Rape in US Military is on the Rise; Veteran’s Group Takes Action.

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In 2009, Katie Couric released a provocative piece on the rise of sexual assault within the US military.  Couric found that  in 2006, there were more than 2,900 sexual assaults occurred within the US military; in those cases, less than ten percent of the accused faced prosecution.  Despite a military review and investigation, the prevalence of rape and assault is spreading, and the measures taken thus far have been ineffective.

The lack-luster response to this crisis was the creation of a …

… two-tiered system of report. Women (and men) who have suffered sexual abuse can now seek medical aid or counseling without fear that their care providers will report the assault to their superior officers.  This is a response to the most twisted part of the crisis: most of the assault victims are afraid, not of repercussions from their abusers, but of the repercussions they will receive from their commanding officers. They fear that their careers will suffer if they ask for justice. It seems that the problem is so deeply and systematically ingrained that the very military structure has – and continues to – protect the architects of these atrocities, while ostracizing and silencing the victims.  Moreover, studies indicate that the problem is growing, even after the inquest and new measures.

But there is hope!

Women’s News reports that VETWOW – Veteran Women Organizing Women, a Seattle-based advocacy group, has rallied some 3,000 women who were raped during their time in the military.  Together, these women are campaigning to raise awareness and challenge the systematic problem.  After almost two-years, I’m glad that someone is giving a voice to the men and women who have already given so much to serve their country. There is no excuse or justification for rape – ever, but it seems even more reprehensible that there is so little sensitivity and respect for women who are already putting their lives in danger.   Rape victims should not have to work and live alongside the unpunished men by whom they were violated.

Check out the VETWOW website to see how you can help raise awareness.  In the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”  We need to ask more of our armed forces and more of our governments. We cannot let such central figures in our society sweep this under the rug.

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6 thoughts on “Rape in US Military is on the Rise; Veteran’s Group Takes Action.

  1. This issue absolutely infuriates me. It takes a strong kind of person to join the military (far stronger than I am), and the fact that they are treated this way and subsequently ignored is maddening. I thought we held our military to a higher standard.

  2. I remember when I was applying to colleges, there was a good chance I could get into West Point. They were just starting to accept women cadets (1976) and I had grades, SATs, outside activities, and a Congressman all lined up. My dad took me aside for this conversation:

    Dad: Your commanders will expect you to follow all their orders.

    Me: Well, of course.

    Dad: No, I mean ALL of their orders. *significant look*

    Me: Oh. OH. Uh-oh. You’re kidding, right? No way.

    Dad: *grave headshake*

    Me: *light dawning* Oh. Oh crap.

    And I never did apply. Wise man, my dad.

    I’m so sorry to see things haven’t changed, yet. They need to start letting women into combat, so they can start making an impact on the “good ol’ boy” command structure. That’s the only way things will change. Meanwhile, men will feel free to help themselves to our vaginas whenever we can’t stop ‘em.

    The whole thing is just so infuriating.

  3. From what I understand,there has been a fair amount of this going on in the Peace Corp,and one of the victims was murdered last year after she reported it. I also would like to hear the Obama administration demand an investigation,or at least some criticism of what happened to Laura Logan.

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