We’re Still Trying To Ban Books?

One of the greatest books I have ever read is “The Diary of Anne Frank”. That book wrecks me. I have nothing but the utmost respect for Anne Frank. When Justin Bieber went to The Anne Frank house and wrote:Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber.” I wanted to rip him apart (more than I normally do). Then the pictures of him shadow boxing and wearing a hoodie and sunglasses in her house surfaced and I wanted him to be waterboarded and tortured.

That’s how much this girl and that book means to me. It means that much to a lot of people. That book is an inside look at the torture that someone experienced during one of the darkest times in our world’s history and it’s told with the purity of a child.

Gail Horalek of Northville, Michigan has declared war on this piece of history. Horalek wants the book banned. ”The problem is the school is giving the seventh graders inappropriate material and not explaining it to the parents.”

Horalek is talking about the unedited definitive edition of the book. At first Horalek said she thought it was “awesome” that her daughter was doing a school project on the book until her daughter told her the  ”graphic passages” were making her “uncomfortable.” Firstly, no 12-year-old is going to use the phrase “graphic passages” and I highly doubt she’d say “uncomfortable”.

This is the passage the mother is objecting to:

“Until I was eleven or twelve, I didn’t realize there was a second set of labia on the inside, since you couldn’t see them. What’s even funnier is that I thought urine came out of the clitoris…When you’re standing up, all you see from the front is hair. Between your legs there are two soft, cushiony things, also covered with hair, which press together when you’re standing, so you can’t see what’s inside. They separate when you sit down and they’re very red and quite fleshy on the inside. In the upper part, between the outer labia, there’s a fold of skin that, on second thought, looks like a kind of blister. That’s the clitoris.”

She is objecting to a 12-year-old reading the word labia, clitoris, and vagina. I do believe I had to watch a “changing bodies” video when I was ten. I knew all of that language earlier than that….you know why? Cause I have a vagina and I explored it like an other young girl. That’s right–girl’s play with their vagina’s. I guarentee that this girl has touched her vagina and is well aware of the two sets of lips, the and the location of the clitoris. I’m sure some of her friends have even had sex or given head at that age. When I was in middle school in MICHIGAN in the mid 90′s two girls age 11 and 12 were pregnant.

Sorry, mom you can’t save your little girl from knowing about her vagina. You also can’t burn books. I thought we got over banning and burning books. I thought we evolved passed that. But I guess Michigan, the state I grew up in, is a little behind in the times.

Horalek is demanding that the school go back to teaching from the older, edited version of the book that doesn’t include the uncomfortable passages. You know what else is really uncomfortable? The fact that a young girl had to hide in her attic to try and escape being murdered for her religion. Know what else is uncomfortable? The way the book abruptly ends because she was found and sent to a concentration camp where she died along with 6 million others.That’s really uncomfortable.

Maybe we should worry about things that are really hurting our children.

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Picture Perfect Romance

I’ve discussed my new distaste for Johnny Depp but I would be lying if I said I didn’t find his and Wynonna Ryder’s relationship romantic. It just was. It was back in the 90’s and they were the hipster couple before hipster couples were cool.

The reason I’m even talking about this is The National Enquierer released a laughable story about how Ryder is trying win back Depp. They say that Depp’s new squeeze, Amber Heard, wants him to go public with their relationship but that Depp doesn’t want to (because what 40-something-year-old-man doesn’t want the world knowing he’s with a 20-something-year-old model?). So, Heard is heading back to the arms of her ex-lesbian lover and Ryder is going to steal Depp.

Nonsense. Utter nonsense. But still…it got me thinking about Johnny Depp’s loves. He’s always rushed into being engaged and his only real long term relationship was with Vanessa Paradis but I think his relationships are some of the most romantic I’ve seen—mainly because I’ve seen them. Depp has a thing about being photographed with his ladies and the pictures always look like something out of Wuthering Heights. This new enquirer story gave me an excuse to walk down Johnny Depp relationship photo lane. Here are some of my favorites:

Johnny and Wynonna–stop it. Look at that. Just look at it. On the left we have romantic passion on the right adorable cuteness. You can’t have both! You can’t have all things! Your relationship ends.

I mean, the man knows how to lay with a woman and who holds a head like that? When you’re just having a conversation who cups the back of someone’s head? Who? No one. Stop faking life Johnny Depp.


This is by far my favorite Depp relationship picture. If you Google Depp and Paradis you get a million candid shots of them hugging and kissing. But this shot–to me–embodies all that is romantic. Then I remember that he cheated on this woman, who is the mother of his two children, for a 20-something-year-old-model.

Nothing is picture perfect.

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Farrah Abraham, Please Go Away.

There is no shortage of bad role models out there for women but I have to say I think the “women” of Teen Mom should be…well should be out of my daily news feed. I can’t believe we celebrate and pay teen mothers for horrible decisions. They should be cautionary tales not ratings!

The worst offender of this is Farrah Abraham, that’s her holding hands with James Deen. I don’t watch the show but a good friend does and from what I can gather of seeing Farrah in my daily news…she’s a wreck. I know she’s not a good mother, I know she spent her money on plastic surgery; I know she tried waxing her three-year-old’s eyebrows and the latest is she’s done porn.

I don’t give a rats butt about porn, if this woman wants to be a porn star that’s her business. I know plenty of people who work in that industry and not all of them are Jenna Jameson addicts with rage issues. Some are quite well balanced and good parents.

Anyway, Farrah does an X-rated film with the top porn star of the day: James Deen. I’ve written about Deen before and I’ve watched his films. Turns out he’s a super sweet guy, comes from a good family, and doesn’t get caught up in drama (see the wonderful Canyons expose in the NYTimes). So, Farrah does this porn and doesn’t want to talk about it unless you’re willing to buy it for two million dollars (my-my-my don’t we think highly of ourselves). But Deen doesn’t care so he tells TMZ that yeah, they made porn and she’s a sweet girl.

Like the class act she is Farrah pins it all on him saying, “I don’t have good things to say about him so I don’t think I should talk about it.” “He was being disrespectful to a woman and I think things have gone to his head and he wasn’t getting any attention. So he should get out of the public eye because he’s not a good person” (this was said because he called her out on making a porn for attention and let the cat out of the bag that they had sex on tape).  “He’s a user”. Oh…he’s a user? Riiiiight. “I just want my privacy back.” Which is why she made a sex tape… “I don’t need to talk negatively about someone because I don’t have anything nice to say. He should really get out of the porn industry because things have gone to his head, he does not respect women….his penis is small.” So, you don’t need to talk negatively—but you will and then you’ll say his has a small dick. You’re saying a porn star…the leading porn star in the industry—in your opinion has a small penis…gurl….go home.

When asked if she liked the tape she said “I personally hired people to do that, it’s like a wedding video. You expect your video to be good not bad”. WTF?!?!? She goes on to say how shocked she is that he was unprofessional by admitting they made a porn. At this point her mother jumps in saying that he, Deen, was trying to exploit and disgrace their whole family, this from the woman whose daughter is the star of two seasons of Teen Mom. She also doesn’t think Farrah knew they were making a video….even though her daughter just said she hired people to make a video.

These people…you know it’s a pretty sad day when the porn star is the classiest person in your triangle. To keep things classy Farrah posted this video of her showing how she uses a breathalyzer to start her car…classy.

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Have you heard of “Hollaback”? Not “Hollaback Girl” that awful Gwen Stefani song…but Hollaback! Organization? I hadn’t either…but damn, are they awesome. They aim to “take action against street harassment: don’t just walk on…Hollaback!”
According to their website: “The real motive of street harassment is intimidation. To make its target scared or uncomfortable, and to make the harasser feel powerful. But what if there was a simple way to take that power away by exposing it? You can now use your smartphone to do just that by documenting, mapping, and sharing incidents of street harassment. Join an entire community ready to Hollaback!”
Their mission is to: “end street harassment powered by a network of local activists around the world. We work together to better understand street harassment, to ignite public conversations, and to develop innovative strategies to ensure equal access to public spaces.”
To do this they take out ad campaigns on sidewalks, subways, street corners and it’s so cool. The ads say things like “Nice A** Is Not A Compliment”, “If You See It Happen, Have Her Back”, and “Hey Sexy Is Not A Compliment”.
I love this so hard. Really, I cannot count the number of times I’ve said into my cell phone, “Oh no oh no I don’t want to walk by these guys” or “Ugh, sorry some guys were making cat calls”. It doesn’t make me feel good it makes me feel vulnerable, distracted, and gross. I just want to walk to my destination without having to cower from booming voices whistling or saying, “Hey baby”. It’s a form of intimidation and it’s a form of subversion. I’m glad someone is taking a stand. Holla!

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