other than saying “Hitler started a war and killed a lot of people. He sucks.” That’s it. That’s the new rule. Who’s with me?

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Idaho Gives Pass to Pharmacist Who Refused to Fill ‘Maybe Abortion’ Prescription

black and white photo of pharmacy cartoon pictures

Some of you guys might have read about this case online when it first came to attention in the press. A pharmacist in Idaho refused an anti-bleeding drug to a woman who had a valid prescription for said drug because she thought the patient might have had an abortion. According to the website RHRealityCheck:

‘According to [the] initial reporting about the story, back in 2010, the pharmacist ‘suspected’ the prescription may have been called in on behalf of a woman who had undergone an abortion. She asked the nurse for what reason she was prescribing the …

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