Is It Sexist To Be Especially Bothered By Female Jihadists?

Photo of Female Jihadists in Court

Fact: terrorists scare the hell out of me.

I do not understand the drive to slaughter other human beings in the name of a holy war.  As far as I’m concerned, mass murder seems to contradict the tenets of love, forgiveness, and making an effort to do good for others that I learned in ten years of CCD.

Of course, I’ve read the Bible extensively since then and have studied other religions, learning to my grief and eventual cynicism that there’s an unfortunate correlation between organized religion and violence.  From the Crusades to the Israeli-Palestinian mess to 9/11 and everywhere in between, shedding the blood of the innocent as a necessary by-product of God’s glory has been a recurring theme.

Even with that knowledge, however, it’s still possible to be taken by surprise at the ingenuity—and truly depraved nature—of terrorists.

Especially when they’re women.

I know that sounds sexist, that extremist women are just as likely to exist as extremist …

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Taliban Claims First Female Suicide Bomber

Photo of a Female Militant
I can think of very few instances where women moving up the proverbial ranks could be construed as a bad thing.  The inclusion of a female suicide bomber in a recent Pakistani Taliban attack would be one of those times.

A “husband and wife suicide squad” were set loose on a Pakistan police station, resulting in the deaths of ten people.

Evidently the Taliban, infamous for their anti-woman mentality, figured that the presence of a female would allay possible suspicions.  Tragically, they were right.

From Fox News:

The pair entered the police station in Kolachi on Saturday and said they were there to lodge a complaint, said Imtiaz Shah, a senior police official. Once inside, the two attacked with grenades and machine guns, triggering a five-hour standoff with police.

Both attackers, including the woman wearing an all-covering robe known as a burqa, eventually blew themselves up. They killed eight police officers and two civilians, said …

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Republican State Representative Called Obama a Liar … Or Didn’t … Or Something

Picture of Osama bin Laden with Doubter Lynne Blankenbeker

The recent death of Osama bin Laden has dredged up strong feelings in people all over the world. Whether you feel relief that the mastermind behind 9/11 has been removed from the face of the earth, are actively celebrating the death of a fellow human being, or if you are perhaps disturbed by missing evidence of a respectful Islamic burial, the Al Qaeda leader’s demise has been more than a blip on the radar screen for most of us.

Like many people, September 11, 2001 was one of the worst days of my life. I’d spent my life prior to that day aware that there was evil in the world but confident in the knowledge that it was far away and wouldn’t impact me directly.

Of course, I was wrong on that count. Dead wrong.

I personally felt relief at the news of bin Laden’s death, but ….

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Wheelchair-Bound Passenger Faces Down TSA–in Bra and Panties

Photo of Tammy Banovac in Bra and Panties at Airport
There is increasing frustration with TSA patdowns and body screenings that have been deemed necessary for the times in which we live. Some are canceling plans involving air travel over this, others do their best to grin and bare it, and …

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