Chris Brown is a Horrible Person, Exhibit #1,249

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I thought I was done writing about Chris Brown, but now I’m a resigned to the fact that I will never be done writing about Chris Brown. Sometimes I think he’s not even human; it’s like he just doesn’t qualify. Let’s do a quick recap of Chris Brown’s offenses thus far in no particular order:

• He beat the hell out of Rihanna
• Responded to people being upset that he was performing at the Grammy’s by saying, “”HATE ALL YOU WANT BECUZ I GOT A GRAMMY Now! That’s the ultimate F-CK OFF!”
• Began using the pickup line, “Can I get your number? I promise I won’t beat you.”
• He snatched a girls cell phone and said, “Bitch, you not gonna put this up on no website,” before driving off with the phone. E.g., he robbed a fan.
• After being asked about his domestic violence case on Good Morning America, he stormed off the stage and broke the window in his dressing room. Because he was MAD.
• Went on a homophobic Twitter rant.

This is just off the top of my head. That’s six completely disgusting things that took place. Admits all these things taking place he got 11.6 million of Twitter followers, Grammys and anyone that stood up to him or spoke out about what a gross person he is was forced to publicly apologize (see Usher for reference). Now, he’s at it again. Chris Brown tweeted, “I look old as f-ck! I’m only 23.” Comedy writer Jenny Johnson replied at him, “@chrisbrown I know. Being a worthless piece of shit can really age a person.”

Now, she is a comedy writer who wrote something funny to a 23-year-old man who beats on women, makes no apologies and thinks he did nothing wrong. He responded with, @JennyJohnsonHi5 Take them teeth out when u Sucking my d-ck HOE. (Classy, classy dude.) That prompted Johnson to say, @chrisbrown It’s ‘HO’ not ‘HOE’ you ignorant f-ck. (Totally accurate, he misspelled “ho” and he is an ignorant f-ck. It may not be his fault that he’s an ignorant f-ck. But he is.)

The feud went on with Chris Brown saying that he should fart on Johnson while she’s “giving him top,” and after that, she called him a flirt. He said he should shit on her. She said his mother must be proud and posted a picture of Rihanna’s beat-up face. Before canceling his Twitter account Brown replied with this gem of a tweet, “Just ask Rihanna if she mad??????”

I feel sick for so many reasons, one being Rihanna isn’t mad. In fact she recently posted a picture of a shirtless Brown, pants sagging in her bed moments after tweeted a topless picture of herself. My main reason for feeling sick over this is “Team Breezy.” When Brown deleted his Twitter his fans, “Team Breezy” went into high gear.

Here’s a few choice Tweets from “Team Breezy”:

@NellyBreezy: Do u wanna know what im gonna do now ? Im gonna kill that Jenny Johnson for making Chris delete his twitter

@NinaBreezy16: @ jennyjohnsonhi5 whore bitch. if chris kill you i will have more respect of him ..

@Trigga_breezy: @JennyJohnsonHi5 Stfu bitch honestly, i wanna sit on your face and stab 1235 needles in your eyeball, you son of a motherless goat. #bushpig

@_Haineko_: super mad right now if i see that jenny johnson i’ll stab her to death.

@LizzieLovesFood: @ jennyjohnsonhi5 who the f-ck are you? what the f-ck did you do with Chris Brown? GIIIIRL, I HOPE YOU KNOW.. I WILL KILL YOU.

@ItzBREEZY_ygm: @ jennyjohnsonhi5 thanks to you!!! Chris has deleted his twitter!!!! I can f-ckin kill you

@ASWNCUK: @JennyJohnsonHi5 come on Breezy !!! let’s kill this bitch out !! #Breezywantsthisbitchdead

@230Olianis: @JennyJohnsonHi5 I will kill to jenny johnson hateeeeeeee

@SmileCBrown: @JennyJohnsonHi5 Bitch please shut up,i want kill you! you don’t know nothing about Chris Brown and you are a piece of shit to #TeamBreezy

@shanicepaige: If he don’t ever come back to twitter I’ma hunt @ jennyjohnsonhi5 down and kill her :)

@TheChrisGoins: @JennyJohnsonHi5 kill yourself bitch! #EATAD-CK!!!!!

@YoungWhiteNigga: @JennyJohnsonHi5 I would not wish anyone death but I hope you die.

@GirlsDemSugar_: WHO DF is Jenny Johnson . I’ll kill you


Now, the fact that all these people are coming to the defense of Chris Brown isn’t nearly as bad as them emulating his behavior. Telling someone you’re going to kill and rape them because a 23-year-old man who beats women left Twitter is … there’s not even a name for it. It’s repulsive and now? Well, I’ve lost all hope in humanity. Can people really not see themselves? Is there so little self-awareness in the world that this kind of behavior happens? Does hiding behind 140 characters and a stupid avatar really give you the right to talk to another human being that way?

Chris Brown is a plague. He’s a f-cking epidemic. He is everything that is currently wrong with the world. He needs to be stopped, all of this needs to be stop. This shouldn’t be allowed! Consequences! There needs to be consequences for actions. It’s so easy to fly off the handle and break windows, beat your girl, rob your fans, and not feel sorry about it when 11.6 million people tell you how f-cking great you are. Has the world gone mad?!!?

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Okay, gotta tell you, love this song.  I bought Eminem’s CD (the first CD I’ve bought in eons … damn, when did they get so expensive?) because my iTunes account is all frigged up, and “Love the Way You Lie” was a major reason.  Not the only reason (I love Marshall Mathers Slim Shady Eminem), but a big one.

Domestic abuse is a serious problem, and one that both Eminem and Rihanna unfortunately have experience with.  They are not posers spouting off on a topic to make themselves sound tough.  It’s really kind of heartbreaking, if you think about it.

Anyway, I see this song (check out the lyrics here) as an opportunity to have a conversation about the violence that occurs in relationships … and especially the potential tragic consequences.

Rihanna recently …

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Of 36 Lilith Fair tour dates, 13 have already been canceled, and the festival has been on the receiving end of relentless criticism from both music blogs and the mainstream press. McLachlan says she’s tired of the attacks.

McLachlan says that for her, Lilith Fair is about community. For the one and a half million mostly female fans who attended the original, the festival offered a radically different musical experience from what was available at the time. It helped open up the field for female performers and raised $10 million for charity. A decade later, the current clamor threatens to drown out serious discussions about Lilith’s woman-centered vision and its relevance for women in music today.

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When in Rome: Cultural “Eccentricities” Disallow Celebs Showing Skin, Rihanna Frazzled For Upcoming Tour Stop

rihanna-to-dress-conservatively-for-new-years'-concert-in-abu-dhabiThis New Years’ Eve, Rihanna will be performing in Abu Dhabi for the once-a-year celebration.

Although many of her costume selections in the past have been questionable awesome, officials in Abu Dhabi state that she will have to dress more conservatively or run the risk of being banned from the country.   Rihanna is said to be bringing in just about a half-a-mil for this show alone, so I highly doubt that she’ll be anything but respectful of the country’s wishes.  Although it’s said that Rihanna and her crew are “frantically” rearranging the costume design to suit a more conservative lifestyle, sources state that they are optimistic that suitable replacements will be found and have no problem in doing so.

I am quite interested to see, though: what in God’s name will she end up wearing?  Rihanna is notorious for her outlandish getups, on and off the stage.  Does everyone remember this outfit?

Despite the large sum of money Rihanna and her camp will receive for the Abu Dhabi show this New Years’ Eve, I think it’s pretty cool that she’s willing to go along with their cultural standards … even if she doesn’t truly identify with them.

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