Deirdre Imus Should be Known For More Than Being Don Imus’ Wife

Photo of Don and Deirdre Imus

Radio personality Don Imus has made headlines for referring to female basketball players as “nappy headed hos,” defending Adam “Pacman” Jones’ actions, and making a serious of derogatory and controversial statements throughout his career. Who would have imagined that his wife, Deirdre Coleman Imus, would be such a humanitarian?

Deirdre Imus has worked tirelessly for issues ranging from cancer research to environmental concerns, and she has done it …

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Newly Released Documents Perpetuate the Marilyn Monroe Mystique … and the Men Who Did her Wrong

photo of marilyn monroe pictures

Marilyn Monroe has been a larger-than-life pop culture icon since her untimely death by overdose (Suicide? Accident? Maybe even homicide?) at the age of 36. Her image has been plastered on every possible medium, and her part in creating the quintessential “dumb blonde” stereotype will never be forgotten.

Now, personal effects left to her acting teacher and mentor Lee Strasberg including “poems, letters, notes, recipes, and diary entries” are set to be published by Strasberg’s widow, Anna (as Fragments: Poems, Intimate Notes, Letters, in case you’re interested) this fall. And in order to ensure that the money rolls in, Vanity Fair recently ran an article containing some tantalizing highlights.

What I found most compelling about both the excerpts released in Vanity Fair and the stratospheric rise and fall of Marilyn Monroe is how the course of her life was so strongly shaped by the men in her life, men who almost never had her best interests at heart.

It’s fairly common knowledge that Marilyn, born Norma Jeane Mortenson and shunted from foster homes and orphanages throughout her life, epitomized the rags to riches story. Her options were so limited, in fact, that she left high school at sixteen to marry neighbor James Dougherty.

From Vanity Fair:

“My relationship with him was basically insecure from the first night I spent alone with him,” she wrote in this long, undated, somewhat rambling memoir of that marriage.

“I was greatly attracted to him as one of the [“only” is crossed out] few young men I had no sexual repulsion for besides which it gave me a false sense of security to feel that he was endowed with more overwelming qualities which I did not possess—on paper it all begins to sound terribly logical but the secret midnight meetings the fugetive glance stolen in others company the sharing of the ocean, moon & stars and air aloneness made it a romantic adventure which a young, rather shy girl who didn’t always give that impression because of her desire to belong & develope can thrive on—I had always felt a need to live up to that expectation of my elders.”

Her memory of that marriage revolves around her fear that Dougherty preferred a former girlfriend, probably Doris Ingram, a Santa Barbara beauty queen, which triggered Marilyn’s sense of unworthiness and vulnerability to men.

Dougherty’s time overseas as a Merchant Marine led …

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Jamie Lee Curtis Refuses to Take Part in the Celeb Botox Nation

Does anyone remember when Meg Ryan was America’s sweetheart?  She always had super cute hair that the masses would attempt to copy by bringing glossy photos of her tresses to their beauticians.  She seemed so self-assured.   Then, oddly she decided to Botox the holy living hell out of her face and now no matter how amazing a role she takes on, all I can think of  is how tragic her facial alterations are.  It’s a major distraction. I am left asking why Meg Ryan, why?!

Apparently Jamie Lee Curtis is also perplexed by the recent trend of wiping away wrinkles in exchange for a bizarre plastic robotic face.  So much that she has vowed to give up her previous habit of going under the knife.  In a recent interview she discussed the tragedy that older actresses experience in the entertainment  field.  Curtis went as far …

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Could You Go a Week Without Makeup?

Mail Online’s Hannah Betts, inspired by Gemma Arterton and Kelly Brook who both showed up at recent events make-up free, decided to follow their lead and eschew cosmetics for a full week. This is no mean feat, as Betts admits that she has been wearing makeup every day of her life since she was 11.

Her current routine is as follows:

My morning roll-call embraces: foundation, concealer, powder, eye shadow, kohl, mascara, blusher and lip balm. Should I be out on the tiles, matters become still more outlandish.

But Betts is not a full-scale beauty queen, arguing that makeup is the one area where she goes all out, and leaves the rest of her appearance to nature:

I am robustly low-maintenance in other respects: unfit, gnawed nails, schoolgirl hair.

So how did Cosmeticsholic Hannah survive a week without makeup?

Betts opens Day 1 by explaining to us what’s wrong with her and why she needs make-up in the first place:

But here I am. Day one of my challenge. I examine myself closely in the mirror. I am nearly 40 (unlike Kelly Brook’s 30 and Gemma Arterton’s youthful 24).

My skin could be worse, I have darkish eyebrows and lips, but sans slap my eyes vanish bar a pair of sooty crescents. I am ghoulishly pale, and my features become doughy, bland, blah.
Betts informs us that she feels ashen, invisible, characterless, bland and that her co-workers either ignore her, insult her or offer her sympathy. And yes, the alabaster Goddess on the top is Betts without makeup. Ahem.

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