Gawker — And Everyone Else — Needs to Stop Picking on Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson was, at one point, considered the hottest of all celebrities in Hollywood. She had a flawless body, cute voice, dumb persona and curves for miles. I remember Simpson’s heyday. All of the boys loved her, all of the girls hated her. A true sign of the times for the songstress-cum-reality-star-cum-actress.

However, a piece was written over on Gawker stating that Jessica Simpson’s become the crude, stinky kid that’s not afraid of blowing farts in public, the one who everyone blames their own grossness for. According to Gawker’s article:

There is a certain kind of child who always has sticky red popsicle slush dribbling down his chin. Everyone blames farts and lice outbreaks on him. How did ex-certified hottie Jessica Simpson become Hollywood’s version of that kid?

And I ask, “Why?”

Is it the way that Simpson’s come over to the public in the past few years in the way she’s wanted, and not how Hollywood’s dictated she should? Because she wasn’t afraid to gain weight and take it off … and gain a little bit back again? Because she’s goofy and genteel and real? Because she sometimes says questionable things that make her look a little foolish — but at the end of the day, she owns it and revels in the realness of what she’s done? Because she posts funny — not whored-out — photos of herself on Twitter? Because, above all, the girl speaks her mind and sticks to her values, damned be the repercussions?

Well, if all that is the case, good for her. I’m glad that Jessica Simpson can be who she is without having to dilute or accept the convoluted version of who she is in order to be Hollywood-acceptable.

As far as Hollywood’s misconception that all women have to be thin, glowing, fart-free, serious, kissy-face-makers … bullshit and piss off alike. Simpson is clearly a real woman — one that would hang out with you when you’re sick, damned be how you look, would knock back a few beers and pizzas with you without running to the bathroom every five minutes to yak it up, would fart in front of you — and accidentally-on-purpose in public, too — and laugh about it because come on, what’s funnier than farts?

All joking aside, though: In my eyes, Jessica Simpson is Number One Normal Person in Hollywood.  She’d just as soon sit with her laptop messing around on Facebook while eating a half of a bag of Oreos (including the crumbs stuck in the folds of her shirt) than she would get dolled up and hit an A-list party.

We need more women like this in Hollywood and less of the women who appear to be untouchable in every way possible — quit trying to vilify the normal women, Hollywood.

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The Fabled Post in Which I Vehemently Stick Up For Men: Gawker Writer States That Men Are Far Too Incompetent to Self-Administer a Contraceptive Pill

Ravi Somaiya, writer of a post over at the Gawker enterprise has probably hit a nerve with their few male readers by stating that men are too air-headed to master the art that is taking a daily pill.

The article states that not only would men would use the contraceptive pill as a substitute for condoms (which would obviously result in an influx of sexually-transmitted diseases), but they would probably forget to take it in the first place.  Two fails of epic proportion.  It was also claimed that men would lie about being on the pill to further bed more women — the same type of lie that they use regarding the “pulling out” method.  According to the piece, men would become irreverent cry-babies and by taking the male contraceptive, it would infringe on their so-attractive manliness.

I’m a bit disappointed in this type of reporting.  With all of the medical advancements that have so far made the male contraceptive pill a viable option, there are individuals who will ridicule the notion and perpetuate the idea that it’s merely a woman’s domain to master the art of birth prevention.

To me, it sounds like a desperate act of protecting thyself from the cold hard “truth” that some men might be completely disinterested in shouldering such responsibility.  It comes across as a knee-jerk reaction to the stereotype that men would not be into taking a pill that would prevent pregnancy.  Great job, Gawker.  You’ve probably completely eradicated the possibility of even a few forward-thinking men taking the pill with a simple two-hundred word diatribe, if and when it were to become available.

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