What I Begrudgingly Admit As A Woman

We, the women of the feministic mindset, like to pretend we can do anything we set our minds to.

We can do a lot, but we definitely can’t do everything. Certain categories of life require the help of others. It shouldn’t be a problem to ask for help in life. No one is perfect, except perhaps Beyonce. Yet, we work so hard for our rights- and even the rights to have opinions- that we sometimes forget to chill out and admit weaknesses.

There are a few things the male body is more naturally suited for. The physical set of a man’s hips is more efficient for running. Women certainly can and should run if they should choose, but it comes slightly easier to a man. Just as childbirth comes easier (ok, physically possible) for women. That is what our hips were made for. The disgruntled runner inside me begrudgingly admits this.

Many men even lose weight easier than women do- something that weight loss shows have to take into mathematical account when competing men versus women. I find this wholly unfair and something that I will continue to pout about.

Something else that comes easier to men: being alone in certain situations. I don’t want to walk alone at night. I don’t want to walk through a parking garage or pump gasoline alone, thanks to television deja vu. I don’t get into a vehicle alone at night without being afraid that a person sits await in my backseat, waiting to garrot me, or lies under my car, waiting to stick a knife out to cut my Achillie’s tendon and disable me from running away.

I don’t care how safe the neighborhood is supposed to be- I don’t want to be outside in it, alone, when there is a sparse grouping of people in the area. These may sound completely paranoid, but this fear has been drilled into me by news stories and foreboding warnings. How many women carry pepper spray, mace, a taser, or even a very pointy keychain that they could use to stab with in defense? How many men do the same? We are right to be scared. Ask for help, even if it is hard to admit. Get a ride home.

As much as we’d like for everything to be naturally even, the world is not. I am not admitting defeat, just further problem areas. Certainly every person can admit something they are jealous of the other gender for. I would add “peeing standing up” to the list, but I’m lazy. I enjoy extra opportunities to sit.

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Becoming Adult

The idea of slowly transforming from childhood into adulthood is fairly new. Childhood itself is also rather new, since most normal working class lives used to entail children going into work as soon as they were physically possible. This is still the case in poorer nations, but is thankfully not the norm in America. Child labor is now illegal and school attendance is mandatory.

With the idea of childhood comes the difference between childhood and adulthood. Childhood officially ends at the age of 18. This would be about the time that the person graduates high school and enters the “real world”. Some attend college afterwards, prolonging the time before they must obtain full time jobs.

All of this includes the formal childhood vs. adulthood debate. Emotionally, becoming an adult is not the same story. Being 18 and having money does not make an adult. See Bieber.

The average age of a person when they enter their first marriage is 27, and children are likelier to be conceived after that. That means that ages 18-27, an individual is less likely to be forced into action, taking responsibility for their actions and acting like a true man or woman.

“What makes a man” or “what makes a woman” is also up for debate. The “man-child” phase is a quite normal stage now. This is normally a post-college male working a fine job, yet being more preoccupied with sports or video games than other life commitments.* He goes to work during the day, games all evening, and spends his time how he chooses. Is this the modern day bachelor- or societally stunted development?

Urbandictionary.com definition: A man by age but a child in mentality and actions. Usually an inability to get over the “frat boy” or “party boy” phase. Can’t have fun without a beer. Still relate to women as sex objects and are emotionally undeveloped. A general irritant to women and men that have matured.

There is probably a similar modern developmental stage for many young women. Peter Pan Syndrome may or may not be valid, but there is already enough irresponsibility to go around. American womenkind has fought hard for the rights to work, vote, and have an opinion. To not be property or less than. We are to make our own decisions and take advantage of the rights we were thankfully born with. This means accepting responsibility and not being the female version of the man-child.

*I do not condemn sports, video games, and the like. I don’t really care what forms of entertainment you partake in. Being entertained by a pastime does not make you irresponsbile. Choosing said pastimes instead of adult responsibilities does.

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Another Day in Obvious: Don’t Shake Babies

Definition: Shaken Baby Syndrome is a serious form of child abuse in which an adult violently shakes a baby or young child, leading to serious injury or death. Also known as Shaken Impact Syndrome.

SBS is an entirely preventable trauma. If no one physically shakes a child, then it will not incur the condition. Obviously. An estimated 1,200 to 1,400 children are injured or killed by shaking each year in the United States. That is a staggeringly large number.

In the past, the prevention method for SBS has always been creating public awareness. If you are upset because a baby will not stop crying, leave the room. It can continue to lay in it’s crib and cry. Leave the room and calm down instead of scrambling it’s rapidly forming brain. At least one in every four shaken babies will die from their injuries.

Be aware of what you are doing. Like Simon said, children are people, not property or accessories. Child abuse is a blatantly bad thing.

The majority of data suggests that most perpetrators of SBS are male. Why are men more likely to violently attack an infant? Are they less in control of their emotions or less nurturing?

In the past few years, data has suggested that women may be equally likely to abuse a child in such a manner. The discrepancy between such data is explained by attributing male abusers both greater strength and a greater tendency to confess. Physicians may even assume that a woman, with all of her stereotype attributed nurturing tendencies, to not have plausibly shaken her now upset baby.

Honestly, who really cares which gender is more of an abuser? It doesn’t have to be a male versus female issue. Men seem to be more likely to be serial killers. Men are also more likely to attempt suicide. There is no denying that plenty of violence happens at the hands of women, too.

Gender seems to play a large part in this abuse. I don’t find it feministic to point fingers, but rather to create a culture where both genders could be equally unlikely to do something horrendous.

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Sleeping To The Top?

I know sleeping your way to the top is supposed to be a “woman’s” issue. We’re the ones that are supposed to fight to be rewarded for our minds and not our bodies but over the weekend I found that it’s not a “woman’s” issues. It’s a people issue.
I live in L.A and work in entertainment so I hear a lot of “casting couch” stories. Mostly young girls and old casting guys and there are always the “star-f***ers” as they are so affectionately referred to. But this weekend while having drinks at a bar two men and I were chatting about the “industry”.
We all had a “huge male celebrity” story. Mine was nothing like theirs…because their story was about how this “huge male celebrity” wanted to sleep with them. That’s right. A widely known, widely respected, hugely popular, hugely in the closet actor had tried to get both of these men to hook up. He used his name to try and get in their pants.
Doesn’t this story sound familiar? The only difference was these guys said, “I’m not gay—and even though it’s “huge male celebrity” I just can’t do it”. They declined an offer from someone with huge success, huge resources, and the opportunity to get them somewhere.
We can argue that it’s because they wouldn’t engage in homosexual activity…but that’s just a sexual activity they don’t want to partake in. I highly doubt all the girls that sleep their way to the top like the men they are doing it with or like the things the men ask them to do. I’m also pretty sure these men ask for the nasty things they can think of because they know these girls won’t say no.
It got me thinking—it’s not a can’t say no—they just won’t. So what is it about men that they can say no to sex they don’t want to have but women feel like they shouldn’t?

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