The Catholic Church is Still Anti-Woman: Are You Surprised?

photo of condom pictures photos catholic church hates womenBack in the day when the Catholic Church ran absolutely everything, if you crossed them you were labeled as someone who was against God and punished. Worse, if you happened to have a vagina, you were accused of being a witch and burned at the stake.

This rationale has always intrigued people. It was actually thought that if you had your own opinion on religion and it didn’t fall in line with theirs, you were probably an evil creature who bites the head off of live chickens and molests Koala bears or something equally ridiculous. You were a witch and you were burned or shunned and that was practically the end of your life in one way or another. And thank God all that silliness is over—no pun intended.

However, the fact that a watered down version of that exists today is laughable. You would think that in 2012, the Catholic Church would relax a bit …loosen those robes, man. They’re cutting off the circulation.

Alas, though, the Catholic Church continues to run its antiquated mouth (okay, that’s harsh I know—don’t send me hate mail). Why, you ask? Well, the church is declaring that the ordination of female priests is a “grave sin” and on par with pedophilia. In 2010, they exchanged the word “witchcraft” for “radical feminist agenda”  and began accusing nuns of having this agenda. They also said that the Girl Scouts of  America were teaching “feminist theology,” and of course they are still fighting the Obama administration’s Preventative Care Mandate that would have required that most religious employers give female employees the option of using their insurance to purchase birth control. I mean who doesn’t want to kneel down and worship this?!

The latest and greatest, however, is the anti-woman rant against Yale professor emeritus Sister Margaret Farley’s book Just Love: A Framework for Christian Sexual Ethics, “which condones female masturbation, same-sex relationships, and non-procreative sex.”

Oh no—a nun is clearly understanding the times she’s living in … Quick, get some fire and a stake! What most journalists are pointing out is that this “bros before hos” (as they term it) agenda will backfire on the Church, but I don’t buy it. The Church has been pushing this agenda since its inception.  While feminism is growing in popularity, there is one place it will never get a foot in … or a knee down … and that is the Catholic Church.

On a personal note, this is all very upsetting to me. I’m not religious. In fact, I’m an atheist and I have to be demonized by every friend from every religion (that’s right I have one of each), and even my mother will say “Pray on it” to which I will respond, “I don’t pray ’cause I don’t believe,” and she responds (after 16 years of this back and forth) “Oh Nicole, you need to get over this phase already.” I’m sorry, what? I mean, faith is powerful and it’s comforting and everyone wants me to have it because those are things I need in my life, is that right? But why would I ever want to be part of a group who is so proud of and takes such an active role in stripping power and denying comfort and growth simply because of what’s between my legs? Jesus died on the cross for our sins … the Catholics, as far as I’m concerned, are certainly getting their money’s worth.

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5 thoughts on “The Catholic Church is Still Anti-Woman: Are You Surprised?

  1. Poor Catholic girls. In most Protestant churches I know, (marital) sex is celebrated and adored! Uncomfortably so, when I was little. Was not a fan of the innuendos all the adults laughed at.
    Sure, God said go forth and reproduce (or however that’s phrased). But that was when the earth did not have a population of 7 billion. It’s foolish to assume all Bible versus that applied then apply now.
    And God said, let them use birth control in the 21st century!

  2. You know something funny? Most Catholics I know don’t take the religion all that seriously in 2012 (pre-marital co-habitation is okay, abortion is okay in some circumstances, and so on). Of course, I parted ways with Catholicism when they refused to baptize my born-out-of-wedlock daughter, so …

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