I Want to Steal This Child

I don’t particularly like cats* or children but Evan, a ten-year-old boy from Philadelphia, has made an impact on me. See, Evan saves his money all year and then donates it to a cat rescue near his home. Evan and his family adopted a cat in 2009 and Evan was moved to help more stray cats, so he saved for months and was able to donate $46.75.  He sent a letter with his donation and went back to saving and the cat rescue posted Evan’s letter and story on their Facebook page. It went viral. Someone matched Evan’s donation, it was retweeted forty-seven times and bloggers linked out to it. Within a few hours City Kitties had received $400.00 thanks to Evan.

Evan was saving his allowance and birthday money so he could make another donation; he also decided to sell figs from his family tree. He was able to donate $97.00 that year and met a very special cat named Calvin. City Kitties was so impressed and grateful to Evan that they decided to surprise him. They told Evan’s parents to tell him that Calvin was being adopted and he should come say goodbye to him. When Evan arrived he asked if Calvin was going to a home nearby so he could still visit, the rescue showed Calvin’s new address to Evan and watched as he squealed with delight that it was his home. City Kitties was giving Calvin to Evan!

That must’ve lit a fire under Evan because in 2012 he was able to donate $110.00 to City Kitties and his parents matched his donation so Evan gave $220.00 dollars to a cat rescue. Altogether Evan donated $363.75 and was the inspiration for $400.00 in donations. What ten-year-old boy would selflessly give up an allowance for nothing in return? What ten-year-old boy signs a letter “fondly”? Evan is an amazing little boy and is destined to do wonderful things.

*I’m not going to choose a cat over another domestic animal unless it is a jungle cat and then, duh.

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Pay Your Taxes, or We’re Killing Your Dog

photo of a yellow centipede pictures

As I’m sure many of you have gathered, I am an animal lover. I don’t eat them, I own a pile of them, and I like most of them better than people. Except centipedes. Those need to stay the hell away from me (and even then, when I come across one of them in the house, I put a cup on it, and then get my partner to take them outside. I figure it’s not fair to kill something just because it’s horrifying ugly. Unless it tries to get in my mouth. Then it’s game on).

I have 3 animals licensed with the City of Toronto- a process which required me to send in a whopping $55 (that’s sarcasm- $55 is less than it costs me to register my car with the City for a year). For licensing my pets, I get a metal tag displaying a registration number and the  phone number of Toronto’s Animal Services department, so should one of my animals go missing they can be returned to me. The fee goes directly towards the cost of running Toronto’s public animal shelters.

Now, like most government instituted fees, the licensing fee is not optional. Pet owners caught without a licensed pet can be given a $240 ticket, and can be fined up to $5,000 in court (although I have never spoken to anyone who has been given a ticket for having an unlicensed pet, and I come across a fair amount of dog owners in out local dog park who have dogs that aren’t wearing their licensing tag). When this required licensing fee was introduced, the City hired a bunch of high school kids and sent them around knocking on doors and looking in windows for signs of pets, asking residents to get their pets licensed. Of course people were none …

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Cat Ladies Everywhere Rejoice!

photo of crazy cat lady pictures

USA Today has featured an article explaining the reasons why cats are good for stress levels, general health, and happiness.

And not just because of this. Or this. Or even this.

Journalist Janice Lloyd reports:

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