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photo of holiday versus christmas pictures
As I may have mentioned, I can be a bit less than fuzzy during the holiday season for a few reasons. A friend of mine was, I kid you not, referred to as a terrorist the other day at work because she told someone “Happy Holidays” rather than “Merry Christmas.”

A terrorist.

Anyway, though I lived in the mountains for five years (not like Katniss Everdeen or actual terrorist Eric Rudolph, but it was the same mountains) and delighted in the weather (it is not often that I feel that it is cold enough for me to need to wear long pants outdoors, but there, I could feel cold even when thoroughly bundled up. A bit of a pain at times, but wonderful, and highly preferable to being too warm. You can always bundle up more—even if you are alone or in the right company, you don’t get any less dressed than naked, and being naked and still being too warm is the worst. And where I live now, well, even a light dusting of snow would be a pleasant surprise. It has been in the 70s for a total of like a week this December, and, as I write this, we are only two weeks into the month. Blurg.

Right, so. This time of year, I do have some music that I enjoy listening to. It is not really the traditional music* for this time of year (i.e. Christmas carols—I don’t really hear Spin The Dreidel in grocery stores too often), but it is my playlist, and I enjoy it. So here it is! Because . . . feminism.

Ahem. Here is my playlist. I call it “Wintery Mix,” because forecasters say that and because I am easily amused.

1) Christmas Tree, by Lady Gaga (featuring Space Cowboy)

This one is pretty obvious. I love this song. I love the sound of this song. I love the lyrics to this song. I love the attitude. If you are, for some reason, unfamiliar, the line: “Ho, ho, ho, under the mistletoe” should provide you with a clue. I love slutty music. Also, I assume that by “Christmas tree,” she means her lady-parts, but I have not the faintest idea how she’s seeing it as a tree. But whatever.

2) Cool, by Gwen Stefani

This one is, um, really just because of the song title? I know, it’s abhorrently simple. But …

… oh my goodness I love this song. Even though “circles and triangles” makes no sense. Whatever, you know?

3) Little Taiko Boy, by All Out Attack

Okay, this song is so fun and is in my head all season. You have to watch the music video, though you see, like, part of a guy’s butt in it and neither the visuals nor lyrics are safe-for-work. Got that? NSFW. But I love it. It’s a song about gay people having safe sex. And some sort of Japanese drag queen ghost is floating through the city and bestowing condoms in bedazzled wrappers upon all of the various gay couples. It’s precious and honestly pretty hilarious. Using a condom is generally a good idea, and not just for gay couples. Especially for those of us who are ridiculous slut-monsters. . . . I’m talking about me.

4) Frozen, by Madonna

As with Cool, I am totally just including this one. You guys, I do not even have to justify this one. Madonna has a lot of excellent songs (there is actually video of me, SOMEWHERE on YouTube, dancing for a few seconds to one of her songs, but I will certainly not link to it). Frozen is one of them.

5) Waiting For The Snow, by Helen Trevillion

I absolutely love this song. A friend of mine and one of the most talented writers whom I have ever met brought this into our Honors Short Story-Writing class in high school, when we each** had to bring in a song that connected to us and then play it for the class (while standing awkwardly at the front of the room and wanting to disappear). Waiting For The Snow was easily my favorite of the music that anyone brought in. Most of Helen Trevillion’s music is Tolkien songs (I am all kinds of nerdy; you may have heard). This song of hers is my favorite and I can listen to it on repeat one forever—as I can with any song*** that I truly love.

6) Hail The Holly King, by Inkubus Sukkubus

So, I’m Pagan, and I love this song. Like, not just lyrically, but musically. Yeah, minority religions have goofy contemporary religious music, too. I shared one such song in my Samhain post. It’s a great song for the Winter Solstice. This is another. Last year, I linked to it on Twitter, with the words “Not to get too religious on you guys, but:” A friend of mine, Matthew (who is delightful and whom I also met in the class mentioned in (5)), tweeted in response: “Oh, I thought you were playing this. Then I would have it opened in two windows.” And by “this,” he means what is now one of my favorite songs of all time, Selena Gomez’s Love You Like A Love Song. That song is magical, lyrical, and beautiful, and it has such a magnificent music video and I love her to pieces. That’s why her hair’s so big in her videos—it’s full of talent!

So, that’s my Wintery Mix. It’s short. As I mentioned, I enjoy repetition, so that is not a problem for me. Not in the least.


*Speaking of traditional Christmas carols, did you guys see the mid-season finale of The Vampire Diaries? Season Four, Episode Nine. The episode title was O Come All Ye Faithful, but there are two major scenes that play very traditional, family-friendly carols. The first was enjoyable for me to watch, though it was technically a massacre (a bunch of people for whom I did not care). The second was the last scene of the episode and you knew exactly what was going to happen and it was so upsetting and I burst into tears and was inconsolable for a few minutes after the episode ended. Because that show is seriously masterful at prompting me to cry.

**In my case, I brought in Poor Unfortunate Souls from The Little Mermaid because I am ridiculous. I also started mouthing the words and moving ever-so-slightly as it happened because, again, I am ridiculous. And don’t underestimate the importance of body-language. Hah!

***The song that I have heard more than any other in my adult life? It’s Naturally, by Selena Gomez. I have listened to it, easily, more than 1,500 times. Oh yeah. I enjoy repetition of things that I love.

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