Colin Farrell Gives Great Advice and Wins My Heart

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I read a book a while ago written by one of Colin Farrell’s exes, and honestly, it was an excellent book. It was more about her than her actual relationship with Colin, but the chapters on him were definitely intense. All of the rumors about Colin Farrell kind of being unhinged? Definitely true. Most likely, anyway. The dude was weird. He wanted to stay locked up in his house for days with her and have no outside contact. He’d call all of the time when he was on location, and then one day, he just stopped. Later that week, she read about how he was expecting a baby with someone else. He’s had a four month marriage and a sex tape with a playmate, and he knocked up another chick on the sly …pretty typical for an actor.

Since that time, Colin has laid low, gone to rehab, had a baby with a disability and quietly made stellar movies. No one ever said he wasn’t talented (Phone Booth omitted). He’s gotten involved in charities and occasionally pops up talking about how his son changed his life.

Now he’s on the cover of Details Magazine giving, what I think, is the best advice I’ve ever heard from a man about a relationship, aside from Ice-T saying “Coco’s happiness trumps everything”, but that’s another article for another day.

In Details, Farrell’s quote is: “If I ever do get involved with somebody again, I will try as much as possible to shut my fucking mouth and stay fucking present. Love in action, man! Not love in fucking words.”

Be still my heart. Love in action, and not in words. Isn’t that what anyone is looking for? Words are so easy. I’m a writer … I know how easy it is to spew BS. I know that words don’t matter unless someone else puts meaning behind them. I can write about activism, but until I’m out holding a sign, it doesn’t matter. It’s the same with love.

You can tell me you love me, but if you don’t act the part…what am I going to believe? Your easy words or your hurtful, dismissive actions? We’re taught this from a very young age—it’s not what you say, it’s what you do.

I often think about people who don’t have the luxury of words. Then I launch into catastrophic thinking, because that is my favorite past time, and I think “What if everyone lost the ability to speak? Something is put in the water supply, or something and we all forget how to talk. Everything else is the same but we can’t speak, kind of like life before cell phones. Would I know you loved me? Would I be able to tell by the way you act, the priorities you have, the choices you make that I was important?”

We’re so technologically driven. If we’re not “official on Facebook” what are we? If I can look at your wall and not see a trace of me, do I even exist?

Be present, be there. Be willing. Shut up. Prove it. That’s all anyone wants, proof that when the music stops you’ll still be there. That when they fall you’re going to catch them, when you’re sitting in a cell they’re bailing you out. It’s easy to say you’ll be there … its showing up that’s hard.

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Women and Men (Men Are Dumb, But They Think Women Are Instead)

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There’s an article about how men are stupid spenders when women are around. And I can attest to this. I can’t count how many times I’ve come home to the newest high tech gadgets (that we don’t need), updates to systems, new toys, dog toys, etc. When he tells me he’s going to Sears or Guitar Center, I know to mentally deduct at least $300 from his bank account.

When we first met, I quickly found out that he never checks his bank balance. Never. He never knows off the top of his head how much money he has. This blew my mind, because I constantly know my bank balance and I even know how to hide money from myself to make sure I never get one of those terrifying “your account balance is low” emails.

According to the article, men spend to get women. The study was done in cities that have a higher male population than female. So men throw their money around as a way to increase their mating efforts. They buy you the designer shoes, they pay for dinner, they buy rounds of drinks and that should make you swoon. Once you’ve swooned you take over the checkbook. Makes sense, right? (Though they then complain about it, but that’s a story for another day.)

My friend Zack put it best. We were discussing how difficult girls can be and he said, “Yeah, but you keep us from living in our own filth, so that’s good.” Then I read this article and I realized he’s right and it proves the bigger picture.

A lot of my guy friends say, “Monogamy isn’t natural” or “relationships aren’t natural”. These are my single guy friends. My married or committed guy friends all say relationships are hard but worth it. I can’t tell you how many of my guy friends turned into thoughtful, productive, successful people because of the woman they ended up with.

I go back to yet another thing Zack told me (he’s single, ladies), “When a girl shines her sunlight on you there’s nothing better in the world.”  Look guys, you can talk all big and bad, you can be tough and heartless, and you can pretend you don’t need anybody but without us … you are all lost. Just admit it already, OK?

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Who Does Liam Hemsworth Think He Is?

Photo of Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus
For someone that is not exactly a Miley Cyrus fan, I seem to find myself defending her more than one would think …

According to a recent report from Fox News, Liam Hemsworth seems to be taking his newfound status as famous for something other than being Cyrus’ boyfriend to heart.  He is, in fact, apparently “embarrassed” by her behavior.

[Hemsworth’s] growing increasingly concerned with some of her racy behavior, according to a new report from Us magazine.

Once a Disney star known for her wholesome image and role on “Hannah Montana,” Cyrus’ style has become increasingly racy and her performances have become quite provocative.

“She’s always out in skimpy outfits and writhing on him,” a source tells the magazine. “Sometimes he looks embarrassed for her.”

The 22-year-old actor also feels like he is in baby-sitting mode hanging out with Cyrus, 19, the source adds.

My opinion on Miley Cyrus is that her talent is minimal at best, her behavior is at times completely irresponsible and inappropriate, and that if her father was a plumber or a milkman, she’d be living out her life on a farm in the Midwest or something.

That being said, though, I have obviously never met Miley Cyrus.  My opinions on her are, to be fair, based solely on her portrayal in the media (and her own stupid Tweets and leaked photos … and, okay, yeah, my second grade daughter likes Hannah Montana).

For someone who allegedly loves her, though, to be allegedly talking smack about her when, let’s be real, his fame is very likely tied directly to Miley Cyrus arm candy status …

Yeah, I know, “a source” is hardly the most reliable thing in the world.  It’s not like Hemsworth himself is publicly stating that Cyrus is an embarrassment, and media scuttlebutt is hardly … well, gospel.

It’s just that, now that he’s making a name for himself as the brooding Gale in The Hunger Games, it’s a logical theory that Miley is becoming increasingly obsolete.

I’m certainly not arguing that Miley Cyrus is more talented than Liam Hemsworth.  What bothers me is the impression that his reportedly looking down on her ridiculous behavior (which, incidently, has been going on for years now) and feeling that he has to always be “looking after her” is … well, newsworthy?

Am I way off here?

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