Alisyn Camerota Opens Up About Infertility Struggle

Photo of Alisyn Camerota

All right, confession time: I hate the women on Fox News.  They are virtually all these blonde Barbie-like things with minimal journalistic skill who have become talking heads based purely on their looks.  But once in awhile, one of them takes the time to humanize herself.

Alisyn Camerota was apparently up.

By going public with her infertility struggles, Camerota has automatically shared camaraderie with many women … and is giving hope through her eventual success at having children.

From AOL Health:

[Camerota] began fertility treatments, which would last for another two-and-a-half years. Nothing worked. As desperate as …

… she was to be a mother, Camerota couldn’t conceive a child.

Worse, her battle was a silent one — one she kept from her best friends, her coworkers and even her own mother.

And this is perhaps the part of Camerota’s story that is most relatable to the masses—the humiliation of not being able to get pregnant despite every effort.

How many young couples are asked, “So when are you and Lancelot going to spawn?”  People are notoriously nosy—relatives are often the worse—and it’s going to come up.  It’s one thing to be able to say, “We’ve decided to wait to start a family”, and another thing entirely for a woman to gush to her mother or whomever about how they’ve “started to try” only to have years of negative signs on a pregnancy test.

And Alisyn Camerota, one of Fox News’ faux anchors, took drastic action to go along with undergoing in vitro fertilization—she joined a support group.

Talking to other women going through the same ordeal helped in ways she never imagined.

“It was truly the only moment where I felt solace,” Camerota told the show. “I could finally let my guard down.”

While she was attending the meetings, she finally got pregnant with twins through in vitro fertilization. Her girls were born in 2005. A baby boy, conceived naturally, was born two years later.

The truly remarkable thing here—and the reason that I’m giving Camerota serious props here—is that there’s actually research to show that support groups can increase the odds of pregnancy in infertile women.

A recent study from Harvard University’s medical school found that support groups can more than double the chances of conceiving for women struggling with fertility — from 20 percent to 54 percent.

“This information is incredibly encouraging in terms of the importance of emotional support,” said Linda Applegarth of the Cohen-Perelman Center for Reproductive Medicine at New York Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell.

Applegarth told “Today” that the benefits of support groups are significant for those trying to conceive.

“Not only are you getting emotional support, you’re also getting appropriate information about where to go to get good treatment,” she said.

If Alisyn Camerota can get over herself long enough to join a support group, can’t anybody?  Infertility is a struggle I cannot imagine, but I suspect I would be too embarrassed and depressed to do the support group thang.  Camerota displayed tremendous courage by choosing to lead New York City’s chapter of Resolve, a widespread infertility support group.

And, yeah, you could argue that of course Camerota can speak out now about how horrible infertility was now that she has kids … but she didn’t have to go public with it.  A lot of people don’t.

Instead of thinking of this as a way for Alisyn Camerota to get good press, I’m choosing to believe that her intentions here are more altruistic.


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  1. “I hate the women on Fox News. They are virtually all these blonde Barbie-like things with minimal journalistic skill who have become talking heads based purely on their looks.”


    And this is different from female news anchors on other networks?

  2. Meh, I don’t much care for any of the news stations in the US, honestly. They’re all pretty sad.

    Anyways…..sure, hopefully her intentions are good?

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