Your Computer Is Going to Grow Up and Kill You Soon

This scared the bejeesus out of me. And, no, it’s not a follow-up on Ashley’s piece on female genital mutilation. It’s a video from late 2008 about the pace of change of technology and the growing power of India and China in these spaces — something to think about as we stand on the precipice of 2010. In less than fifty years, experts predict someone will have built a supercomputer with greater computational capability than the entire population of the world. That’s pretty terrifying. We’re all going to be lectured on algebra and then killed by our computers, you guys. Use your future nemesis to share your thoughts in the comments section.

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The KY Yours+Mine and Intense Contest Winners!

en-intense_1_dtWoooooooow, you guys, you amaze me. When I asked you guys to email me and tell me why you needed to win a stash of the new Yours+Mine and Intense lubes from KY (which Sarah reviewed here), I had no idea how moved and engaged and amused I’d be by your responses. Over a hundred of you wrote in to tell me about your marriages, your sex lives and the state of your vaginas. We were originally going to pick five winners, but I couldn’t possibly narrow it down to five, so the people at KY were awesome enough to let me pick ten winners. (All together now: Thanks, KY!)

It was still a near-impossible task. I narrowed it down to about 30, and then, since I’m at home visiting my family, I actually sat down with my mother (I’m serious!) and we worked together to pick ten winners. Thank you to everyone who participated; I wish everyone could have won. The winners (with identifying details removed) are posted here. There are a bunch more after the jump.

My fiance and i NEED to have this in the bedroom! We have decided to spice up our sex lives by having sex every night for 2 months regardless of how we feel and I am pretty sure we will need the lube on more than one occasion! We have really wanted to try this KY Lube but have been tight on money lately. If we win this, we will be extremely happy! ;)

I would like to win the KY Yours+Mine and Intense because my fiance will be coming home from a year long deployment in Afghanistan this February. This would be the perfect addition to the welcome home present I was already planning on giving him, also known as my sweet sweet love, made sweeter with the help of this particular product. It would also greatly help me out, as we will probably have sex about fifty-leven times the first day he gets back. The chafing! Can you imagine? The KY will be put to good use in my hands….and his.

Yeah, so the reason I need this lube is simple enough–we’re the proud parents of a one and a half year old. It’s about time something other than the tickle me elmo doll that is permanently forgotten in our bed, um “tickles” me while we’re doing the deed.

My husband has hit his second childhood and he is hitting it like a 20 year old. Please send Lube ASAP. I am loving it just need sleep and lube. thanks

I think that I should win the lube contest because I need it so badly that I am sitting in a very public place at the University of [Redacted] with my browser open to Zelda Lily/ a nice big graphic of KY. Furthermore, I can’t afford to buy lube, which is a necessity to my boyfriend’s and my sex life. It is so integral to our getting it on that we have to transport our shared bottle of lube back and forth from his house to mine. In the process, the lube opened and spilled all over his backpack- now there is a giant grease stain that takes up the entire bottom half of his backpack that will never come out. Please save us further lube transportation mishaps by sending me some lube for free.

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Lube We Love Giveaway: How to Enter!

ky_yours_and_mineSarah’s dream came true when she asked for lube and then received a lovely package from KY with their new products, Yours+Mine and Intense. You can check out her scorching-hot review of the products here. Long story short, they rocked her world (but you really oughtta read her review for the full effect).

We have a lot to celebrate right now on Zelda Lily. We continue to grow our audience of intelligent, perceptive, involved readers, we just did a complete site redesign (you likey?) and, in order to provide you with more content, we’ve created a weekday editor position for our beloved Sarah Spangenberg, so there will be much more regular content on here than there’s been in the past. We will still be seeing stories from the uber-brainy Ashley Lindstrom, video vixen Molly McAleer and our latest and greatest intern, Kelsey Havens, a fellow Sun Devil.

As a celebration gift, we’re giving away FIVE FREE packages of the KY Yours+Mine and Intense. That’s right. FIVE of them. For free! To your door, for your lubing pleasure. (Makes a great stocking stuffer? Or just makes it great to get your sock stuffed? ZING!)

How do you enter? It’s very simple: Send me an email ( and tell me in a few sentences why, exactly, you want KY Yours+Mine and Intense in your bedroom arsenal. The email subject line should be “ZL Contest” and  potential winners need to have a U.S. mailing address. We’re going to publish the winners’ entries, but we will do so ANONYMOUSLY. I’ll repeat: Your lube fantasies are safe with us. We will not be revealing or releasing the names or any identifying details of the winners. We’ll be accepting entries through Thursday, December 10.


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Amanda Knox GUILTY on All Charges!


Amanda Knox, an exchange student from Seattle, Washington living in Italy, was found guilty today of murdering her roommate.

An Italian jury has found American student Amanda Knox and her Italian boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito guilty in the stabbing death of British exchange student Meredith Kercher.

Knox was sentenced to 26 years in prison and Sollecito was sentenced to 25 years.

The two were convicted on all charges except theft.

Knox, wearing a lime jacket, her hair in a single braid, began to sob — her sniffles and sobs punctuating the otherwise silent courtroom — as the judge read the verdict quietly, without expression.

Few of the eight jurors looked at her. Six of the jurors were wearing red, white and green sashes — the colors of Italy’s flag.

Amanda’s case — which begun in 2007 — has had Americans increasingly frustrated with the Italian justice system, and the Italians increasingly frustrated with Americans. Knox’s mother wore a red, white and blue outfit, complete with hot pants, to the trial on the Fourth of July. Amanda’s younger sister, Ashley Knox, defied the prohibition on minors attending sex-related hearings and had to be removed from the proceedings.

Both Amanda and her boyfriend are expected to appeal the ruling.


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