Can We Get Rid of Fox News Already?

I think we can all agree that Fox News is not actually a news station. They do not tell fair or unbalanced facts they spew propaganda. They are agenda pushers. I know this, and so whenever I see that Fox News has done something stupid (like telling a man with multiple PhD’s in theology and 20 years experience in religious studies that he is not qualified to write a book about Jesus because he is Muslim) I just shake my head.


But this was pretty ridiculous. Bradley Manning has stated that he is transgender.  He would like to be referred to as Chelsea and receive treatment for gender reassignment. Now, I have no idea if this is true or if this is a ploy for appeal it very well could be either, but I am reserving judgment because I don’t know Fox News, however, is not.


Fox decided to use the Aerosmith song ‘Dude Looks Like A Lady’ as background music for Chelsea Manning’s story. They also continued to refer to her as “he”. This isn’t the first time that Fox has taken a swing at transgender issues—earlier they used a photo of Mrs. Doubtfire to illustrate a story on transgender health coverage.


And we call this news? We allow them to call themselves a “news network” with “journalists” at the helm? Shame on them, and shame on us. They deserve to be off the air and fined for this behavior. If you cannot have a balanced opinion you should not be allowed to go on a news program.

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Fake Chest

Women have been buying padded bras, push up bras, butt enhancers, spanx, makeup, slimming this, covering that products since the beginning of time. I bet cavewomen wrapped their animal skin in just the right way to enhance that ass.


Men, on the other hand, just kind of throw on a jeans and a T-shirt and they’re good to go. Remember the trucker hat phase? Remember when men would wear those god-awful hats and we were supposed to find that attractive?


Take a step back and look at what passes for fashion for men. You don’t have to be any size or shape. Even an overweight midget can look good if a suit is tailored right. My point is, men never have to try. But maybe I’m wrong….I found this while browsing the interwebs.

This is a fake torso. It’s got a nicely defined chest and six pack abs and you just strap it on and you’re good to go. No time for the gym? No worries. Love pasta? Have a another bowl! You can just strap this little bad boy on the next time your cruising ladies at the bar.


Who would buy this? Who sat down, wrote this idea on a piece of paper, and then took this to a company where men in suits said, “YES! Do it! Make this product!” No one is buying this right?


Well, if they are I guess we can find joy in the fact that now men will be embarrassed when they take off their shirt and their body isn’t want they pretend it was.

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K.A + W.C

I am re-watching all of ‘The Wonder Years’. In Season 1 I was totally destroyed by Kevin and Winnie. They were so sweet and in love and that carried on into Season 2. I loved when they would hold hands and talk about how they’d be together forever. But something happens in Season 3. Winnie becomes…kind of….a bitch.


No, seriously, hear me out here. Once Winnie transfers schools she changes. She tells Kevin she’ll be with him at the field trip and spends the whole time ignoring him only to tell him she’s met someone else. That’s fine—they’re young you meet other people. But then she keeps showing up with this new guy around Kevin. It’s just not cool. Not at that age. Kevin is mature—but not mature enough to handle that.


My point is I’m at the end of Season 4 and Winnie has done nothing but use poor little Kevin. He tries. He tries really hard for a 15-year-old boy. He’s thoughtful, he’s considerate, and he worries about her. He spends his last nine dollars on a ring for her. He turned down Madeline for her. Look, what I’m trying to say is Kevin Arnold is a little too good for Winnie Cooper.


I’m re-watching ‘The Wonder Years’ because I’ve been having a huge attack of nostalgia lately. I just want to be young and living at my parent’s house with my biggest worry being mid-terms. But I’m all grown up and re-watching a show I loved when I was only worried about mid-terms is completely different. When I watched ‘The Wonder Years’ the first time…every week…sitting on blue carpet at home this was the greatest love story—I wanted to be Winnie Cooper. Now, I realize that I kind of am.


Winnie Cooper embodies every young girl. We are selfish and outta control (remember that episode when Winnie is out of control? She gets in that car accident and Kevin waits outside her house all night? That was so good. They play “We’ve Got Tonight” and I cry every time. That’s when they say ‘I love you’ for the first time. HE LOVED HER THROUGH A BROKEN LEG!) and we are just trying to measure up to all the expectations people put on us. We really just want someone to see us. Basically, we’re all looking for our Kevin Arnold.

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You Better Twerk?

Can someone please explain “twerking” to me? I’ve seen it uses as in, “I twerk a 9-5”and “gurl, you better twerk”, and naturally I’ve seen Miley Cyrus “twerk”. So is it a job? Is it a state of mind? Is it a dance move? I’ll tell you what it’s not–it’s not a word. Guys, twerk is not a word.

Which dance move is it? Because when Miley does it—it’s just a booty pop—girls have been poppin it for years. You can’t just name it something else. Then there was a video of Selena Gomez and it was title “Selena Gomez Twerks” but she was just gyrating…and poorly.

What is a twerking? I’m so confused. Moreover I’m confused about why we would want to do it at all…why is this a thing? It’s 2013 can we be done with dance crazes? Personally, I think we should’ve been done after the Charleston—you cannot top a good Charleston, twerking does not come close.

In short—be my Google, readers—tell me what the F is a twerk?

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