Taylor Swift’s Niche is … What?

Photo of Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has made a name for herself in the music world by being the anti-Britney, and crooning the musical equivalent of the romantic comedy.  I mean, you experience it (Swift song or any movie with Jennifer Aniston in it), enjoy it, relate a bit, then promptly forget it until you encounter it again.

The question now is, how long can Taylor Swift keep this up?  The girl is twenty now, and her fan base has grown up with her.  The twelve-year-olds that believed in her song “Love Story” in 2008 more likely than not have a more cynical view now that they’ve probably had first kisses, first breakups, first … whatever.

They are not going to believe in Taylor Swift anymore.  It’s sad, really, kind of like the whole Santa Claus/Tooth Fairy/Easter Bunny thing.  Taylor Swift exists in an alternate reality … or else she was always a sham.

From Teenagerie:

Swift’s new song, and the accompanying video, does not ask of her fans even the slightest shift or growth in taste. In “Mine,” as per usual, Taylor sings about a perfect romance inhibited by some irritating, but conquerable, roadblock. This time it’s her relationship issues stemming from her parents’ bad marriage. In previous songs it’s been high school cliques, totally lame-o other women, and Montague/Capulet-esque parental objections to her unstoppable love(s).

The video that pairs with “Mine” is equally formulaic. Besides an inexplicable bit where she wanders in a forest that is decorated with the tangible iteration of Facebook’s “View More Photos” page, the video itself is really just a montage of romantic comedy clichés. There is walking along natural bodies of water. There are fields of unspecified Plants. There is gazing. There are 2am arguments. There is a passionate reconciliation. What there is not is groundbreaking, nor envelope pushing.

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When Should You Share Debt Details With a Partner?

photo of book empire of debt financial crisis

There’s an old adage about money being the root of all evil, and this is arguably true in terms of budding relationships. When you’re getting to know someone, it’s not like you want to say, “I’m in ridiculous debt … but I’m wicked cute!” Still, there’s the question of fairness—do you owe a potential boyfriend or girlfriend full disclosure in terms of your financial sitch?

Student loans in particular are often easily written off as just another bill, but when you look at the total amount when you figure in interest, the numbers are frankly scary as heck.

Allison Brooke Eastman, for example, got a rude awakening when her fiancé discovered the extent of her debt and broke off their engagement.

From the New York Times:

Ms. Eastman said she had told him early on in their relationship that she had over $100,000 of debt. But, she said, even she didn’t know what the true balance was; like a car buyer who focuses on only the monthly payment, she wrote 12 checks a year for about $1,100 each, the minimum possible. She didn’t focus on the bottom line, she said, because it was so profoundly depressing.

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The Douches at Summer’s Eve Back Down

Photo of Ad For Summer's Eve "Between" Feminie Wipes
So the folks at Summer’s Eve have realized the error of their ways following the fallout from their totally offensive ad implying that douching is the key to successfully obtaining a raise.

Angela Bryant, Brand Manager of Summer’s Eve, has left two comments on Stylite’s recent piece pointing out the advertisement’s … douchebaggery.

Here’s the first, which I guess is a canned statement that’s shown up in other places as well:

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Zelda Lily Zingers: The Best of the Week’s Comments

Photo of Zelda Lily Zingers
Jess on Zelda Lily Zingers: The Best of the Week’s Comments
“Cut the list by 1/3 and leave anything by Joey… :p”

Ayla on CarLashes: Just When You Thought Your Decked-Out Car Wasn’t Obnoxious Enough
“I have a second degree black belt and play videogames and paintball and am working on a degree in neurobiology.”

Naomi on Women’s Magazine Evidently Endorses Douching to Get a Raise
“If someone can smell your vagina from across a desk, you need a gynecologist, not a drugstore douche.

Manda on Men’s Health Wants to Teach Guys the Fine Art of the “Bedroom Burrito”
“It’s creepy when a guy who hasn’t met your parents is offering to shave your legs.”

Eurogirl on STIs Are On the Rise (But We Can Do Something About It!)
“Just because there is a tingle between their legs does not mean they should spread them.”

Woza on Porn: Personal Preference or Social Problem?
“Is [porn] anymore dangerous that say coal mining, or mine sweeping?”

Gigi on Stories From the Ivy Halls: College Students Stop Their Female Friends From Having Drunken Hook-Ups
“The first time I drank absinthe (coincidentally the last time I drank absinthe) I made out with my friend’s friend’s brother, and then my gay friend’s bisexual identical twin brother.”

Joey on Canadian Prison Guards Suspended for Watching Drunk Female Prisoners have Sex
“Canadians say fook.”

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