No Hugs

I have serious boundary issues and Mysophobia (fear of germs) so I really don’t like to be touched. Even my family members know better than to hug me, or sit too close. I have a physical reaction to it. That’s not to say I don’t hug people, sometimes I do. I’ve been known to have a cuddle as well.

A while ago a friend sent me an article that said a ten second hug is actually a better mood stabilizer than any prescription. My response was, “I don’t buy it” mainly, because most of the time hugging puts me in a bad mood.  Then I thought about it, I hug my dogs a lot. Hugging them always puts me in a better mood…so there may be something to that theory.

When I stumbled upon an article that said Amber, a twelve-year-old girl, was given detention for hugging I was a little baffled. What kind of hug were we discussing? How does a hug get you suspended? Girls in my school used to hug each other all the time. Even if you just saw your friend ten minutes ago, their reappearance warranted a hug.

I read on, apparently this school in Australia has banned hugging. Amber violated that ban when she hugged a student goodbye and therefore was punished. A school banned hugging. No hugs. Ever.

The ban was put in place according to Gemma Preston, the principal of Abby Road Primary School, when students were giving “overenthusiastic” hugs resulting in bruises and other injuries. “This behavior was getting out of control with students hugging each other several times a day and this was becoming disruptive to classes,” said Preston. Sounds to me like someone didn’t get enough hugs and didn’t like it.

I get it, I used to see boys doing that to each other when I was in school. You squeeze and squeeze until the other person can’t breathe. That’s what kids do. I do not believe that so many hugs were given that it stopped learning. Furthermore, if hugging is the worst problem your school has—you’re in good shape.

What if the article my friend sent me is right? What if all those hugs actually stabilized and helped the moods of pre-teens? It would probably make learning a little easier and have a nice positive association to school. Why would you want to take that away?

Even as someone who is very against hugging, and touching I am very much against this hugging ban. I like all the kids at Abby Road Primary School should march into Principle Preston’s office and give her a big ole hug!

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