It’s Nature (Gay Penguins)

photo of penguin pictures
When you hear people rallying against homosexuality they always say, “It’s not natural,” which means that it doesn’t occur in nature. And naturally, they would be wrong. Penguins have same sex relationships. I read no less than five articles about five separate gay penguins.

One that really upset me was about a couple at the Toronto Zoo. Buddy, 21, and Pedro, 10, found each other more interesting than any of the females they were supposed to mate with. The Toronto Zoo decided that something should be done about this so they separated the two and made them mate with females since Pedro and Buddy had “top notch genes”. They were successful but after the mating session the two penguins reunited. Love is love.

In China, Madrid, and Denmark, gay penguins have been trying to start families. They build a nest every season and become depressed when that nest stays empty. They’ve all tried stealing eggs from other couples. That’s how badly they want a baby. It’s like finding a young mother willing to give you the baby and when it’s born she changes her mind. However, recently all three zoos have helped these penguins “adopt” a baby.

Each were given fake eggs to make sure they could properly incubate it. Then, when other penguin couples laid multiple eggs the eggs that were discarded by the parents were given to the homosexual couple. All three couples incubated the eggs properly and are proud parents to baby penguins.

Penguins are also a species that mate for life. We’ve all seen March of the Penguins these little birdies are made of some strong stuff. They face a harsh life, even harder mating rituals, harsh weather, and even though they are sometimes hundreds of miles away from their mates when the season comes and they all show up they find each other again.

These homosexual couples spent up to six years waiting for an egg. Every year they built that nest, every year it stayed empty, and the next year they built it again. How cool is it that this year it was full?

I think we can all learn a lesson from these little penguins. Never give up. Never stop trying. Never let anyone tell you, you can’t be with the person you love, you can’t have your heart’s desires that you’re not good enough or you’re not supposed to be this way or that way. You are not less than the other penguins, your time will come.

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