The Historical Lessons of Rosie the Riveter

Photo of Women Working in a Factory During World War II

I started reading when I was a toddler, and it has long been both escapism and passion to me.  However, whereas I used to devour fiction, my love for the written word has expanded in the past year to include historical works of non-fiction.  If you think of the books in the world as existing in a candy store, you could say that I’d been enjoying one floor my entire life, blissfully unaware that thousands of equally delightful options existed.

One of the most important things I’ve learned is how little I really know, and this is as true of some of the historical bases for feminism as it is anything else.

I’d heard of Rosie the Riveter, of course, and had read a fair amount of feminist literature (from Mary Wollstonecraft to Andrea Dworkin) in college, but the “touched upon” nature that one receives in a survey class is completely different than diving …

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Refreshing Story of the Week: Mother Lets Son, Dylan Kilodavis, Wear ‘Princess Dresses’

photo of dylan in a princess dress pictures

I’ve been feeling a significant loss of faith for humanity lately for a number of reasons that don’t even include anonymous internet bashing.

But, what’s this? A spark of light in the darkness in the form of Cheryl Kilodavis?

The aforementioned Mrs. Kilodavis is a Seattle resident and mother of five-year-old Dyson Kilodavis, who has consistently insisted that he be allowed to wear “dresses worthy of a Disney princess.”

You hear stories about kids wanting to wear clothing inconsistent with their gender binary pretty often, but what makes Dyson’s story stand out is that his mother didn’t view him as sick or damaged, but realized that there was absolutely nothing wrong with it.

The Daily Mail reports that Mrs. Kilodavis was at first concerned that her son’s tendency to wear dresses would …

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Why “Mother” Nature?

Picture of Tree Shaped Like a Woman

Mother Nature took a lot of flak last week, including some very choice words from me … my mother had months ago planned a trip to Disney World with my daughters over the holiday vacation, and their flight was canceled (on two separate days) because of the weather-related travel brouhaha right after Christmas. Yeah, kind of hard to explain to a six-year-old that her New Year’s with Mickey was secondary to a nation of people getting home from holiday visits.

And air travel was definitely a freaking mess (even without the antics of Steven Slater), with flights delayed …

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A Rethink on Pink Toys for Girls’ Christmas Presents in 2010?

photo of pink toys and blue toys

Viv Groksop writes an interesting article in this morning’s Guardian, regarding pink toys for girls and how, with Christmas 2010 swiftly approaching, it appears that toymakers may finally be changing their assumptions about what little boys and girls really want from Santa.

The article comes on the back of a report this week from campaign group Pink Stinks, who reported that, one year on …

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