It’s Not An Affair…It’s Love

The title of this piece is the worst excuse I’ve ever heard for being selfish. “It’s not an affair, we’re in love”, no you’re just unable to control your biological urges you’re no better than an animal, apologize for setting back our evolution. I

Saying this is just another way of saying “I’m sorry, but it’s not my fault”. That’s not a real apology…and neither is this nonsense that Rielle Hunter, ex-mistress of John Edwards, is touting as a public apology. Hunter wrote a piece for Huffington Post saying:

“I am very sorry for my wrong, selfish behavior. Back in 2006, I did not think about the scope of my actions, how my falling in love with John Edwards, and acting on that love, could hurt so many people. I hurt Elizabeth and her kids. I hurt her family. I hurt John’s family. I hurt people that knew Elizabeth. I hurt people who didn’t know Elizabeth but loved her from afar. I hurt people who gave their hard earned dollars to a campaign — a cause they believed in. I hurt people who are married and believe in marriage.”

So, it was love that she was acting on? Not lust? Not attraction? Not greed? Cause I’m pretty sure she made a pretty penny off of this affair. She wrote a book…and oh, by the way this apology came while promoting said book.

“I fell in love with John Edwards and wanted to be with him and that desire trumped everything else. And then instead of apologizing when I should have, I went on to hurt more people by writing a book,”

She forgot to add, “and continue to hurt her surviving friends and family by putting a death grip on my 15 minutes of fame. “One of my favorite quotes is this one:

“My publisher came up with the idea of me going through my book and annotating all of my regrets and mistakes,”

Maybe that’s because your book is selling for $1.77 on Amazon and they needed another PR scheme.

This woman is selfish and disgusting. I’m so sick of people who have affairs claiming it was “love” no it was your hormones and if 13-year-old kids are expected to control them than so should middle aged adults.

Take some responsibility for your actions.

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One Nation, Under Celebrity

A few years ago, when Tina Fey was still on Weekend Update, she did a story about how the education secretary was doing a study on why girls weren’t pursuing careers in math and science. Tina Fey responded with, “Why?” she stood up and continued, “When you got an ass like this you don’t hide it in a lab.”

Now, it’s a joke…and a damn funny one…but when I saw it as a gif on tumblr, I realized how true it is. Where most countries and cultures value succeeding in business and academia…America seems to value succeeding in being vapid.

We don’t care that we’re last among developed countries for education and healthcare, or that most high school students can’t located a foreign country on a map. As long as they look good and can tell you the full name of the newest Kardashian baby….they’re on the right path.

Our government shut down. The House Republican’s held us hostage because of their temper tantrum over ‘Obamacare’ and so 19,000 kids couldn’t go to head start, NASA can’t tell us if an asteroid is headed toward Earth, but their six figure salaries are getting paid and do you know what was trending on Twitter while this was going on? I’ll tell you because social media is my day job:
New York

I scrolled 3 hours back under the #governementshutdown hashtag and didn’t find a single non news corporation tweet. People just aren’t talking about it. #Obamacare hashtag is snarky jokes mostly by second-rate celebs. Why isn’t there a real conversation on this? This is serious. When Australia had a government shut down the Queen fired parliament. We make jokes?

Why don’t we value information? Why do we buy into this b.s? Why don’t we call these assholes on their lies and manipulations? Why don’t we stand up and say, “You are not making another dime until you put on your big boy pants and fix this mess”? Why? Oh, I know…because Kim Kardashian went out in a really ugly dress and we need to discuss that.

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I’m A Human Being

I’ve had a lot of debates recently about rights. Equal rights. Civil rights. Something happened to me during these debates. An epiphany if you will. The problem most people are having when they say things like, “gays shouldn’t get married” or “women should be happy they have jobs and stop complaining” or “slavery ended how many years ago”? Whenever they say really offensive things about a group they are forgetting one thing.


They are forgetting the two things can exist simultaneously. I am not only a woman—I’m also a human being and I can be both of those things at the same time. I should not be treated any differently than anyone else because at the very basis of everything we are all human.


While I was having a discussion I had this epiphany: ‘this person is saying this because he is not viewing a minority as a human being he’s viewing them as a minority” it’s not a human who happens to be gay…its’ a gay. That’s it.


I think I may have solved this problem. If we could all take our heads out of our butts and remember that before we are anything else—we are human. And in being human we have feelings, rights, thoughts, and are owed respect. Let’s try that—just for a little while—and see what happens.

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North Carolina Is Going To Get Better

Okay, it would be super awesome if my state would stop making the national news.

Like, if it’s for a hurricane, that’s one thing. That happens. North Carolina gets hurricanes, sometimes just along the coast, and sometimes fairly inland. That’s part of life.

Most of the time, no one gets hurt for that. The same cannot be said for the recent absolutely out of their mind actions of our state’s legislature.

Not only are so many people hurt by their legislation—teachers and students and women and families, in particular (I am not going to go into too many specifics but feel free to look them up and be horrified), but it fills hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians with a kind of dread and shame.

I don’t actually want to move out of this state. Okay, I’d love to live in or near Seattle, Washington, because my understanding is that Seattle has perfect weather and seems like a wonderful place to live for many reasons. But I really just want to live in NC (Asheville, specifically, though I’m not there just yet). I want to stay here and fight to make things better.

Have you heard of Moral Mondays? They’re protests against the ridiculous and, yes, immoral actions of our legislature during their most recent session (which finally came to an end). Protests held by people who don’t think that teachers should be stripped of their tenure. People who don’t think that anti-Sharia laws make that much sense. People who believe that women have the right to reproductive autonomy. People who believe in fair and open access to voting.

After a huge influx of ultra-conservative campaign funding here in NC from, basically, a sort of Koch Brother Junior, we have a Republican Governor for the first time in . . . well, in my memory, certainly. Pat McCrory included, as a campaign promise, that he was not going to sign any anti-choice legislation into law.

He broke that promise. I know—shocking to everyone.

We had an anti-Sharia bill that had anti-abortion measures added to it. There was a motorcycle safety bill that also had anti-abortion measures added to it. Both are ridiculous to the point of being farcical. But it’s not funny.

Remember the Stand With Wendy story? Well, that bill still ended up being passed in Texas. And, here in NC, we’ve been stuck with similar anti-choice restrictions. It’s so ridiculous that The Daily Show talked about it. There’s nothing quite like watching John Oliver talk about your state to make you really incredibly uncomfortable.

Here’s the thing—NC went back to “red” on the national map during the 2012 election (we were blue in 2008). We’re divided about a number of things. But the majority of North Carolinians are opposed to a lot of what’s going on. I don’t just mean almost everyone whom I know, or almost everyone who lives near me. I mean more than half of people who live in my state.

That means that there are Republicans who are unhappy with the extremes to which their representatives are going. And Republicans who are unhappy Governor McCrory for going along with it. They don’t like the bills and, consequently, they do not like the politicians who are putting them forward.

Governor McCrory’s approval rating has dropped this summer as a result.

I’m kind of glad about this. That sounds weird, and pretty heartless, because so many people are being hurt by this legislation. But you know how sometimes, people think that they want something until it actually happens? I think that that’s what’s happening, right now, to parts of my state. I think that there are hundreds of thousands of voters who wanted conservatives in office who are realizing that this is not really what they wanted.

And I think that we’re going to see some different election results in the future. And that things are going to get better.

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