Realistic Baby Dolls for $12,000. They’re Not Just For Kids Anymore, Apparently.

photo of baby doll pictures

You know what’s creepy? Wax museums. You know what’s even creepier? Satisfying your need to have a child by buying a true to life vinyl baby doll! If for some reason, though, you like the idea of eerily realistic baby dolls, today’s your lucky day! For a mere $12,000, you can be the proud owner of a “reborn doll.”

Reborn dolls are very different from your typical toy. Each “baby” is handmade to be virtually indistinguishable from a real baby (other than the fact that one is an inanimate object and one is alive.) The facial features, skin tone, birthmarks, and veins of reborn dolls, along …

… with the painstakingly applied one at a time hairs, all come together to create the ultimate replacement baby.

A recent news report explained that “reborn babies” are most popular among young women who claim that the dolls satisfy their maternal needs until they are ready for the real thing. Some middle-aged women also find comfort in the the “babies,” as their real children move out, and the fact that “reborn babies” can be customized to resemble these women’s own children as babies. And of course, other customization options such as a premature “baby” with it’s own incubator, or a scarily realistic orangutan baby, shouldn’t be over looked.

Owner’s of these dolls think of them as anything but toys. While they claim to understand that their dolls aren’t real babies, many of them treat their dolls like real children, taking them for walks in strollers and making them sit in car seats. The women, “are able to suspend disbelief and play with them as though they are real-kind of like believing in a movie while you are watching it…”

I’m personally not sure why anyone with an extra $12,000 lying around and and a dire need for a child would bother with buying and caring for a doll when they could just have a child. But hey thats just me. I guess that when it comes to babies, some women just “play hard or go home.”

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18 thoughts on “Realistic Baby Dolls for $12,000. They’re Not Just For Kids Anymore, Apparently.

  1. I would rather see someone volunteer at a children’s organization and donate the $12,000 to a children’s charity. That would actually do quite a bit of good in the world instead of them “playing with dolls” when they are actually adults.

  2. Creepballs. This reminds me of the book Children of Men, where humanity becomes infertile and many women buy dolls and craddle them to substitute their longing for a child.

  3. I think this is creepy, but way less destructive than having a baby and being a bad mom because you want the fantasy of something to cuddle that doesn’t require constant care and effort.


    I’d much rather snicker at a woman who pays $12,00 for a doll than be horrified by a woman with 8 unruly children who keeps having babies because they keep growing up.

  4. I used to volunteer at a crisis nursery. There were babies there who were starved for attention, and some volunteers were just there to hold them and play with them. The babies loved it. I think that women who are into these dolls might want to consider this as an option because it involves actually meeting the needs of real babies who are in desperate circumstances without committing to raising them or anything. The attention lavished on these inanimate dolls just seems like a total waste to me when there are children and babies everywhere who could benefit from this kind of love and care.

    • That is a fantastic idea!
      I’m not sure if most women know where to volunteer for those things.


      Do they have websites by state or county?

    • I’m not sure whether the sort of people who want one of these dolls are the sort of people i want around real children. but supervised cuddle-time probably can’t be too dangerous.

  5. I always thought dolls were creepy, that and stuffed animal heads, I think it has to do with the realistic but super shiny eyes watching me.

  6. I bought one of these dolls for my Mom about 10 years ago – she has a doll collection, and a lifelike infant doll was to be part of the whole look. (She has a ton of them). I think I paid about $120 for it back then – a price I thought ridiculous.
    My granddaughter fell in love with the ugly thing, so guess who has it? She drags it everywhere. Kind of funny to hear that they are getting that price for them now.
    These people must be drunk to pay 12k for a freaking ugly doll. hahahaha

  7. It always amazes me, how self-righteous and judgmental people are… the statement about spending the money “when they could just have one’…Did it occur to you that maybe they are unable to have one?? Perhaps someone had a tragic battle with cancer and lost her reproductive organs- and besides it’s THEIR money- what business is it of anyone’s to decide how they shuld spend it? Sure hope everyone of you are hard core vegans that recycle every single piece of trash you throw out, and that rather than spending YOUR HARD EARNED DOLLARS on ANYTHING FOR YOURSELF, you are donating all of your disposable income to every charity imaginable. There are people that buy lifelike ADULT dolls to fuck them!!!! I would think this qualifies as FAR more “creepy” or “sick’ tham some poor woman who finds it therapeautic to cuddle a cute doll!!!! Sheesh!!!!

  8. You people are all overanalyzing this. People reborn dolls as a hobby and a work of art. Not unlike the one of a kind Barbie dolls or similar. These reborn dolls are NOT a replacement for real babies or a way to fulfill some maternal instinct. They are creative works. It takes a lot of time, work and creative effort to create a realistic looking reborn baby. Painting, sculpting, etc. – all creative outlets. That’s what reborning is all about. People pay way more than $12,000 for a work of art.

  9. Your last comment leads to me believe one of 3 things about you: 1. You are IGNORANT or 2. You are UNCARING AND UNFEELING and 3. All of the above. I will, however, partially answer your last question, ” …why don’t they just have a baby…” Because a large majority of them CAN’T! I lost 8 babies and had to do 5 rounds of invitro to get my precious baby boy. There are a lot of us out there, and until you have lived that hell yourself, you will never really understand or feel the profound pain. Some women have babies, and for some awful reason the baby passes. The mother finds an aching need to hold, rock and cuddle a child again. I am all to familiar with that anguish and I wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy! So before you write on another sensitive topic like this, think before you speak, or type. Silence might bw your best option!

  10. Just wanted to add that $12,000 is NOT the usual price for these dolls. Reborn babies usually go for a couple hundred bucks. When some women like to buy shoes or new phones, some other (like myself) like to indulge themselves with a new doll.
    Is there anything wrong with that? :)

  11. Of course these dolls are creepy in the sense that look so much like real babies, but it’s still a safe and fun hobby for those who participate in it. You have to remember that there are MUCH worse hobbies out there, so cut these ladies some slack!

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