Poll Shows That Sarah Palin Doesn’t Represent Jane Q. Public

Poster of Palin Supporting "Average Joe Six-Pack"

Oh, Sarah Palin, how I miss you.  I don’t know if you’ve stopped saying stupid things or hired better PR peeps or what, but it seems like the tides have turned against you nevertheless.  You’re hardly ever in the news for insulting American Muslims or taking it personally when college kids try to stand up to Big Brother anymore; nope, most of the latest buzz with your name in it was related to Bristol’s appearance on Dancing With the Stars.

Yup, if new data from Hart Research Associates has any veracity, it appears that most women (74%, in fact) view Palin as untrustworthy on women’s health issues.  As a point of reference, 54% view Planned Parenthood as trustworthy in terms of women’s health.

In the name of full disclosure, Hart’s survey was sponsored by Planned Parenthood.  However, survey subjects included an equitable number of registered Republicans and Democrats making …

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Nancy Pelosi’s Political Future Up in the Air?

Photo of Nancy Pelosi in Front of an American Flag

I hate political ads. The exaggerations, half-truths, and skewed use of data intended to convince the ignorant just really piss me off—and this is true on both sides of the political spectrum. I was watching the news with my mother a couple of weeks ago, and we noticed an interesting trend—lumping the Democratic candidate in with Nancy Pelosi.

Yeah, it’s true, Nancy Pelosi has evidently become the anti-Christ, at least if the political advertisements of New Hampshire were any indication. It got down to pretty low levels, too—“She’s running for the state house of representatives and has never even met Nancy Pelosi … BUT SHE AGREES WITH HER AND IS JUST LIKE HER SO DON’T VOTE FOR HER!”

My mother and I had kind of an interesting conversation about just what Nancy Pelosi’s done that’s so bad and came up with a list no more or less glaring than any other politician’s. The fact remains, though, that Pelosi was unquestionably the whipping girl in the recent elections—so what does this mean for her political future?

From Fox News:

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15 Hot Female Politicians From Around the World

Well, I guess it doesn’t take much more than reading the title of this Uncoached.com article to surmise that it’s going to be an offensive read. But I have to say, the opening paragraph was a little bit more than even I hoped for:

“When you think about it Politics is already a dirty enough business.  There are scandals upon scandals and the last thing we need are hot politicians who can run the show.  Luckily in this country they are all men.  I mean Sarah Palin is pretty cute but not enough that she was able to win it for her man McCain.

However, I have to admit that if any of these ladies were on any U.S. tickets something tells me plenty of votes would go their way.  They know how to do it in Europe.

Check out these 15 hot female politicians….

*notice that zero are from the USA”

Now, let’s take a moment to take this all in, and see what we’ve learned.

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