Prostitution and Technology: Does One Directly Affect Another?

photo of prostitute leaning into a car pictures released an interesting article on modern technology’s affect on prostitutes in New York City. The article discussed the move of prostitution from the streets to an ‘indoor’ business model, where pimps are becoming less prevalent, and agencies and self starters are more common.

The author, Sudhir Venkatesh, explains further:

The economies of big cities have been reshaped by a demand for high-end entertainment, cuisine, and “wellness” goods. In the process, “dating,” “massage,” “escort,” and “dancing” have replaced hustling and streetwalking. A luxury brand has been born.

These changes have made sex for hire more expensive. But luxe pricing has in turn helped make prostitution, well… somewhat respectable. Whereas men once looked for a secretive tryst, now they seek a mistress with no strings attached, a “girlfriend experience,” and they are willing to pay top dollar for it.

As men with higher incomes and …

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Do You Need a Tech Detox?

photo of tech overload detox pictures photographs

This article originally caught my eye because my partner and I are in the middle of a detox (no alcohol, no caffeine, no sugar, no junk food for 2 weeks…it’s been awful. The three pounds I’ve lost is in no way worth it. Come Friday, I am going to drink 3 bottles of wine and eat at least a whole cake). However, I think this sort of detox might be more useful to me than the one I’m currently on.

The Wall Street Journal has done a piece on the potential benefits of a technology cleanse: removing anything with a screen from your home life for a set period of time.

From the article:

Some therapists prescribe tech cleanses for clients. Sharon Gilchrest O’Neill, a Mount Kisco, N.Y., marriage and family therapist, says technology is a distraction from family—and hard to resist because …

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In the Future, We Will Be Able to Diagnose Ourselves With STIs on Our Cell Phones

photos of cell phones pictures blackberries

Hmm. Interesting.

I’m always wary of stuff like this, but this sounds like it could be promising.

Apparently, doctors and technology experts are working to develop small devices that will be able to home-diagnose a number of STIs. They will be similar to pregnancy testing kits in that an individual will put …

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Should Public Schools Be Teaching Life Skills, Empathy, and (Gulp) Morals?

Photo of Kids Participating in Teambuilding Activities
Tennessee’s Carter Middle School is taking curriculum-changing steps to address the needs of its students—and we’re not talking reading, writing, and arithmetic. Nope, this school has identified a disconcerting lack of empathy in its students and is intentionally tackling this in the classroom.

From Knox News:

‘We knew that our kids were missing something,’ said assistant principal Katye Clemmons. ‘When we would talk to them, it didn’t matter if they were high or low-achieving students, or came from a broken home or a great home, there was just something missing.’

The missing piece became evident when Clemmons, Principal Michael Derrick, guidance counselor Tracy Cagle, school counselor Lori Miller, and teachers Jessica Smith, Chris Smith and Nathan Hone attended a Positive Behavior Conference in Nashville last spring.

‘When they started talking about Why Try, we just looked at each other and thought, ‘This is it!’ Why Try gives you a language, it has pictures that goes with it, it’s very kid-friendly, and every kid in the spectrum can relate to it in some way.’

Apathy is an increasing problem in a generation of kids that get instant gratification (or dire consequences, which is an interesting gamut when you think about it) on the computer screen or through possession of the latest cell phone. If you have been provided with the finer things—because this is, after all, the rat race that American children and their parents …

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