I Guess Christine O’Donnell Has “Secret Information” That China Plans to Take Over the World

Photo of Christine O'Donnell With "Big Mouth" Exaggerated

If you have any sort of political aspirations, it’s very important to never say anything stupid. Ever. Christine O’Donnell’s shocking unawareness of this very basic tenet, which to be fair virtually every politician breaks at one point or another, is really starting to bite her in the ass.

Okay, Christine O’Donnell, you think masturbation is a sin. You think that homosexuals have no place in the military. You are even on record as stating that women will weaken military institutions. That’s stupid.

Dissent is a part of human nature, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with debate and discourse, even when it becomes heated. There are people that I have tremendous respect for that I disagree with …

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U.S. Government Finally Apologizing for Giving Prisoners the Clap … 50 Years Too Late

Photo of Dachau Victim Being Used in Cryotherapy Experiment

STI transmission is a rampant problem and has been for many years. Even today, when the “Is it safe?” question comes up in casual sexual encounters, there’s a base assumption that you’re talking pregnancy, not the herp. If, as a woman, I say, “I take the pill,” it seems like men are perfectly happy to just go for it, to both take me at my word in terms of pregnancy prevention and totally avoid the equally important STI conversation.

There is a risk involved on both ends in those kinds of situations, but there can be an assumption made that consenting adults can make the choice to take every precaution to protect their health.

Fifty years ago, Guatemalan prisoners and mental hospital patients were not so lucky when the U.S. government used them as unsuspecting guinea pigs to conduct research into treatment of STIs including syphilis and gonorrhea.

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High School Cheerleader Penalized for Refusing to Rah-Rah her Sexual Assaulter

photo of woman sitting in the shadows of a sunset pictures

I hope that all the people out there with their panties in a bunch over the Constitution being followed to the letter can explain to me why a high school cheerleader from Texas was kicked off the cheering squad for refusing to cheer on her rapist at a basketball game.

Silsbee High School’s H.S. was 16 when she went to a post-football game party in 2008. Three student athletes identified as Rakheem Bolton, Christian Rountree, and a third douchebag who remains nameless because he was a minor at the time allegedly sexually assaulted her during the festivities.

Unlike so many rape victims, H.S. had the courage to go to the authorities. She had the guts to go to court, where a “racially divided grand jury” didn’t feel that indictments were appropriate. A year later, however, Bolton and Rountree received grand jury indictments on felony sex assault charges.

Bolton ultimately pled guilty to a misdemeanor simple assault charge for the incident and was sentenced to jail time. While the jail sentence was suspended, Bolton was placed on two years’ probation, a $2500 fine, and 150 hours of …

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New Report Puts Feminists Between a Rock and a Hard Place Regarding Christine O’Donnell

Photo of Political Women in Front of "Women Making History" Banner
A recent study by the Women’s Media Center, the WCF Foundation, and the Political Parity initiative showed that attacking a female political candidate based on sexist language results in a huge nosedive in the candidate’s approval ratings. You know, I’m actually really surprised by the fact that accusations such as “mean girl,” “ice queen,” and even “prostitute” evidently led to a 20% drop.

And if the Women’s Campaign Forum’s Siobhan Bennett has any credence, this means that all women with a drop of feminist blood should be supporting any female candidate at any cost … and this includes Christine O’Donnell, the surprise GOP Tea Party Senatorial candidate from Delaware.

From Politico:

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