Murdered New Hampshire Mother: Victim, Scumbag, or Both?

Photo of Murder Victim Krista Dittmeyer

Tragic incidents and the often-horrifying accompanying details were once covered daily through newspapers, the morning and evening news, and AM radio (which I’m not sure even exists anymore). News updates occur via the internet far more rapidly nowadays; however, there seems to be a certain trade-off that has passed in terms of quality, whether it be accuracy, scope, or spin.

The frequency of news updates can really engage a reader, can personalize a tragedy … but there is a dark underbelly sometimes, when things aren’t exactly what they seem.

Take the recent death of 20-year-old Krista Dittmeyer, a single mother from Maine.

On a Saturday night in April, Dittmeyer’s car was found abandoned, flashers on, in the parking lot of a ski resort. Her 14-month-old daughter, Aliyah, was unharmed in her carseat, but there …

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What’s the Deal with Actresses Eating During Every Interview?

photo of brooklyn decker in underwear pictures hot

Recently, the February issue of Esquire magazine taught me that model-slash-actress Brooklyn Decker likes to make dinner for her interviewers. Author Tom Chiarella goes to her house in, where else, Brooklyn, for a revolutionary meal of chicken and salad. The crux of the story surrounds Chiarella’s feelings about Decker (he seems to often be a central part of his profiles, not the person being interviewed), most specifically, his feelings about her and food. Chiarella notes that Brooklyn wants to know what he likes and what he does not like, and that “She even seems a little curious about my preferences. I’m cool with whatever, I say. I can handle anything she dishes up. But Brooklyn doesn’t cook like that. She doesn’t want to disappoint. She just wants me to like it. There is no protest or resistance in her voice. It’s just something she can do.”

Because that’s how women are always! They don’t protest or …

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Trial Underway for New Hampshire’s Resident Psycho Killer

Photo of Kimberly Cates

Kimberly Cates, a 42-year-old nurse from a quintessential small New Hampshire town, was murdered last October by a group of angry, isolated, outcast adolescent boys. Now the alleged ringleader of the group—and the one who wielded the machete that left over thirty wounds on Cates’ body—is on trial for first-degree murder.

That would, of course, be Steven Spader of creepy-letter-to-local-newspaper-to-make-his-rantings-public infamy.

And while it’s not the three ring circus personified by the trials of Charles Manson and O.J. Simpson, coverage of the carnage perpetrated by kids robbing homes and killing a woman and seriously injuring her daughter just for kicks (Spader’s accomplice Christopher Gribble, whose first-degree murder trial is scheduled for February, told authorities that he “had wanted to kill someone for a long time and was disappointed he didn’t feel any emotion following the Cates killing”) is really pretty disturbing.

While video clips show Spader steepling his fingers and trying to stare down prosecution witnesses, I can’t help but be disgusted by the fact that Kimberly Cates, who literally …

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New Hampshire Paper Refuses to Run Wedding Announcement for Homosexual Couple

Photo of Wedding Cake with Two Groom Figurines

Greg Gould has his roots in New Hampshire, and he was very much looking forward to the day when his wedding announcement could appear in the Union Leader, the local newspaper to his hometown of Manchester. Except, sorry,  it’s not gonna happen. Because he’s gay.

While Gould and his husband (he and Aurelio Tine were married on Saturday in Portsmouth) stressed like any couple about wedding day minutiae, they were floored to learn that their marriage, despite being legal according to the courts, was not evidently good enough for the Union Leader. Although same-sex marriage is now legal in the Granite State, it seems that the state’s largest newspaper is going to flex its …

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