Alisyn Camerota Opens Up About Infertility Struggle

Photo of Alisyn Camerota

All right, confession time: I hate the women on Fox News.  They are virtually all these blonde Barbie-like things with minimal journalistic skill who have become talking heads based purely on their looks.  But once in awhile, one of them takes the time to humanize herself.

Alisyn Camerota was apparently up.

By going public with her infertility struggles, Camerota has automatically shared camaraderie with many women … and is giving hope through her eventual success at having children.

From AOL Health:

[Camerota] began fertility treatments, which would last for another two-and-a-half years. Nothing worked. As desperate as …

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Demi Lovato, a Young Television and Music Star, Checks Herself Into a Facility For Emotional Treatment

photo of demi lovato with her new puppy disney stars pictures

Demi Lovato, if you’re unfamiliar with her, is a Disney star who is famous for the Camp Rock movies (pathetic guilty pleasure of mine, I will freely admit), her fabulous singing voice, and touring with the Jonas Brothers (whom she starred alongside in the aforementioned movies – that was the part I didn’t like so much).

Lovato, however, is not just another pretty face full of self-centered celebrity vapidness – she has publicly battled what she refers to as a crippling problem with her self-esteem. The young star, who was a rumored cutter two years ago and had questionable photos published that did nothing to quash the rumors, has long been an advocate for the anti-bullying cause, stating that she was so viciously bullied in middle school that she withdrew from her classes and took the opportunity to be home-schooled. Demi claimed that her peers would make fun of her and mock her for every reason under the sun, ranging from her physical looks (evidently Demi had gapped teeth when she was younger, oh noes), to her quiet, studious personality, and even including her educational interests and pursuits.

Demi Lovato, eighteen now, has decided that because of these issues …

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Marriage Counselling ‘Convinces Couples Their Relationship Is Over’

A new government study in the UK has suggested that marriage counselling can do more harm than good, as it makes couples feel like they have failed and that their relationship is already over.

Most people would rather have a happy relationship and, if they do experience problems, try to resolve the issues privately between themselves or with the help of close friends or family. But the new report, conducted by the Department for Education, suggests that if couples do resort to professional help then this is ‘intrinsically linked with feelings of failure and defeat.’ The study also found that seeking professional help made individuals feel weak and that by the time a couple decided to attend relationship counselling both parties often thought it was too late to repair their relationship.

The report said that:

‘Many of the participants felt that a couple should be able to deal with their relationship problems privately – without having to rely on external relationship support. Support from friends and family was considered more acceptable. A few of the participants suggested that if a couple required formal or professional relationship support to solve a relationship difficult, then the relationship was not worth saving and unlikely to be successful. Most [of the participants] reported that they would not use a relationship counselling service.’

The report, titles ‘Relationship …

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The Latest Epidemic: Women Who Are Addicted to Pornography

We’ve heard plenty from men who claim that they have “sexual compulsion” and men who are addicted to pornography, but those stories often left women out of the loop. Yet however, despite its lack of coverage, women apparently aren’t any more exempt from compulsive behavior — like excessive porn viewing — than men are.

A church support group in Kansas claims their aim is to rehabilitate women who are addicted to pornography and have created a peer network of other women who are afflicted by this “disease.” The Westside Family Church organized their group in order to bring awareness to how pornography and sexual compulsion affects women. They currently have a following large enough to hold weekly meetings and call themselves the Victory Over Porn Addiction Group. The leader, Crystal Renaud, states that it’s long overdue in a religion where women are not “intended” to be sexual beings to be able to discuss very real, very sexual topics in a non-threatening environment. Renaud states that she created the group with her own former addiction in mind:

“At school I wanted to go home and look at it more. Then I went online. I’d stay late at the library to look at it. Eventually I got into masturbation, phone sex, cybersex … That was my life for eight years.”

Renaud claims that she was lucky enough to find support in order to help put a stop to her compulsion.

One of the women in the group, a girl who goes by the alias “Michele L. H.,” states that the group has helped her create and maintain a healthy level of intimacy in the sexual aspect of her marriage. Michele states that she was sexually abused at a young age and exposed to pornography. She claims that the exposure desensitized her to a “normal” sexual appetite and stated that she couldn’t achieve orgasm or even arousal without incorporating pornography into her and her husband’s shared sex life. Michele states that she’s “learning the correct way of intimacy and bonds.” She also claims that her basis of this education is to “learn[ing] what your spouse wants, his needs.” Michele states that the crux of her fight against temptation stems from the desire to masturbate.

Renaud states that many women in the group are taking part in its events because they are afraid that they’ll marry a man someday and fear that he won’t be able to please them like they please themselves. ( … And I subsequently ask myself, “Is that really such a bad thing?”)

According to the women who participated in the interview, it appears that most of them suffered an addiction to porn-watching or masturbation — not sexual compulsion on a Tiger- or David Duchovny-like scale where they were headed out to bed every breathing male in a fifteen-mile radius.

While I think that sexual compulsion is just as “real” for women as it is for men (yet I do have my questions on the validity of a “sexual” compulsion; I think there’s compulsive behavior, sex being merely one aspect of it), none of these women are admitting to any wrongdoing. What’s so wrong with masturbation? Why do these women feel that the focus of their sexual experiences has to revolved around their male counterparts satisfaction? Why in God’s name would they put their husband’s sexual needs ahead of their own, for the sake of a little ego-stroking?

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