Female Serial Killer Halloween Costumes and Backstories

photo of elizabeth bathory pictures It’s Halloween, which is my favorite time of year. It’s also a great excuse to indulge in my “less than mainstream” interests … like serial killers. Now, they say most serial killers are men, but there’s also a theory that there are a high number of female killers—we just don’t know because they don’t get caught.

Through out history women have proven to be much more deviant and cruel when it comes to murder. They’re complicated, they are multi-layered, and they attack more than just the body. I’m not saying male killers don’t do these things as well, I’m saying women do them differently. I’ve studied several serial killers and murder cases, and for a while I wanted to be an FBI profiler. Women who murder, however—those cases have a different … feel about them. We’ve all heard the saying “A guy will ruin your day, a woman can ruin your life.” And it’s so true.

Here are five female serial killers you should seriously consider dressing up as for Halloween. When someone asks, “What are you supposed to be?” you’ll have such a fun story to tell!

1. Elizabeth, Countess of Bathory: This is an oldie but a goodie. She was known as “the blood countess”, and girl had it going on. She was supposedly gorgeous and she knew it. She would spend countless hours admiring her beauty. The craziest thing of all, however? It’s said, to keep herself looking young and beautiful, that she would bath in the blood of beautiful virgins. That’s not confirmed, but it’s pretty gnarly just the same.

Elizabeth grew up in a castle, and at the ripe old age of fifteen, married Count Ferencz Nadasdy. She could read and write in four languages and was incredibly educated—not your typical murderer.

In 1610, rumors began swirling that Elizabeth had a taste for the …unusual. Three hundred people testified that they saw Elizabeth murder adolescent girls. It was said that the victims were beaten, starved, and abused with needles and sometimes, sexually abused. “Two court officials testified that Elizabeth sometimes tortured the girls herself, changing their dresses when they became blood soaked and starting again”. That’s right, Elizabeth not only ordered it done, she did it herself.

She was convicted of killing sixty girls, but the number is thought to be closer to six hundred and fifty. Elizabeth was sentenced to a lifetime of confinement in her castle where she died at the age of fifty-four.

Costume: Renaissance gown, bottle of fake blood, and a virgin to go to the party with.

2. Sade Abe: Sade was a geisha who got into illegal sex work, then got out and opened a restaurant. Not your normal path but to each their own. She began learning under Kichizo Ishida, a successful restaurant owner. The two soon began an affair. They apparently went to “tea houses” and …

… had sex in front of people, because apparently, they didn’t care. Their trysts could last two weeks at a time!

After a particularly blissful two weeks, Ishida went back to his wife and Sade was depressed. When they met up again, she reenacted a scene from a play. She pretended to be a jealous lover and threatened Ishida with a knife. The two laughed and went to bed. While in bed, Sade took the knife and placed it at the base of her lover’s penis and said she’d cut it off if he cheated. We’ve all made that threat haven’t we? Maybe not with a knife … but we’ve all said it, amiright? Anyway, Ishida laughed this off too, as his little mistress was quite the comedienne!

When Ishida fell asleep, Sade choked him to death and cut off his penis. Not so funny now, is she? She then wrapped the penis in a piece of paper from a magazine and kept the penis in her purse. When asked about the murder, Sade said, “I loved him so much, I wanted him all to myself. But since we were not husband and wife, as long as he lived, he could be embraced by other women. I knew that if I killed him no other woman could ever touch him again, so I killed him.”

Costume: Geisha costume, knife, penis for your purse.

3. Holly Harvey and Sandra Ketchum: These two teens were lesbian lovers. One night after smoking joints laced with crack, they came up with a plan. Holly even wrote it down, “Kill, keys, money, jewelry.”

The plan was to kill Holly’s grandparents, rob them, and then run. They practiced by stabbing pillows … I mean you practice making out with them, so murder should be the same, right?

The girls each got life sentences; Holly received two since she actually did the killing. When asked why she did it Holly said she did it for Sandy, so they could be together.

Costume: 90’s clothes—one outfit bloodstained, knife, girlfriend to go with you.

4. Carolyn Warmus: Carolyn met Paul Solomon at the school where they both worked as teachers and began an affair. Carolyn was a rich girl whose Daddy had made millions in the insurance business.

On the night of Carolyn’s birthday, she went to meet up with Paul for drinks. Paul went to a bowling alley for some reason before seeing Carolyn. Meanwhile, Paul’s wife calls 911 and screams, “Help, he’s trying to kill me”. She was shot and killed and it’s possible that the 911 operator misheard that “he” part.

Paul met up with Carolyn later on that night. They had a birthday dinner and drinks,  and sex in his car like responsible grown adults do. He then came home to find his wife dead. The first trial was a bust since they couldn’t decide if it was Paul or Carolyn who killed the wife … but the second one had a bloody glove of Carolyn’s left at the scene, and it was introduced to into evidence. Carolyn got twenty-five to life in prison.

Costume: Carolyn was known as a “sexy seductress” so ladies, go all out on this one. You’ll need a sexy outfit, a gun, a cheating, low-life date, and if you can get it … a second girl to play the wife with a gunshot.

5. Lizzie Borden: I’ve got to be honest, I love Lizzie Borden. Lizzie’s Dad was handing out money and gifts to his second wife’s family like he was Santa Claus. So Lizzie and her sister Emma demanded their piece of the pie. They got it, but had to sell the property they received back to him when they were tight on cash. Lizzie also kept pigeons as pets, and I hate birds so I don’t feel bad about this part of the story, but Andrew, her father, decided the birds brought intruders and killed them.

What I’m trying to say is that Andrew Borden was a jerk. Lizzie and Emma knew it. They knew they were going to be kept out of the money and inheritance and it would all go to their stepmother and her family. Allegedly, on the morning of August 4th,1892, Andrew had breakfast with his wife and made his rounds. Then, at 11:10 AM, Lizzie began screaming for the maid. Andrew was on a couch in the downstairs sitting room, struck ten or eleven times with a hatchet-like weapon. One of his eyeballs had been split cleanly in two. Abby Borden, Andrew’s second wife, was found in the upstairs guest bedroom, her skull crushed by nineteen blows. Police found a hatchet in the basement which had no blood on it … but it also had no handle. Someone had gotten rid of it.

Lizzie was arrested but acquitted.

Costume: 1800’s dress, axe, and a willingness to say, “Do you understand me? Don’t make me axe you again!”

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