A Victim Of Feminism

Zelda Lily’s slogan is “Feminism In A Bra.” To me, that means that we are not extremists. We are strong women who believe in equal rights and think, perhaps, that women still have some work to do to be on the same level with men. We do not berate men, nor we do not lament being a woman. But those two things? They’re common problems with many feminists.

Some feminists spout a lot of anger – women are oppressed, women are treated unfairly, paid unfairly; I could go on and on. They even go so far as painting stay-at-home moms as failures to the cause. It’s this type of extremity and cattiness that holds feminism back. But feminism actually IS moving forward, but you’ll never hear about it. Good news does not make the front page. Here’s a departure from that type of feminism, here are some of the strides we have made.

“Since December, job growth has been significantly stronger for women than men. The number of employed men rose by only 83,000 in the last two months… The number of employed women rose by 192,000,” David Leonhardt of The New York Times’ Sunday magazine reported. They also reported that, “in the majority of U.S. metro areas, single, childless women in their 20s make more per dollar than their male peers.”

Another favorite rant of extreme feminists is beauty. They argue that magazines, movies, and men put too much pressure on women to be beautiful, and if women are not beautiful, then they are second-rate citizens. But did they ever look at the statistics for men?

A July 2010 article in Newsweek titled “The Beauty Advantage,” revealed that, “handsome men earn, on average, 5 percent more than their less-attractive counterparts (good-looking women earn 4 percent more).”

So if we’re championing for unattractive women, shouldn’t we champion for unattractive men as well? Let’s put feminism aside and just fight for “unattractive rights.” See how silly that sounds?

The facts are, if a woman can provide a better product at a lower cost than a man, capitalism will pick her over him and vice versa. Profit always levels the playing field. I work in an office of 9 men and 4 women. We women are widely outnumbered. On my team there are 3 men and me, and we have a running joke in the office that when it comes to certain topics we “defer to the penis” or “defer to the vagina.” There are some things they know better than I do and some things I know better than they do.

Yesterday I spent most of my time compiling research for a “Hot Women Of Game Of Thrones” piece; one that ranked on the front page of Google in under 4 hours (that’s huge in internet-speak). My male counterpart did a similar piece, but we went with my writing and research. We did not go with it because I make more than him, or I’m prettier than him, we went with it because I wrote a better piece than he did.

If feminists want to be taken seriously, I suggest they put their money where their mouths are and do the work. Don’t argue that a woman should get the same as a man because we’re both human; argue that we can do the work as good or better. Fighting for fairness is fine, but being put in a place because you meet a quota or it looks good to have a girl on the team is not. It’s a step back, and feminism can only afford to move forward.

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