Why “Breastaurants” Should Inspire Pity, Not Anger

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I was having a conversation this afternoon with a friend of mine about the current state of waitressing. Namely, the requirement that you be thin, hot, chesty and flirtatious. Even at family restaurants where short skirts and cleavage are not part of the mandated dress code, the servers are undeniably cuter and fitter than average. My friend, who would certainly qualify for such a job, was complaining about the fact that T&A were being rated more highly than good customer service, references and attitude. In fact, from my own personal experience, it seems that the more scantily-clad the waitresses, the lazier the service. But perhaps that’s because they know that …

… their cleavage is unlikely to work on a heterosexual woman.

And while chains like Earl’s or Moxie’s or whatever your local hometown equivelant is typically showcase cute girls in short, tight black dresses, there is an even more blatant type of restaurant — places like Hooters or a number of sports bars — that are cheekily-nicknamed “Brestaurants,” where the T&A is unabashedly and proudly advertised as the only point of coming in. And they’re on the rise.

That may piss you off – especially since, according to a new report, they are gaining in popularity and profit — but it ought to just make you feel a little sad. Sad for the girls who have to rely on tips in exchange for hearty gropes and sad for men who are trying to pretend that they actually have a chance with some 22-year-old aspiring actress/singer/model/Bioengineering Grad Student.

According to a CEO of one “Brestaurant” called Tilted Kilts:

“They provide a service to men who may not have a person at home to take care of them in the same way. That’s important to a number of people, and it drives them back.”

Now that is where some warning bells go off for me. Because he’s not just talking about single men, but perhaps men with working girlfriends or wives who cannot experience the joys of the 1950s household with a roast on the table and a well-groomed, pleasant, accommodating woman at the door. In the middle of a recession, men are spending what little money they have to feel like they can experience some piece of 1950s Americana from a girl dressed in next-to-nothing who’s being paid to look after you.

And while I can feel as much sympathy and pity for these people as I like, I have to admit — I would like to be able to walk into a restaurant without feeling like the waitresses’s breasts are some kind of floor show.

What’s your take? Are breastaurants harmless escapism for sad or lonely men, or is this dangerous and harmful sexism at work?

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16 thoughts on “Why “Breastaurants” Should Inspire Pity, Not Anger

  1. Honestly, things like this really help to give me the impression that a lot of straight guys lead . . . fairly pathetic lives. I know that, in many cases, they do not.

    I think that restaurants and bars like this are fine — great, even. And I would almost certainly go, but not alone, to an equivalent, with athletic young men the same age in skimpy shirts or opened vests or what have you.

    But I would not take it seriously. At all. And I would hope that no one going to Hooters takes such a place seriously, either. Establishments . . . er, brestablishments such as these . . . should just be casual dining and drinking while looking at attractive people. It should NOT be about getting a surrogate submissive trophy wife. That is so creepy on so many levels.

  2. Tilted kilt is employing hundreds of people around the US. Do you have jobs for these ladies? The ladies Who work at Tilted Kilt make way more money at the pubs then they would make at any other 9:00-5:00 minimum wage job. A lot of the girls are in school, or have a career and some are mothers providing for families. The Tilted Kilt Costume covers just as much as any professional cheerleading costume does. Are you gonna trash the NBA and NFL now? Next time why don’t you think things through a little better Before you step up on your soap box.

    • cheerleaders are not a necessary part of the NBA or NFL, so one would not need to trash the organisation to trash the cheerleaders.
      And yes, I’d bet she is opposed to professional cheerleaders.

  3. I am not surprised at all that they are doing well. when times are bad, people like easy comfort – like looking at attractive people. And with labour as it is, it’s easy for them to find people to work – and with less options out there, they can be choosier about their staff, bringing in even more customers.
    It doesn’t anger me, and I see no reason that it should inspire pity. People are given different talents. Some people are given brains with which they can do much. It’s up to people how they want to use their brains. Why should bodily assets be any different? Why on earth is it wrong to use one’s physical assets? Heck, some people are given great bodies and not-so-great minds. Why shouldn’t they make use of what they have?
    As long as there is a market for people interested in paying to see attractive bodies, the system works.
    I believe that people have all kinds of different interests and abilities, and what works for one may not work for all.
    I think it is silly to be angry with or pitiful for these places.

  4. I don’t like them and I find them weird — there is nothing like that in Europe, or at least not chains like Hooters, but everyone is free to go in. I know I wouldn’t feel attracted to a man who confessed going to Hooters ogle and grope young waitresses, I would find it sleazy. I’d much rather have him going to a strip club. However, it is sad that these young ladies are there because they make more money at these restaurants than at a normal job. That is the real sad thing here.

    • I wouldn’t be interested in a guy who spent a lot of time ogling other women either. But it’s a guy’s right to choose that over better chances with real women.

  5. Is it wrong that, just after reading this piece, I passed a sign reading “Breakfast Hill Golf Course” and thought for a second that it said “Breastful Golf Course”? And, yes, I’m serious…

    • Haha, it got you too. I was typing a comment on a facebook picture and added an ‘r’ -> “Brest of friends..” luckily I noticed before I posted.

  6. It doesn’t bother me. And honestly, I’ve never had bad service at Hooters, something I can’t say about other chain family-oriented restaurants (Appleby’s, Chili’s, TGIF’s, etc).

    • Ha — I wasn’t sure whether to add this or not, but my parents took me and my siblings to Hooters as a kid and we always had fantastic service. I have a sneaking suspicion that they love getting tables with kids because it means that the dad probably won’t be a pig.

      Now that I’m in my 20s, though, most girls in restaurants with unfortunate “theme” clothes just know I’m not going to tip 30% and tend to ignore me and my female friends. We don’t go to Hooters, but places like Moxie’s or Cactus Club tend to have mildly obscene dress codes.

  7. I don’t see the concept as much different from a strip club. Having had the unique experience of getting to observe the inner workings of a strip club without actually being a stripper (my friend wanted to try it on her 18th birthday, I tagged along), what I noticed was lonely old men hitting on the young, pretty strippers and everyone benefitting. Lonely guy gets some attention from a hot half naked chick, stripper gets a lot of money to flirt and get felt up a little. I certainly don’t feel anger towards it, and I’m not sure I feel any pity for the women – they know what they’re doing and they’re good at it. They make good money. I do feel pity for the men, because having to pay for that sort of attention from a woman is sad. But all of the parties have agency in this situation, so if that’s what they want to do, more power to them. They’re not hurting anyone. Is is sad that this stuff is growing in popularity, and that there are more women being objectified because of it? Yeah, I guess. But principles don’t always mean much in an economy like this and you have to make a living somehow.

  8. Women have always been willing to take jobs that men don’t want despite poor conditions and/or lesser pay because many women take jobs out of necessity.
    Strutting your stuff at Hooters for a base wage and tips has got to be far safer than working the 12am-6am shift at a gas station or getting 39 hours a week at Wal-Mart because they don’t want to pay for benefits.
    Additionally, Hooters and other such restaurants aren’t strip clubs. They’re not nearly as sleazy as strip clubs.

  9. I don’t believe groping is permitted at any of these establishments. I went to Hooters a couple of times, I think the worst pf the experience was the name. Hooters? Really?
    ick ick ick

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