Ladies, Don’t Bother Applying to That Management Job (or Prison Guard Opening) If You’re Hot

A new study shows that while attractive women do tend to get better jobs overall than their less attractive counterparts, when it comes to management positions in stereotypically male white-collar jobs (research, finance, engineering, etc.), “uglier” women tend to have the advantage. The study also shows that attractive women also have less success finding employment in blue-collar work (law enforcement, truck driving, etc.). The most unsurprising finding is the study is that attractiveness is always a positive for men …

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New UK Equalities Minister – ‘All Women Should Aspire to be a UK Size 14’

The UK’s new Equalities Minister, Lynne Featherstone of the Liberal Democrat Party, has said that all women should aspire to be a UK size 14 (US size 10/12) with a buxom, hourglass figure, the UK’s Daily Mail reports today.

Ms. Featherstone has stated that women should not be made to feel inadequate by stick-thin models staring out at them from advertising billboards and magazines, and has suggested that all too often women are made to feel wretched about their size as they constantly compare themselves with ‘unattainable’ figures of celebrities and models.

Instead, Ms. Featherstone has said that women and girls should regard curvaceous women, such as Christina Hendricks (whose body type we’ve covered here on ZL before), as their role models. The minister described Hendricks, who plays Joan Holloway in the BBC drama Mad Men, as ‘absolutely fabulous.’

Ms. Featherstone has also said that the constant bombardment of the general public with the media’s images (often digitally-altered or airbrushed) of stick-thin models and …

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Enough About Christina Hendricks’s Body Already

picture of mad men star christina hendricks

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Christina Hendricks isn’t super skinny. In fact, it turns out that she has a generous helping of both T and A.  Oh, but of course you’ve heard. Because it’s all anyone wants to talk about. And that needs to stop.

In this month’s issue of Health Magazine, Hendricks continues to defend her body, announcing that she loves having the extra pounds. Is this breaking news? We know. My God, we know. I applaud Hendricks for her body confidence. She’s a gorgeous, sexy, curvaceous woman. But in celebrating her body, we seem to be forgetting that she’s also an actress — and a damn good one.

For the past three seasons of AMC’s award-winning drama Mad Men (returning July 25th for the start of its fourth season), Christina Hendricks has worked that ample ass off to bring us one of the  strongest, funniest and most interesting female characters on television. As Secretary Extraordinaire Joan, Hendricks manages to capture both the breathy girlishness …

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What Kind of Eating Disorders Club Are They Running Over At The New York Times?

Catty gossip bloggers are known for going after their least favorite celebrities over weight, but it’s not often that you see that kind of trash talk thrown at people for no reason in The New York Times. However, yesterday two different times blogs published some pretty questionable comments about a handful of actresses and their “curves” at the Golden Globes. Nope! Not Mo’Nique. More like Jennifer Aniston and the woman that every single one of my guy friends would marry faster than you can say “Joan”, Christina Hendricks.

The piece that first started to raise eyebrows was by Andy Post (a fellow female writer who was making her NYT blogging debut! Congrats, girl!) who wrote in the T Magazine blog:

Maybe it’s just me, but I could have sworn that some of the ladies who showed up at the Golden Globes on Sunday had put on a little weight. It’s almost criminal to name names, because the very actresses whose body-mass indexes have been the subject of endless tabloid speculation are the very ones now sporting sexier curves. You could definitely see the difference if you concentrated solely on the upper arms. Instead of a Barbie-doll circumference, there was suddenly, amazingly, a womanly roundness to their frames. More Marilyn than Twiggy, that’s for sure.

Above the text there were three photos: Aniston, Kate Hudson and Courtney Cox. Poor skinny bones Lisa Kudrow didn’t make the cut, I guess! Better hunker down with the cookie dough in Malibu with the girls next time you want to have your arms closely examined by some crazy person desperate to make a statement at their new job, LiLi!

It was after that that people picked up on a comment made in another blog, Cathy Horyn’s On The Runway, where she debating which Golden Globes dress was the watercooler talk-worthy one. Pretty standard post-award show material until she ruled out “pretty Christina Hendricks in Christian Siriano’s exploding ruffle dress. (As one stylist said, ‘You don’t put a big girl in a big dress. That’s rule number one.’)” Another unnecessary and cheap criticism.

This kind of vicious style is always passed off as “being brutally honest”, as if anyone has been done a favor by someone voicing their hideous little thoughts about people in an extremely public face. Between the women of the world who look like Hendricks and thank goodness that there’s a sexy representation of their body type on television to everyone who had to take a second look at Aniston’s arms today, this is unfair.

Clearly we know by now that there’s no such thing as responsible blogging practices, but there are certain places you expect to see that stuff. Thankfully there are also places you can go that raise the bar and don’t feed in to gross negativity. Typically the NYT is one of those places, so why did they let this slide?

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