Why Are We Obsessed With The Female Sex?

Well, it’s been a while. Lately, I’ve been watching the Showtime series “Masters of Sex” in which they follow the lives of William Masters and Virginia Johnson. Masters and Johnson wrote the book on sex. No, really, they did.

But the interesting part is in the show, Masters’ wife, Libby, is a pretty blonde ‘Madonna’ character. They sleep in separate beds, they don’t talk about his sex study, she tries to masturbate in front of him to arouse him and he stops her saying, “I love you too much”. So, he loves her too much to see her as a sexual being but he fantasizes about Johnson who is a sexually progressive woman.

Johnson is a dark haired (cause blonde is good and dark is dirty) woman who is all about telling a man what she wants, casual, easy sex, and she doesn’t blush when she says “penis”. Masters dreams of her but married Libby. It’s the Madonna/Whore played out. Why is a woman’s sexuality such a big deal? Why does it matter if you’re a prude or a slut or somewhere in-between? Women put such a heavy emphasis on this…because men do.

It dates all the way back to biblical times. A woman couldn’t be “ruined”. I’d been dancing around this Madonna/Whore thing since watching this show but haven’t had time to rant about it. It was kicked into overdrive when I read about a Saudi Arabian preacher who raped and tortured his 5-year-old daughter to death and was sentence to 500 lashings, paying some blood money to the mother and 8 years in prison.

He said he did it because he “doubted her virginity”. He doubted a 5 year old’s virginity. Now, I know this is Islam and you could make the argument that women are treated like dirt in Islam…but this isn’t a one-time occurrence. Women are often raped because they’re whores and they probably wanted it. Or because they drank, or wore a short skirt, because our “purity” is called into question so men can do as they please. Women do it to each other. She’s a whore she doesn’t have feelings. Or she’s too pretty to be nice. She’s more comfortable with men…she must’ve slept with all of them. Who cares? Why are we so interested in what women do in their bedrooms?

Sexuality is no one’s business. It’s not a toy for someone to play with. It’s not a measurement for someone’s worth, it’s not even part of someone’s personality. What I do in my bedroom has nothing to do with what I do outside of it. What is this obsession we have with female sex?

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Everyone Needs To Be A Feminist


I asked my friend if she would consider herself a feminist and she said “no”. When I asked “why not” she said “I only want power in my home, and I like when my husband holds the door for me”. There is some strange…thing…that hangs over feminism. It’s this dark cloud that says, “if you say you’re a feminist that means you’re a man hater and don’t like kindness.”
I don’t know why this started…I’m pretty sure it’s a slur campaign by the patriarchy (look I’m man bashing—I must be a feminist). But really, I do think it’s a direct reflection of how men responded to women saying “I want to be treated equally”. They stopped being nice and called it equality. Now, I don’t know about you—but I’ve seen dudes hold doors for other dudes. I’m pretty sure that means you could be a God damn gentleman and hold the door for a lady. Just because I’m equal doesn’t mean I’m not a lady. I’m still a chick; I still get all emotional and swoony when boys do something nice.
The point is, you can be a woman—you can be uber feminine and still be a feminist. I want to hammer this home because it is so important to be a feminist. Men should be feminists too. All of human kind should be able to stand together as equals. And being equal shouldn’t mean there isn’t kindness—it should mean that we are kind—not for any ulterior motive (like getting into some panties) but because that is how human beings should act toward each other by default. That should be our default setting.

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I’m A Human Being

I’ve had a lot of debates recently about rights. Equal rights. Civil rights. Something happened to me during these debates. An epiphany if you will. The problem most people are having when they say things like, “gays shouldn’t get married” or “women should be happy they have jobs and stop complaining” or “slavery ended how many years ago”? Whenever they say really offensive things about a group they are forgetting one thing.


They are forgetting the two things can exist simultaneously. I am not only a woman—I’m also a human being and I can be both of those things at the same time. I should not be treated any differently than anyone else because at the very basis of everything we are all human.


While I was having a discussion I had this epiphany: ‘this person is saying this because he is not viewing a minority as a human being he’s viewing them as a minority” it’s not a human who happens to be gay…its’ a gay. That’s it.


I think I may have solved this problem. If we could all take our heads out of our butts and remember that before we are anything else—we are human. And in being human we have feelings, rights, thoughts, and are owed respect. Let’s try that—just for a little while—and see what happens.

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My Not-so-Internal Debate

I’m Catholic, and yet whenever a random stranger handing out mini-Bibles asks me “When were you saved?” or “Have you found the Lord Jesus?” I have to suppress feelings of disgust. They are spreading God’s word and trying to make the world a better place. Why is that so unappealing to me? I’m sorry, but at a street corner or in my doorway is not the place to bring me to Jesus. At emotional rock bottom, perhaps, but probably not on a Wednesday at 3 PM.

I digress. You can have your religion, whatever it may be, and that is great with me. Keep your religion- and your genitals- out of my face, and we don’t have a problem. Even if that religion happens to already be mine as well.

My real issue is with equal rights. I am a firm believer in equal rights for all, no matter their subset of humanity. The way I see it, what variable that a person is born with could possibly define them in entirety or makes them less of a person than others?

Suppose you feel differently than I do. Suppose you announce this opinion in front of me. Am I obliged to tell you my thoughts and feelings? I certainly want to. I probably am kind of disgusted that you are against a large group of people that you have judged on this one characteristic. That you feel they are condemned to hell and should rightfully have less rights than you. That they are lesser than you.

Still, unless you are being particularly inflammatory, I will say nothing. Everyone gets to have an opinion. If I am against others people pressing their religion on me without my inquiry, then others probably don’t want to hear me pour my heart out about my personal values. I’ll grant you two comments, but at three strikes I will calmly and logically explain why you are wrong. Fair deal. You started it.

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